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David's Update
5 years ago
| Surprise Me

At present,I am on a little journey trying to figure out what to do next post my cancer remission..I havent been near a computer on a regular basis,and may not be for another week or so.. From what I can see,all's well with the Cafe!

I really love and appreciate all those here!


Because I havent been online regularly,I havent had the chance to personally ask her to do so,and I hope she doesnt get mad that I did so,but I have given co-host duties to Katii!!

Just to let you know,I'm doing well and am looking forward to regularly being a part of the Cafe again soon!

5 years ago

Taking liberties, huh?  Well, isn't that what we're all about - Liberty?  


Of course I don't mind.  I love you and would do anything in my power to help you



5 years ago

David, you might want to check your settings - I don't think the host thing 'took'



5 years ago

Katii, you will make a nice co-host!!

5 years ago

That's good news David.  I've done some research on various cancers and, If you want. I'll pass on the information.  These are herbal and nutrient approaches that do not interfere with conventional, make conventional approaches work better, with no downsides. 



5 years ago

David, I am glad you posted, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.  I think you are a brave individual and an individual of high integrity and pride.  I believe in you and this site.  God Bless .... Sheila 

5 years ago

Hey David - I got your message, and will be waiting to see what decisions you make.  I'm sure they will ge good.


Love you, buddy!

5 years ago

I am on all kinds of crap my daughter bought me from the health food store.  Made me an appointment with a nature guy who is now kept in business by the things I buy from his health food store. 


I had surgery and chemo a few months ago for prostrate cancer David and am doing well so far.  I am finally putting on weight (probably because all the cooking is up to me now and we eat a lot of crap LOL) but feel better than I have in years!


Take care buddy and there is a pill I take that is making the hair on my head grow back!  Now THAT was almost worth the trouble all this gave me.  Almost!


Katii - always the hostess with the mostess!  Beat me anytime you need to!  Keeps me on my toes!

5 years ago

David Have you tried Kombucha yet? The home brewed is soooo simple and works better than any other therapy I have found.


It actually balances the body's PH- allowing the activation of Tumor necrosis Factor. This is really important because it stops any new tumors from growing.


It also provides natural acids that the body needs to rebuild the immune system, cardiovascular system, and nervous system.


You can make your own start in about a week by using the "original" flavor of Synergy brand Kombucha. 


If you are interested I can help. I have extra gallon jars if you want them for brewing, also.

5 years ago


Well, David made a wise choice in picking a substitute group host.  Katii, you impress me as being fair, tough, and eminently reasonable.  I know that the group is in good hands with you.

5 years ago

Rhonda!  I would have invited you weeks ago but when I tried to invite people c2 went into spasms and wouldn't let me - I guess it likes Edward better    I'm so glad to see you here



Cam I'd heard you were having health issues some time back but I had no idea it was that - I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this kind of ordeal; but I'm tickled pink to hear you are doing so well in recovery   I'd love to hear what all your natural doctor is prescribing - maybe we could have a new thread to talk about this subject of natural medicines.  Would you do the honors?


5 years ago

Awshucks, Angelica, thank you for the kind words and vote of confidence

5 years ago

alright Katii!!


i love you too, David! may God the Father be gracious to you!!

5 years ago

Well stated, Scarlett. 



Cam, keep up the healthy diet, my friend.  Sounds downright healing. 


David - you will remain in my thoughts and prayers each and every day until you return.

5 years ago



I didn't know that you had to deal with that.  I hope that you are feeling good.  Join the club with David and me - survivors!

5 years ago

And me Elizabeth. 

5 years ago

Hey Jim - the survivors club is a good place to be!

5 years ago

Headed back up to Minnesota today..My online time will be sporadic till I get settled up there-don't know how long that will the meantime..


5 years ago

Safe travels, darling.  I'm excited for you  Call if you can't get online to let us know all's well, ok?

5 years ago

Best of luck.  Don't know when you will see this message, but....

5 years ago

Well,I've been back in Minnesota for little over a month now,and things are moving along albeit slower than I'd like. I'm still in the process of getting back on my feet,therefore I dont have my own computer set up yet,so for the time being you will still only see me in the Cafe here and there..


Healthwise-I'm feeling better than I have in quite some time..I've even taken up biking this spring! I go in for more tests next week,hopefully things will be fine there. For those interested,I do have a cancer blog at

I have just one last request..please keep in mind,that while we are free and open to discuss politics at the Cafe,it's never been my intention for this to be a "political group". I know all of us here deeply care about the planet's future,and I know those discussions will continue,but even those that care enjoy a respite from time to time..Please feel free to check out the non political threads at the Cafe,and don't hesitate to start your own!


Great to see all the new people here.I look forward to having a regular presence here again soon

5 years ago

Guess what? I'm baaaack!

For better and worse,you'll have me to deal with on a regular basis again!

5 years ago

David   back

5 years ago

It's better!! 


5 years ago

Okay..Let's get started!


marijuana joints

5 years ago

Oh you're killin' me...  


5 years ago

Will there be enough to go around the Cafe?



CAPTION:Bags of marijuana or cannabis ready for the Canadian and USA market.
5 years ago

Yeah, that should get us through the night





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5 years ago


Animated GIF of the SHining



                         He's baaaaaack!!!!!!

         Glad you're back again, David!

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5 years ago


Can't find my Shining paraody gif.


Hope everything is going great, David!


5 years ago

I'll put it this way..for the first time in over a year,my health doesnt feel like my biggest worry!

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