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Best Site on Marijuana Updated Jan. 2011 - State Facts on Laws
6 years ago


I found the answer to my question here, March 2011 .... so just cause it passes on the referendum ... it is more legal maneuvers.   They have plans to sell it openly; but that takes time. 


Nothing is simple ... we all would love KISS   keep it short and simple or

Keep it simple stupid, whatever!


Read this article Please and note the excerpt on Oxycontin.   So true, Oxycontin can make you weird .... that really affects the brain.

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thanks SsL
6 years ago

... for the links :o) - much of this info just confirms what the "hippies, stoners & potheads" knew all along...
... & I agree with the KISS philosophy

6 years ago

KISS philosophy is the best no matter what the issue or thing is   I pretty much live by that rule.

6 years ago

Good lord, IL is living in the dark ages when it comes to pot...  Tell me anti-pot laws are not state revenue generators and that isn't in large part why states have not decriminalized or legalized... 


Get 'caught' with just over one ounce (=28.35 grams) of pot in IL and it's a $25,000.00 fine, and jail of course.  TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!  That's really rich for a state well known for it's own government corruption.  F'ing hypocrites.

6 years ago
But even as the movement grows, some states are pulling back on their
own medical marijuana laws amid spiking crime.

Lies lies lies.

... it's the "war on drugs"
6 years ago

... which is an approximate $8 billion dollars per year industry... this money machine lines the pockets of many corrupt gov't personnel & that is why they don't want to face facts

6 years ago

Well, I think it's our resposibility to keep pushing the facts in front of them - and the public.


Honestly, I don't know why someone with the means hasn't already filed suit against the government for it's obvious conspiracy to literally rob tax payers and the 'criminals' they extort incredible 'fines' from and that has caused the suffering of millions by ruining lives and families and prohibiting a natural medicine to be available to all who need it.


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