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Increased Support for Legalization of Marijuana
6 years ago
| 420


The public is divided over whether the use of marijuana should be legal or not; half (50%) oppose legalization while nearly as many (45%) favor legalizing marijuana.


Support for legalizing marijuana is up slightly since March, 2010; and over the past 40 years – drawing on trends from Gallup and the General Social Survey – support for legalizing marijuana has never been higher.


Young people under the age of 30 favor legalizing the use of marijuana by a 54%-42% margin. Opinion is divided among those in middle age groups. Those 65 and older are broadly opposed to legalization (66% illegal, 30% legal).


A slim majority of Democrats (53%) favor legalizing the use of marijuana, while 43% are opposed. Support is particularly high among liberal Democrats, 66% of whom support legalization. Republicans, by contrast, oppose legalization by a wide 67%-30% margin and there are only modest differences between conservative Republicans and moderate and liberal Republicans– majorities of both groups oppose legalization. Independents are divided in their views: 49% say marijuana should be legal, 45% illegal.


About as many favor as oppose legalizing marijuana among those with some college experience. By contrast, those with no college experience oppose legalization by a 55%-40% margin.






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6 years ago

"Those 65 and older are broadly opposed to legalization (66% illegal, 30% legal)."


This statistic surprises me a bit. With the onset of ageing I would think they would be more open to it. I guess it is the brainwashing they have been bombarded with for many decades that keeps their minds closed. If only they would do their own research and see how much this natural plant could help in a plethera of ways. Kind of sad to me.

6 years ago

I think all the numbers are pretty disappointing, and is evidence to how great tho art is the PR machine that keep the masses ignorant.  Pisses me off, actually, and I don't know which angers me most - the PR machine or that people (no not 'all people'!) are so f'ing willing to blindly follow the piper.  Either way it stinks.



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