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Out of the Mouths of - Government...
5 years ago
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"Government says inflation is not a big problem desite souring prices" -Fox News banner


Oh, OK!  

5 years ago

Yeah, it's only in food and energy and we can do without that stuff right? 


ostrich head in sand



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5 years ago

Actually they really want to keep people calm so as many as possible get caught with their pants down "asleep at the wheel", so to speak.


Then the new world order will swoop in to save them-


with FEMA camps......

5 years ago

Lying jerks trying to passify the sheeple -Rhonda


Sadly, the sheeple will hear that and actually accept and believe it.  That's what is most frightening to me - the mass ignorance and voter apathy in this country.  This is why it is so important, to me, that Ron Paul is our next president, so that the word from 'on high' that the sheeple listen to comes from someone on their side.

5 years ago

It was here in Canada Katii and though some on your side of the border might not like the fact we just elected a majority conservative government at least we proved there is power in the people uniting.

Biggest sheep of all here for years yet we got behind a common goal and went for it.  Now we have to stay on their arses to make sure they follow through.  As I say I am a fiscal conservative so money issues and debt are my greatest concerns.

5 years ago

Cam, are you responding to another thread?  What was there in Canada (I'm confused lol)?

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