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OK, Now I'm really pissed
6 years ago
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DEA Aims To Legalize Marijuana For Pharmaceutical Companies




Even though marijuana is still an illegal substance in most states, it turns out that obtaining it may be even easier than you may have previously thought. As a matter of fact, it might just be as easy as asking for it nicely. Of course, you’d have to be part of a major pharmaceutical company; wouldn’t want to leave that part out. It seems that four major pharmaceutical companies who currently have products being reviewed by the FDA have sent petitions to essentially legalize marijuana and its active chemical THC for use in their products. They claim that their generic products are similar to the synthetic Marinol, and have requested that the naturally derived additives be made legal for their use.


Even though Marinol is a synthetic form of THC, it is of course based on the chemical composition and effects of the naturally occurring form. In fact, most synthetic marijuana is much stronger than the real deal and has sent numerous users to the emergency rooms with increased heart rates and anxiety symptoms. However, because it’s synthetic, it’s legal. The DEA is now asking the FDA to extend this loophole to the naturally derived extract, thus making your doctor your new hook up.


The real problem that many are failing to recognize is that any time there is a “street drug” that can be synthesized and profited from, its quickly turned around as such. For example, drugs that were known as “speed” for years are now waiting conveniently for you at the checkout counter. Some variations are even prescribed for children for ADHD. Did you ever think of it that way? That the drugs your children may be taking used to be sold on street corners? Then the government found a way to help the big pharmaceutical companies profit from it.



So, let me get this straight...  BIG PHARMA can't 'patent' a natural plant so they will just make it so only THEY can sell it.  Is that REALLY what I'm reading ?  Yes.



6 years ago

Link to article

6 years ago

Gee, the only freedom some Americans seem to beleive in is freedom for corporations to make money at the expense of the common people.

6 years ago

Well, damn it!  I'm thinking I can't belive this crap...then I snap out of it and think of course you can! 

6 years ago

Pot is not illegal in MA, it was voted OFF as a misdeameanor / felony in Nov. 2010, finally.  If you have it on your person, so what!  No more criminalitly linked to it.  The way it should be throughout the country.   I don't indulge as my brother always says I am a prissy prude and should; maybe he is right.  I would have to look into the source.  I don't like heavy chemicals from Pharma linked to the composition of Pot.  If they do that, they are just producing more poison for our bodies to react to.  

6 years ago

I can't believe this crap - but then again, the FDA gave Monsanto the go ahead for its Roundup Ready alfalfa, after receiving an emergency warning from a note scientist that there was a pathogen in it that could cause infertility and diseases that could ruin the entire food chain...

6 years ago

No more criminalitly linked to it.  The way it should be throughout the country.  -Ss


That is excellent, Ss.  Your state will save BILLION$ in law enforcement, the courts and prisons.


Maybe we need to move to MA.



the FDA gave Monsanto the go ahead -Elizabeth


African Elephant


The big elephant in the room is asking: When are Americans going to wake the f'up and DO SOMETHING about this apparent assault on HUMANITY?  Why don't the masses see that huge animal staring them in the face?



6 years ago

Just an opinion........pharmaceutical companies are trying to run the world and nowhere do they suceed so well as in America. IMHO it is partly because you have this obsession with freedom...that means freedom for everyone including pharmaceutical companies. You hate "government intervention" so much  that there is no control and what there is is corrupt as hell!!! People who "knock" our "socialised" health systems here are always quoting the fact that people from all over the world flock to America because the magic medicine they have heard will cure them is not available here. Damned right it isn't, because our governments have control to a much greater extent over what the big pharmas can poison us with!!  You never, ever read stories about people who have been to the Staes for some miracle cure and it has WORKED!

6 years ago


Walk Like an Egyptian



6 years ago

Lynn:  I believe you 100%; I have never seen a European in our hospitals, a Saudi at the Baptist for bone surgery; but they go to London TOO.


It should be state sovereignity and not big government; when the rest of the country figures this out ... things wil change.   Both parties are paid off and they promote Federal Govt interjecting more rules and regulations.  

We had to stop charging people who carried pot as criminals because there is not room for them in jails and courts are backed up.... it is common sense.  MJ is not a crime and the college kids here were targeted before for doing what, carrying weed.  Smoking weed behind closed doors is so common and never addressed; but people go out, people have MJ in their cars or purse or pocket pants.  And they got arrested??????   Nonsense, we never treat anyone here for pot addiction; but we do for alcoholism.    Alcoholics are far worse off physically and mentally than heroin addicts if truth be known.  It is harder to detox an alcoholic ... bad ones suffer from whet noodle brain and spider nevy.


I am disgusted the way everyone points finger at liberal socialist marxist MA because we have health care and gay marriage and now oh boy , we legalized pot.     The rest of the country is nuts.  We got it right.   Movie out with Ray Winstone and Mel Gibson called EDGE of DARKNESS   a line from movie  Yeah Massachusetts is different from the rest of the country, we're weird or something....    it goes to something along those lines esp. the difference part which is verbatim.


This country better elect a libertarian, these two jerko parties that we have are destroying us. 

