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Dirty F@#*ing Hippies Were Right!

Thank you David for giving this vid a clean thread.  Mine got pooped on.

So we don't have to leave the page to view...


Great vid, Rhonda - I hadn't seen that one before

BAD NEWS ... Ron Paul was guest on Cenk Uyger (spelling) on MSNBC called the Young Turk.... he announced he will not run.


So all the hippies now have a good alternative in Gary Johnson, an open pot smoker who is not a whiner or phoney.


Uncle Newt is suspended from Fox as an analyst because he is serious contender.  Fox gave him and another 60 day suspension as they are contenders.  Why not Huckabee and Palin, they are not running, they are too comfy getting their million dollar paychecks from Fox and if they loose in 2012; they will have no job.   They are in it for the money from Fox.  That is why they say whatever they want and it is more lies and fiction like Huckabees statement about Obama growing up in Kenya..... They can get away with more as they are not contenders.


Who wants Newt; I think Gary Johnson is the MAN.  GO GARY JOHNSON!!!

Rhonda, just type the word video with a colon after it, then paste the link immediately after the colon, no spaces.

Like this: video:

Ron Paul was guest on Cenk Uyger (spelling) on MSNBC called the Young Turk.... he announced he will not run. -Ss


I just watched a video of Paul being interviewed by Uyger (today), in fact the link I used above in the example for Rhonda is that video.  He asked Paul if he was running and Paul said he had not yet decided.



Sorry, the Uyger vid was uploaded yesterday, I presume that is when the interview was held.

Ah, hippies!  I had a fringed jacket and a beaded headband.  And when I lived in AZ the joints were like cigars.  What a great time!  Boone's Farm Apple wine, campouts  on someone's farm, Annie Greensprings.  What a time!  Oh-ahem-sorry, just looking back. Lost my focus for a bit.

Mary, I love that Memory Lane too


I still have a fringed jacket   I think we still have the fringed leather vests hubby wore in the 60's too.  One is red with loooooooooong long beaded fringe, just beautiful.

Mary, did you know you are only 130 miles away from me?   Maybe we should plan a 'camp out' !

I read all hesitation from Ron Paul, he looks tired and worn continuousally doing this with no avail. 


I had tight levis, barefoot, (crazy me in the city) then the leather sandals with the Grecian bag, little joints I did roll a couple.  No love beads, did Boone's Farm (Oh God, how disgustingly sweet).... Newport Jazz festival, Provincetown, NYC the village, the Beatles Concert, the Animals ... the Vietnam War Protests on the Boston Common and telling the FBI to go FU and end the war, take my name, who cares as they videotaped all of us.   Peter Paul and Mary, the coffee shops, Bob Dylan   these are the people I saw but I loved way too many musicians to name all....


Oh Yeah, hitchhiking.... how nuts!!!


The Bell Bottoms  vs. the tight white levis..... always a big dilemma!

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couple of interviews saying NO in 2012.....


I AM hopeful; but not counting on him running, I can't find MSNBC one.  It did not open with your link.   I heard negativity from him.

he said NO on Fox on 2/23/11 and a few others ones.


When I die, I want to be wearing white levis, I'll find a cool Tee and I want my 5 cats and 3 dogs with me. 

Urns and little coffins ... I need to find a carpenter as the two I have cremated cost nearly $700.00   and I have 6 to go....


Yep, my little family of furry friends who love me unconditionally will be my eternal buddies.  I loved Mary's poem for your cat and I hope all those lovely thoughts are true....


I actually mourn deeper over animals than people, I am strange, yes, but it is true, I felt deeper for a couple of them than some loved ones.


Ss, that vid is from Feb last year - he doesn't really sound like that now.  But, I wouldn't blame him if he decided not to run - not after the way he was treated in '08, which was horrible, and embarrassing to the nation.  I want him to run, and I encourage him to run, but I understand if he doesn't.  God bless him.

thanks, David...

... great video... & Mary, thanks for the walk down memory lane!!

FYI - I actually voted for Ron Paul in 2008 - you know, there is a slot for "write in" canidates!! many people don't realize there is a "write in" function on the ballot & sometimes, depending on the type of voting machine in your district, you may have to get instructions from the voting registars at your polling place :o)!!!

Yes, Fox's talking heads are slime balls, and yes, they did swap soundtracks using soundtrack from the 2010 convention announcement in their clip of the 2011 convention announcement.  Two very different sounding audience responses!  How these jackasses sleep at night I just can't figure.  How people continue to give them an audience is astounding.


