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SIGN! Killing of dogs in Brasov/Romania !
6 years ago



30.000 dogs have already been killed in Brasov and surroundings. Now, while the whole world looks to the killings of animals in Ukraine,  Flavius Barbulescu wants to bulid  a high kill pond for Brasov dogs with all security you find for human prisons! The dogs will not be free for adoption. The only sense of this pond will be the killing of 1000s  innocent dogs. Barbulescu convinced already 10 more villages to support his plan to solve the street dog problem once and for all.  Poor peoples taxes will be used to build the killing pond!



Please sign and share the petition

(Scroll down a bit for the petition)


Vorname = first name

Nachname = second name

Straße = street

Platz = area code

Ort = city


Absenden = Send




You can also send protest letter to:







Thank you!
6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting, dear Monika! You know what is the irony? This man, Flavius Barbulescu, a former dog catcher, a dog killer, now is the head of the "Animal Police" in Brasov ... unbelievable, only in Romania ...


Signed, of course, e-mails on the way!!

6 years ago


6 years ago

Thanks, Monika! Just joined the group so I could say that I not only signed the petition (thanks so much for the translation of the important parts in signing) but also wrote a personalized email and sent it out to the people. This really is cruel and barbaric.

6 years ago

Thank you for taking action my dear friends! And a special thanks to Gabriela who brought this atrocity to my attention !!





6 years ago

signed by 3 family, e-mails will be sent

thank you all

6 years ago

Signed and sent mails.
But they came back. Their mailbox was full , it say ! Try later again.

Not only Romania , Gabriela.

Non of our countries have an animal friendly government.

We are not the ones we should be ashamed , it are our governments that has to shame , ALL OF THEM !!!

6 years ago

Thank you dear Liliana and Lenicka! 


Every signature counts!!




6 years ago

Thanks Monika, petition signed and emails sent.

6 years ago

Thank you Monika and Gabriela! Already signed and send protest letter. Unfortunately, delivery to many recipients failed permanently:






I am writing you again, this time in the name of dogs in Brasov, Romania.


I was deeply shocked when I got the information that Flavius Barbulescu is planning to build a high kill pond for dogs in Brasov! This dogs will not be free for adoption and the only sense of this pond will be the execution of innocent animals.


I urge you do everything you can to stop this senseless and horrific plan!!!


Romania is well known all over the Europe by the cruel treatment applied to the animals and especially to street dogs. Romania will achieve nothing for as long as address only the symptoms, rather than the causes of the problem.


The problem of stray dogs must be solved logically in an effective and civilized way. Control of reproduction, combined with education in responsible dog ownership, is the only solution: NEUTERING AND RETURNING of all dogs to the territory where they were found. This is the only PERMANENT SOLUTION.


PLEASE notice the numerous petitions worldwide so far, and show compaction for the stray dogs. Can you look at a slaughter of helpless animals?


There lives are in your hands, don’t cover them with blood.





6 years ago

Thank you, dear Desanka. 

"Any society which does not insist upon respect for all life must necessarily decay." ~Albert Einstein.

"Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages". ~ Thomas A. Edison

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~Gandhi

"There is little that separates humans from other sentient beings-we all feel pain, we all feel joy, we all deeply crave to be alive and live freely, and we all share this planet together." ~ Ghandi


6 years ago

All noted, petitions and emails already signed. Thank you Monika and Gabriela.

6 years ago

All done

Thank you Monika , Gabriele and Desanka

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