6 years ago

Lynn, the worst pharma companies aren't even 'American' - and, if I'm not mistaken cannabis is illegal all over Europe with few exceptions.


"obsession with freedom" Damn straight.  And if we had our freedom we'd be 'free' to choose the medicine WE choose.


No, this problem is not the fault of any obssesion of freedom but rather a lack of it.  This problem belongs EXCLUSIVELY to the government and the parasites who run it, and the parasites who run them.  Voters, however, do have to bear the responsibility of contining to elect and re-elect said blood-sucking parasites.


Lynn, the link below takes you to a series of little vids that demostrate clearly that it is indeed the theft of our freedom that is the problem.  I think this presentation should be required viewing before anyone (in any industrialized country!) is allowed into a voting booth:

Our Caucus

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6 years ago

"Obsession with freedom" ... I can only respond with .... Well, of course we have the complete desire (obsession?) to be free. This next quote is pretty much how I feel about freedom.


"If you love wealth more then liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating cost of freedom, depart from us in peace.

We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen."


Corporations seem to be one of the only big winners in our dear country. I, we, are speaking of personal freedoms.


6 years ago

You are right Katii.......most of the big pharmas are NOT American...........but where is their biggest most lucrative market?  Whicg is the country that lets them sell the drugs the rest of the world is STILL TESTING?


Katii......I don't want a fight!  But from the way I see it Americans are indeed so obsessed with personal freedom they can't see the wood for the trees!

6 years ago

Lynn, how does 'personal freedom' even enter into this?  You are equating people, victims, with those who oppress their freedom: government.  The PEOPLE are not the ones selling those drugs.  The PEOPLE are not the ones allowing big pharma to sell the drugs.  The PEOPLE are the VICTIMS of those who allow those things and who would never be allowed to do these things if we were truly a 'free' people.


I don't want to fight either, but I will try to make it very clear that Americans are not "so obsessed" with personal freedom they can't see the wood for the trees.  Americans (some, certainly not enough) are 'so obsessed' with personal freedom because their freedom has been taken from them, and it is by that taking that government and big pharma get away with what they do.  Period.

6 years ago

"Katii......I don't want a fight!  But from the way I see it Americans are indeed so obsessed with personal freedom they can't see the wood for the trees!"



Lynn you can never seem to admit that conspiracies DO happen-


but oh so quick to point at the end results of those conspiracies as something that is wrong with the American people and NOT the conspirators.


That illegal activities are commonplace in the pharmaceutical industry is well known. And unlike Kaiti I do have an anti social streak when it comes to the freedom that has been stolen so adeptly by those that want to own the entire world.


We the People will fight for our freedom. We aren't counting on the French. One of the things we will be fighting for will be to change these horrible laws.

6 years ago

The Pharmas are multinationals, I don't know what countries they really pledge the flag to.  I know they love money.   Always did and always will.  Unfortuately, their reckless pursuits have injured the environment, people and governments.  They are underlying parasites who feed ... perfect leeches.


They manipulate elected officials and control law making and make new rules and regulations to fit their needs; not the needs of the people.  our founding fathers fled Europe to get away from monarchs who did the same thing.


We did not expect a new monarchy in the guise of multinationals or pharmas ... whatever....


Myriad Corp.  is one big scary company.... patenting our genes for profit.  They don't even let the patient know it is their specific gene they grabbed.  It is all done under research and development for unmitigated profits.


And if they were truly benevolent; they would not charge exorbitant rates to test patients for breast cancer, prostrate cancer, etc.  


This is the new game in town, patenting genes for profit.

We are chasing way too many rabbits down the rabbit hole now and everything is getting turned upside down.... we are truly sitting at the table of the Mad Hatter.    

6 years ago

Cannabis Is bad.  Cannabis is bad.  Cannabis is bad.........


Big Pharma can make a profit on it...... Uh....Cannabis is GOOD!. 


6 years ago

Okay, then.  I f the pharmaceutical companies get the go ahead, I want to be first in line for any research study! *teehee*

6 years ago

Jim, Mary

6 years ago

Edward................I don't "blame" the American people!  I am not anti-American people!! And I am not PRO pharmaceutical companies........quite the opposite in fact!!!

6 years ago

"IMHO it is partly because you have this obsession with freedom...that means freedom for everyone including pharmaceutical companies. You hate "government intervention" so much  that there is no control and what there is is corrupt as hell!!!"


Actually there are many laws in place to stop "BIg Pharma" from these predatory practices.


Illegal actions and back room deals corrupt any government that does not have sufficient oversight.


After the revolution that is one of the first things we will address.

6 years ago

Sounds to me like America could do with a revolution, Edward!!!

6 years ago

Lynn - I understand what you mean, and I agree with you.  I don't know how to articulate it succinctly, and my hands hurt too much to type anything long.


Katii - most peolple are more comfortable ignoring the elephant in the room, or prefer to cover it with a tent, and then on it to pretend it isn't there.

6 years ago
Katii - most peolple are more comfortable ignoring the elephant in the room, or prefer to cover it with a tent, and then on it to pretend it isn't there. -Elizabeth

Apparently.  They're going to be really sorry when that elephant finally take a dump in their room.

