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Oh Canada
6 years ago
| Surprise Me


Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and the United States. Part of YouTube's top 10 videos of 2010.


6 years ago

Canada's Darkest Hour


6 years ago

My Canadian Heroes!


6 years ago


"If you're a person on the go write down this number, it's the key to travelling quick, it's Casino Taxi's number, 429-6666, or 425-6666!"


You guys would never, ever know this, but that's an actual commercial for Casino Taxi in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I grew up and where some of this show takes place. I haven't heard that ad since the mid-eighties and here it is in that scene with Bubbles in the car waiting for the boys to steal some meat.


6 years ago


It's at 1:27.


6 years ago


Found it!


God bless YouTube.


6 years ago

More Trailer Park Boys..


6 years ago

Canada's federal election campaign hit a very Canadian obstacle on Sunday, as the country's passion for hockey forced a nationally-televised debate between party leaders to be rescheduled.


The French-language debate set for Thursday was switched to Wednesday to avoid a conflict with the start of the National Hockey League's playoffs. Two Canadian teams, including the Montreal Canadiens, are in the hunt for the Stanley Cup.


In a rare show of unity the parties suggested the change when it became clear their debate would clash with the opening game of a series between the Canadiens and the Boston Bruins.


Hockey is close to a national obsession in Canada, and New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton admitted most people would rather watch the Montreal-Boston game instead of a political face-off.

"Were I not in this election I might very well make the same decision," Layton joked with reporters on Sunday, saying the networks should consider rescheduling Thursday's debate to avoid a conflict with the game.


The Bloc Quebecois, a separatist party that only runs candidates in the French-speaking province of Quebec, said it would be "heartbreaking" to make Quebecer's choose between watching hockey and politics.


The network consortium that runs the debates said the rescheduling was "in the best interest of the general public" and would ensure the political forums "reach as wide an audience as possible."

The English-language debate between the party leaders will proceed as scheduled on Tuesday.

The election has been underway since March 26, but the mid-campaign debates traditionally are a time when many voters begin to pay closer attention to the race. Canadians will vote on May 2.


Polls show the ruling Conservatives leading the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois, but short of its goal of winning a majority government that would not require the help of at least one opposition party to stay in power.


The Conservatives have ruled Canada with a minority government since 2006.

The political parties will have to compete with the NHL for public attention for the rest of the campaign because the league's Stanley Cup champion will likely not be decided until at least early June.

The other Canadian team to qualify for the playoffs was Vancouver, and with the league's best regular-season record they are seen as a serious contender to win the Stanley Cup -- something a Canadian-based team has not done since 1993.

Vancouver's first-round opponent has not been determined yet.

Canada Sort of Legalizes Pot
6 years ago

"The Ontario decision is monumental," British Columbia New Democratic Party leadership candidate Dana Larsen tells CelebStoner about the Canadian court ruling Monday that declared the country's marijuana laws are unconstitutional.

Canada potleafThe case, brought by Matt Mernagh, focuses on Canada's medical-marijuana program, but essentially legalizes all cannabis use in 90 days if the government fails to respond to the decision by Superior Court Judge Donald Taliano, which found the nine-year-old program failed to provide access to marijuana for Canadians who qualify.

"Canada's medicinal marijuana access program has been successfully challenged in the courts before, but the government was able to tweak the program to get around those legal challenges," Larsen states. "But this decision goes to the heart of the program, and will be very difficult to fix. I expect the 90 days will be extended, but I am very hopeful that this court decision will result in positive change for medicinal patients in Canada, and hopefully blow some holes in the general prohibition on marijuana for all Canadians.

Larsen, the former editor of Cannabis Culture, is hoping for an upset victory in the tomorrow's NDP election. He's been endorsed in the U.S. by Tommy Chong and the Teapot Party. "The election is going great," Larsen says.

6 years ago

The Teapot Party! How in 'tarnation have I never heard of them before?!

6 years ago

I saw the movie of the Trailer Park Boys. But, it looks like it may have been a tv show in Canada? The movie now is funnier to me after viewing these clips!

6 years ago

David, if the conservatives win the election I'm afraid that court victory won't mean very much. If Harper gets a majority they will just write an even tougher law and ram in through parliament. They plan on spending billions for new prisons and I can't see them letting them sit there empty.

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