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RT's Adam v. The Man

Who's Adam?  The following taken from his Adam v. The Man website:


“With great power, comes great responsibility,” so the popularized phrase from Spiderman goes.
Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom to young Peter Parker, however, are not just for fictional superheros – they’re even more relevant to you and me.
As I said in the premiere episode to my show, it all comes down to a choice.
“In the face of uncertainty, you can cowardly seek the comfort of the ranks and look to authority to tell you where to point the guns. Or you can turn to the one reliable source for guidance that you have, when instant obedience is being called for – your own conscience.”
When you know the status-quo is a fictitious paradigm, when you know the mainstream media is more full of entertainment than truth, and when you know that truth itself is more often ignored than covered, you have great power.
Your responsibility is to spread that message as far and wide as possible. Adam Vs The Man is here to act as your tool in fulfilling your responsibility.
The Internet is a truly revolutionary tool to spread the message of freedom. With the Internet, we can overcome the challenges that face us today.
“I’m 29 [...] the oldest of Generation Y, the Millennials, the first ‘digital natives.’ For those my age, we grew up alongside the Internet. But the kids today… some kids today even have smart phones in high-school classrooms. I might ‘get’ the Internet, but people that seem young to me are different. It’s as if you have the Internet hardwired in your brains. And all of the implications of the Internet, all of our potential with it, all of the promises rest with you. You can lie to us, but you can’t get away with it for very long. We have the truth button, right there, just one click away.”
In short, spread the truth – ignite inquisitive brush fires in the hearts and minds of your fellow men and women. Utilize the amazing tool of the Internet to demonstrate there is another way, the truthful way.
You have the power, the responsibility is yours.

Adam Kokesh has a channel at YouTube that I subscribe to - He's pretty smart and 'keeps up' with important issues.  This is his latest:

Adam sits down with Representative from NC, Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones who talks about his remorse for initially supporting Bush's invasion of Iraq, and the business of U.S. 'nation buildng'...

Adam talks about Ron Paul's presidential bid announcement with Mike Church, radio host on Serius XM's SeriusPatriot-144 and XM AmericaRight-166...

 You go, Adam! LOL

Adam politely questions Eric Holder, Obama's Atty. General, if he thinks ending prohibition of drugs would save the lives of policement who are killed in this line of duty.  Holder's response:  Priceless...

A supply of prisoners to be incarcerated by the Corporate prisons.........indeed.  It's the Keynesian "justice" system.  Put as many away as you can.  Each few prisoners creates a job plus you take the rest out of the labor force. 


Nothing is created of course, but the wacko Keynesians aren't concerned by general prosperity or wealth of individual.  Keep people busy.  As long as the elites get theirs, nothing else matters.  


The USA has 6 times as many people per capita as Great Britain, and 7-8 times as many as the French and Germans.  That's the highest in the world.  In the land of Liberty.   Something is seriously wrong.

Faith & healthcare, Intellectual Property Rights with Jim Wallis, President/CEO of Sojourners, Author 'Rediscovering Values'

"Well, to start wars on the basis of things that are not true is usually not a good thing to do ... based on fabrications is not a just war ... and the financial cost, if you figure out, Petraeus says we have 100 al-Qaida activists on the ground in Afghanistain - [war costing] $100 Billion a year, so it's $1 Billion dollars per activist and we're not even finding them"  


4th Amendment, Wasteful government spending, Policing for profit

Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Your government is broke. But don't worry! Obama won't have to sell anything or even raise taxes, at least not directly, to keep government spending at current levels - HE'S JUST GOING TO STEAL YOUR RETIREMENT! Adam explains just what the President thinks is more important than NOT STEALING and Adam is joined by Political Science PhD and Professor at Occidental College, Caroline Heldman, and Stephen Skolnick, who is organizing a rally in Indiana to protest a state supreme court decision. Then, a special presentation from Luke Rudkowski about the Chicken Whisperer in Georgia. Adam knows talking about economic exploitation by the government can get tedious at times, but at some point, in trying to re-recruit American youth, the Obama campaign is going to run into, "We'd love to help, and thanks to the high unemployment, we've got plenty of time, but now that we understand a little bit about economics, we're supporting Ron Paul."



Supreme Court OKs warrantless searches, War on drugs, LEAP

Malagisi (newly appointed Dir. of CPAC 2012) Roast



Adam responds to Christopher Malagisi, the newly appointed director of CPAC 2012, who attacked Paul in a Washington Examiner editorial entitled "Ron Paul Wins the Democratic Presidential Debate -- Oh Wait."

Love Adams show. He is very smart and a good American.

Irrelevance of Robert Gates, Pakistan, Israel and "Defense" Spending

Adam talks to Tim Cox from GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) to explain how G - O - O - O - H is NOT actually pronounced "goo" and about Cox's game plan to pry the career politicians off the levers of power in the DC beltway.


Utah goes for the gold! Money that is. Adam has the scoop on what's going down in Utah with the RESTORATION of gold and silver as legal tender.


Utah goes for the gold! Money that is. Adam catches up with Stefan Molyneux to explain how this means the end of democracy (and that's a good thing.) LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC! That is, until the necessary evil of government is no longer necessary.


Medea Benjamin of Code Pink joins Adam and Jake to discuss why people protest the G8 and Luke Rudkowski checks in live from France


NEVER let your schooling - get in the way of your education



Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: This past weekend, millions of Americans were turned on to something that should have been obvious: Keeping you safe, protecting you from terrorists, and hunting down criminals are mere excuses for the American police force which exists primarily to raise revenue for the government, and control the population. In other news, marijuana is still illegal, but cops don't know what it is! Adam has that story and some advice for how to prevent rape from India. The man, the myth, the legend, GROVER NORQUIST joins Adam in studio. Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers also joins Adam about his Memorial Day event in Tucson for slain Marine Jose Guerena and will help Adam consider his legal options after his little dance off with the cops last weekend. It was just a few short years ago that Al Gore invented the interwebs and they're already under attack! Adam fills you in on Obama's attempts to kill freedom online, and a bit about Adam's attempt to restore freedom of dance.


Tonight on Adam vs. the Man with Adam Kokesh: Adam has the latest on Obama's bus tour. Plus, why the president wants you to think you're a lone wolf terrorist waiting to happen. And, Jake Diliberto and Luke Rudkowski have the word on the street as to whether Reason Magazine really is against Ron Paul. The CEO of Starbucks decides to cut off Washington from money, not caffeine and Jordan Page sits down with Adam to discuss Ron Paul running for President and debuts his new Ron Paul theme song!



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