Sounds to me like America could do with a revolution, Edward!!!

Lynn said it.  Hopefully it will be a non-violent revolution, but a revolution is indeed going to be required if Liberty, the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech and expression, the right to privacy and property, habeas corpus, and every other wonderful thing that is, or was, America is to be retained and/or returned to the people.


6 years ago

There will be blood- unless we can get more people to wake up before the blood starts to run. I have no doubt that we will prevail once the conspiracy comes to fruit- BUT WHY IN THE HELL ARE PEOPLE WAITING?

6 years ago

It is interesting to see how different people think that can be accomplished.

6 years ago

Easier than one might think- all it will take is enough people pissed enough to reach critical mass. At that point the NWO  will be a hopeless agenda- with too few troops or politicians willing to be a part of the conspiracy it would crumble.


I predict that many will die because of the cowardice of those that could spread he message and will not.

6 years ago

Well, look at what little thing it took for Wisconsinites to get their hair on fire - the idea that public service employees would have to play on the same field as private sector workers.  So, perhaps there is hope. 


I do believe we can count on M. Moore to at least attempt to keep that fire going, and he was explicitly addressing the workings of the conspiracy in his speech yesterday: the transference of America's wealth into the hands of the conspirators.

10 months ago

five years before flint............LOTS OF HINTS!!

is this the right place to discuss it?

10 months ago

Of course. You should put the petition here too.

9 months ago

8 months ago

7 months ago

To Protect Weed from Monsanto Patenting, Company Begins Mapping Cannabis Genome

Portland, OR – A pioneering biotechnology startup has launched an online interactive guide that maps the genetic evolution of the cannabis genome, allowing for specific strains of marijuana that are already in the public domain a form of protection from patenting by large biotech firms such as Monsanto.

After two years of collecting samples, sequencing the plant’s DNA and developing the software to allow for a 3-D visualization of the collected data, the company was ready to unveil their long-awaited project.

“Sample collection was a huge part of this process,” Carolyn White, Sales and Marketing Manager at Phylos Bioscience told the Willamette Weekly. “One side was a collaboration with growers, dispensaries and labs to collect modern samples, and the other a process of hunting down ancient landrace strains from all over the world.”

The Portland company, fittingly on 4/20, went online with its interactive guide, which the company calls Galaxy.

According to a report in The New York Times:

The resulting visualization will offer anyone the ability to easily travel in cyberspace through a three-dimensional projection of the genetic information drawn from sequencing samples of the plant, which is increasingly being legalized for medical and recreational use in states throughout the country…

Phylos has created a colorful 3-D map that visually represents the statistical relationships between different breeds of the plant. The company hopes that having genetic information easily available will help bring order to a business that began underground and is now making a commercial transition.

Over time, the scientists believe, this sort of visual map can be applied to other types of plants, or even to animals.

While there are a number of other companies that offer various services in identification and cataloging, none offer actual DNA sequencing, which provides an unparalleled level of accuracy.

According to a report in the

According to a report in the Willamette Weekly:

With the Galaxy, users can view the hereditary sequence of each plant by following lines that connect strains to their genetic parent or offspring. Similar plants are located close to each other, while color groups the plants into “tribes” based on their region.

“We’ve collected samples from all over the world, and cataloged the genetic information encoded in their DNA,” Dr. Holmes, Phylos’s chief science officer and molecular and evolutionary biologist, in addition to being a co-founder of Phylos Bioscience, told the NY Times, relating the DNA sequencing to an actual bar code in terms of identification and evolutionary relationship relative to other samples.

The data could theoretically help protect the intellectual property rights of growers from potential big business interests, such as Monsanto, from gaining a patent foothold in the growing industry.

Due to the social media attention given to the subject, Monsanto has attempted to refute any interest in producing GMO cannabis, posting on their website that the companies reported interest in GMO marijuana is nothing more than “an Internet rumor.”

Additionally, on April 25, Monsanto spokeswoman Charla Lord told the Willamette Week that the company will not be getting involved in the marijuana business.

“Monsanto has not, is not and has no plans for working on cultivating cannabis,” Lord told WW.

Contrary to the public statements by Lord, White says that he expects companies like Monsanto will attempt to eventually patent cannabis.

“We think Big Pharma and Big Ag will be the primary audience after patents, and it will likely require writing new DNA in to the plant,” White told WW. “None of the folks at Phylos really see patenting as a viable tool for the average breeder.”

Phylos looks to assist in pushing more data into the public domain as a hedge against patenting by large bio-agribusiness as information in the public domain can’t be patented after one year.

“You can’t patent anything that’s been in the public domain longer than a year,” White told WW. “We set out to bring more knowledge and transparency to the industry and that’s still what we’re doing.”

The next step for the innovative company is the launch of a commercial sequencing product to allow for anyone to send in a sample to Phylos and have it sequenced. The sample would be placed into the Galaxy, with the customer being given a detailed analysis of the strains sequenced data.


7 months ago

GOOD.I was hoping that someone would think ahead on this and do something to bring about a significant solution BEFORE it was too late.I know who grows MY herbal remedies.I will keep it that way.Better for your food to see the same.


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