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Share Your Favorite News & Info Sources
6 years ago
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I admit that I'm pretty lazy when it comes to ferriting out reliable sources of news, op-eds and information for myself and pretty much count happening on to them in places like this (brought to me by folks like you - thank you), but I do have a few favorites that I find value in and enjoy reading:

World Wide Hippies (thanks to Dixie I know of this one)



Campaign for Liberty  (offshoot from Paul's 2008 Presidential Campaign)



Lew Rockwell (thanks to David I know of this one)



Jacke Herer author of "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" 




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6 years ago

I haven't really been paying attention to things consistently lately.


There's a lot of good articles out there on various sites. Democracy Now! has always been a favorite of mine for covering issues.

6 years ago

My best news and info. scource is Katii. 

6 years ago

I rely heavily on Natural News. From there the BBC ain't bad.


Mother Jones, Huffington post, yada yada

6 years ago

Al Jazeera-English


6 years ago

BBC News

France 24


Al Jazeera

Le Figaro

Le Monde

The Guardian

The Times

SKY News


I look at others too, they are mainly crap but give another perspective.

6 years ago

Al-Jazeera, huffington post, mother jones, Alternet Headlines, BBC, NPR, truthout, Reader Supported News, Guardian UK, PBS,, FCNL, J Street, Jews for Peace, and then a bunch of animal rights sites.  No wonder I'm tired - I read too much news.

6 years ago

I like all of your tastes too ...  local news and I do indulge in Fox ... Just Greta Van Sustrind these days, everyone else is wasting my time.   I like dylan rattigan on MSNBC and the Young Turk Cenk Unyger too. 

6 years ago

Oh, yeah, I forgot!  NPR and PBS are big on my list.  Friday nights are the best on PBS  The line up is PBS Nightly Newshour, Washington Week in Review, Need to Know, BBC.  I get Aljazeera live through Live Station.

6 years ago

I get the Christian Science Monitor- both the now weekly newspaper and the daily email.  I think it gives great overall coverage of the world.  (NOT just US).


I also get the NY Times via email and look at CNN and BBC for other news.


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