But the video linked above is from 2010.

Mary, did you know you are only 130 miles away from me?   Maybe we should plan a 'camp out' !--Katii


Ah, Katii, unless the campout consisted of a memory foam mattress and no bugs, I don't think I could get down on the ground and expect to glibly rise again.  Just sayin'.   Memories are so much easier on the joints.  And I did not know we lived that close.  Someday we must meet somewhere in between.

Oh, I don't do those kinds of camp outs, Mary. My idea of camping out is a nice hotel room with a flat screen TV and room service

I voted for Paul in '08 too, Kay

thanks for the inform. on Paul ... Fox just did it again with WI protests ... using footage from LA  ... Colbert called O'Reilly out.


They suck!    My brother has been voting for Ron Paul (I told you this before Rhonda) for every election exept McCain, he felt he had to honor his vietnam vet. status  ....   He loves Paul and he lives in CA for 40 yrs. now. 


Maybe, the country has had it.... it is time .... how much more can people take; I think we are on the edge RIGHT NOW... It is getting edgier every day.

He is so smart and he is so earnest and honest and everything good about being an American who cares.   I hate sounding corney here. 

I was a city hippy, my brother was wild... he dropped acid, I wouldn't do it.

He was arrested, did time as a teenage delinquent.   The girls in my h.s. did heroin, the popular girl and I found out she died a few yrs. after graduation.


My BF did acid a lot, I would not drop it. I was too afraid of loosing it.


Rastafarians are often viewed as "black hippies" I regard myself as an unrepentant hippie!

Unrepentant hippie d

You should all come and visit me..................;I think my town may be stuck in a time can't move for crazily painted vehicles, fringed jackets and other retro clothing, dreadlocks (on white people, David...............very low black population here!) and that VERY distinctive smell in the air!!!!

..Sounds like a cool place to me! Let's Go!

Lynn, for the most unlikely event I win the lottery first I'm going to start setting aside savings for a visit to your place    If I win the lotto, though, expect me, Zorro and Laura on your doorstep with David in tow!  Do you have a nice little hotel close by?

Yep......;you are all more than welcome!!!

Lynn:  I always said your village was so colloquial, charming, pastoral and gorgeous from those pictures awhile back..... you are a very very lucky woman to live in such an evironment.


I have not gone on a plane since 9/11 and not gone to Europe since the age of 35, many yrs. ago.   I feared long flights then and do now.   I want to go the CA, and Wyoming in the worst way, but I have this anxiety of traveling.


anyone else this nutty like me???? what to do about it????  

I did drink on plane and that did not help me very much; if at all.


Lynn:  I envy your way of life .... it is FAR FAR from the maddening crowds.


I wish I had the oomph to change where I live, I live in high stress area, I am on edge at all times, I have to be very very street smart always.


The only good thing is the healthcare.   If I financially can do a few things and lost this internalized fear I can' leave here, I would, I know I am NOT doing what is really in my heart.   I love tranquility and peace and being far away from the madness now.  You are so lucky, you have found this niche.

Ss, my husband gets anxiety too sometimes about flying. Before we fly, he talks to his doctor who then prescribes him some xanex or valium.


You could also take the herb Valerian root. It's a natural sedative you can get at most drug stores now.

Ss, I hate flying.  And now having to go through the TSA thing - forget it!  If I do need to fly I have to have something to 'calm' my nerves before boarding, even if it's a trip to the bar at the airport for a cocktail before my flight.  It's always my intention to make sure I can fall asleep for at least part in not the whole flight.


You can drive to CA and WY tho   Road trips are fun.

I hate driving too, I am supposed to go to the Cape for St. Patrick's day celebration, this is an ordeal for me.  I am backing out already and my friend is upset, so I said I would go.  I won't celebrate St. Paddy's day in Boston, too too many drunks, too rowdy for me....  I am a fart, I go out for the luncheon then home on March 17th...


Rhonda, he felt McCain was a Pow and deserved recognition, first time he strayed from Ron Paul ever.  


I hope I can get a prescription for  MJ.   I do not like pills, they suck, they are not good for you.  I have those ativans which are like xanax, all benzos and I don't like them.  


I see people hooked on them and they have the katherine hepburn shakes.

They rewire the brain way too much, believe me.   PILLS REWIRE the BRAIN.



Yeah, they (hippies) smell like soap, weed, and sandalwood-patchouli incense


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