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Over the Top with Kitties
5 years ago
| Surprise Me

I am going over the top with kittens and cats.  The woman who I got all my pets from won't stop breeding.  She has 50 dogs and 24 cats ... not fixed.


She promised she would stop with this last litter of snowshoe cats.  I am taking the female as I don't want her bred.  I am enabling her I know as many others do.  I have written about this on the sites I belong to on Cats.


She is being monitored by the Animal Rescue League.  She tells them she gives a better home than they do caging them and putting them up for adoption as they are deeply loved and they roam her house.  She does live in the boon docks. 


Anyway, I pick up this sweet little snow shoe and I am naming her Samira is Egyptian for 'night thoughts'.  


My big boss at work thinks my decision to have all my pets with me in my final resting place is very Egyptian.  I suppose it it.  Maybe, I am a reincarnated Egyptian queen. 


I am over the top with this cat situation.  I have taken this to a whole new level even for me.  But, I rationalize and say, hey my neighbors have 5 or 6 cats.  God, I don't ever want to be a hoarder of cats.  There is a limit to what I can live with.   If she breeds another cat, I might do something dangerous because I am at the end of being patient and kind now.  She is pushing the limits with this breeding.   There are far too many cats around and the STOP clinic (a rescue van which neuters and spays all cats) is disgusted. 


A hundred mile round trip to pick up Samira. 

5 years ago

Ss - if you think this woman is a hoarder, you should report her.  How are the animals living with her treated?  Enough litter boxes, enough food and water?  Are any of them spayed or neutered?  How is she making sure that the dogs get walked every day?  Or does she keep them in filth with their own excrement and urine, as many hoarders do?  Are they in cages, or free to roam? 


Just asking - a lot of hoarders mean well, but they don't always understand that they are treating the animals badly...

5 years ago

I wish all dog and cat owners had to either have a very expensive license to breed or must have the animal spayed or neutered, one or the other.  Maybe with some exceptions but I can't think of any right now.


Then breeders need to charge LOTS of money for puppies and kittens.  The breeder should neuter/spay the puppies or kittens unless a purchaser has already purchased a license to breed.


Adoption is only allowed for pets already alive and in need of love and care and they MUST be spayed/neutered or go to a licensed breeder (if it's a purebred).


I think this is the only way to at least put a dent in the millions of poor dogs, puppies, cats and kittens who are abused in one way or another, and in every way one can imagine.


If the cost was very expensive to own a 'pet', then people wouldn't be so quick to purchase these loves - many if not most of whom go unloved and uncared for.  

5 years ago

And what Elizabeth said!

5 years ago

They live in her house which is clean but it is animal filled. Dogs and cats in every room. I have known her for 4 years. Animal Rescue League of Boston goes out there every 4 months to check. They live well; but she needs to stop because if she does not sell them as kittens or pups she keeps them and the numbers grow and she gets more different breeds. It is insane. That whole area is kookie. They hold a May Day Festival and the dogs get married and dressed up as brides and grooms. Her poodle was asked to be the main bride for the float in the parade. She showed her cats and they were prize winners. She is addicted to those animals and once they are part of the family she won't let them go. Even when people who don't want pups want to buy the year old dogs, she won't sell as they are her children. I call her every week as I am concerned; but I am enabling her buying food for the cats. Others do same as I do. WE are all suckers. So isn't the animal rescue league. She has them convinced that they live better lives with her in her home which is cozy rather than a cage and being put up for adoption with strangers. It is too bizarre. Her friend who works for the animal shelter in that area has 27 chihuahua and her husband knocked down walls to expand their bedroom. He built them 4 poster beds and the dogs are trained to line up to go to bed. All the beds are in neat rows. The other friend who is rich loves pot bellied pigs. She built a house for her pig with an air conditioner and teleivsion and a custom bed. There has to be something in the water out there that these people are that eccentric.

5 years ago


LOL - they do sound a bit loony.  This is really irresponsible on the part of the Animal Rescue League.  I'm sure they know better - apparently, they don't really want to deal with problems. 


The chihuahuas lining upfor bed must be a sight to see...and they literally have beds.  And the pig has an air conditioner, Television and a custom bed?  LOL  Are the potbellied pigs the ones that stay really little?


A friend of my sister's has a few dogs, a few cats, and a pig - a huge pig.  I saw a photo of one cat standing on the pig's back as the pig was roaming around the house.  Once, when my sister and my mother went to this woman's house for a visit, my mother sat on the sofa.  She was probsbly somewhere between 79 - maybe 82 at the time.  The pig wanted to get on the sofa, which he did, but he pushed my mother off the sofa onto the floor so that he could have the entire sofa to himself.  LOL.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that one.

5 years ago

Katii "I wish all dog and cat owners had to either have a very expensive license to breed or must have the animal spayed or neutered, one or the other."


I agree. In France you have to be a registered breeder, otherwise by law you have to have your cats and dogs neutered.  It isn't a heavily enforced law, though, but it is a useful one that can be and is used in cases like this.

5 years ago

I wish we had a law like that here - even if it was enforced very strictly, at least it would be on the books so that it could be used.

5 years ago

There should be a law in place; but she did breed show cats at one time.  Her animals are exceptional. 

The chichuahua  I got at Xmas has a David Bowie eye.  One blue-grey eye and he is very unique.

The cats are beautiful and her animals are free of disease, etc.


They are eccentric people as your friends are also Elizabeth.  What can we do?

The pot belly pig was so over fed it became big and she built it a house in her back yard.   Lots of land out that way!  I said they should video for You tube. 

I think the pig is on You tube, J.  has to give me the site.   

The rich gf used to buy her pups and then find them homes via the net locally that is.   J. saw her blog about her:   I am saving pups from an animal hoarder and these are lovely dogs, etc.    J.  got really mad and they no longer speak and she will never sell her another puppy.


They were friends from H.S.  you have to be careful what you say on the internet about friends.

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