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Tortured for Thanksgiving
3 years ago
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USA: Tortured for Thanksgiving

MFA Special Undercover Investigation

14 November 2012

Less than a year after a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation into a Butterball turkey facility led to five workers being charged with criminal cruelty to animals, a new investigation shows that animal abuse continues to run rampant at Butterball factory farms.

In October of 2012, an MFA investigator documented a pattern of shocking abuse and neglect at numerous Butterball turkey operations in North Carolina...

Source: Tortured for Thanksgiving

Author: Mercy for Animals

3 years ago

I don't even want to open this. All I can say that this is enough to make me want to leave this earth and fast.

3 years ago

I am vegan - I wish the whole word would be at least vegetarian.  This would be the end of farm animal cruelty....

3 years ago

That's How We Like Our Turkey!   video
Animals  (tags: cats, offbeat, animals, pets, turkey, thanksgiving, vegan, vegetarian, funny, video, cute )
Gienia- 30 minutes ago -

Let's stick with the plastic birds. If we must. Lets not take lives away, even if it's a "tradition".
3 years ago

thanks Monika


 i do this every year ♥




3 years ago

i am a vegan too, june, and i adopt a turkey from the farm sanctuary as well. thank you for sharing your beliefs.

3 years ago

See this is yet another example of 'culture' and 'tradition' equating with animal cruelty. Christmas will be another one - wholesale murder of turkeys,other animals and humans stuffing their faces with food they don't need. Times of celebration indeed! It is no celebration in the slaughter houses. Why the human diet requires an orgy of killing and blood-letting is a mystery to me.It is no surprise that morbid obesity is on the increase in the UK. I have yet to find a morbidly obese vegetarian or vegan. I know I sound as if I am intolerant and the simple truth is I AM. I cannot stand the thought of animals dying for all the unecessary purposes that humans can think of.

3 years ago

Well said Jan !


10 Reasons Not to Eat Turkeys

This Thanksgiving, don't fill your tummies with cruelty! Here are the top 10 reasons not to eat our favorite gobblers.


Click here:

Pass the turkey-less gravy, please!

3 years ago

Noted and Thnx for Post Monika :0

3 years ago

thanks Monika

3 years ago

no human can play the role of God, although too many feel it is their right. they decide what animals need to be tortured and murdered for their own benefit. it is not only disgraceful, it is unforgivable. each animal was created for a purpose, and it absolutely is not for us to abuse, torture and eat them. signed.

3 years ago

Mr President, Pardon the Turkey But Not Industrial Animal Agriculture ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, suffering )
Cher- 4 hours ago -

Please urge the White House to move forward on rules to protect us from CAFO pollution and the misuse of antibiotics. This is not the time to pardon industrial animal agriculture!

3 years ago


3 years ago

the president needs to be urged to abolish ALL FACTORY FARMING! SAVING THIS TURKEY'S LIFE IS WONDERFUL, but it means nothing to all the animals suffering every minute in the factory farms! signed.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Pardoned Turkey Peace Dies Just Before Thanksgiving
Animals  (tags: Obama, turkeys, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animals )
Dianne Ly- 7 minutes ago -

One of the two turkeys President Barack Obama pardoned last November didn't live to see his second Thanksgiving.
3 years ago

VIDEO: Take Four Minutes to Watch This Turkey Rescue; It Could Change Everything
Animals  (tags: )
Robert- 4 hours ago -

A young female turkey was found hiding away in the corner of a free range shed on a Petaluma, CA farm. As a result, she evaded her captors on the day the transport truck came to haul away the other turkeys to be slaughtered for Thanksgiving.
3 years ago

so sad about 'peace', the turkey who died. so happy about the wonderful work 'animal place' does. the video is so moving, it was delightful. thank you for this, monika. especially now, when so many birds are slaughtered for their flesh. it is so disturbing.all signed.

3 years ago

Yes Naomi, a really moving video...."the last survivor".....


Approximately 45 million turkeys will be killed for Thanksgiving day this year. Turkeys are exempt from even the most basic Federal anti-cruelty laws.

3 years ago

Even if it is a happy video I don't want to see it - anything to do with animals makes me so upset - - thankfully I don't eat animals

3 years ago

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes - Mercy For Animals
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animalrights, animals, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, ethics, suffering )
Drew- 2 minutes ago -

Celebrate Thanksgiving cruelty-free with Mercy For Animals!
3 years ago

i. too, am thankful for vegans, and for friends like monika. thank you.

3 years ago

Ugh, that picture of the Tofurkey vegetarian feast ball brings back horrible memories. This year it's a vegan roasted "chicken" (I still don't understand why vegan alternatives have to resemble real meat), but I am glad to not be participating, either, in the turkey abuse and slaughter so people can have "turkey day." Unfortunately, my family still prefers their turkey to my vegan alternatives. Sigh.

3 years ago

United Poultry Concerns - http://www.UPC-
21 November 2012

Remembering Turkeys at Thanksgiving
By Karen Davis, President of United Poultry Concerns

[http://upc-online. org/turkeys/ jonah_gentle_ barn.jpg]
Jonah with a turkey friend at Gentle Barn, November 2012

To understand the complex suffering of turkeys raised for "food," it helps to
know that in nature, young turkey siblings stay close to their mother for four or
five months after they are born. She is the center of their universe. Although
turkeys raised commercially never see their mothers, the expectation of her is
alive in their genes. In nature, when the maternal family is on a stroll, if one
of her poults starts peeping distress, the mother bird clucks reassuringly and,
if the peeping persists, she rushes to comfort her little one.

When her youngsters grow cold and tired, they tell her so, and she crouches to
warm and comfort them under her great, enveloping wings. If when the family are
traveling together through the woods and fields, a little one strays, intent on
his own pursuit, upon discovering that he (or she) is alone, the poult
straightens up, looks keenly about, listens intently, and calls out anxiously to
his mother. This is known as a "lost call" - the call of a frightened young
turkey, perceiving that he is alone, for his mother. When she answers his
searching cry, he calls back to her in relief, opens up his wings, flaps them
joyfully once or twice, and runs to rejoin his family.

In nature, baby turkeys start talking to their mother hen while they are still
inside the egg, all nestled with their brothers and sisters in the deep warmth
of her feathers and knowing her and her voice long before they hatch. Whenever I
think of baby turkeys in the mechanical incubators, hatchery mutilation rooms,
filthy sheds, terrifying trucks, and slaughterhouses, I imagine the lost calls
of all the turkeys in the world that will never be answered. For them there will
never be a joyous flapping of wings or a vibrant turkey family reunited and on
the move.

Turkeys rise into our consciousness at Thanksgiving, and then they are almost
completely forgotten until the next year comes around, yet turkeys are being
slaughtered every day - many more than for Thanksgiving. For them, every day is
"Thanksgiving, " an endless harvest of horror. Let us not forget them. Let us
remember all the turkeys and advocate for them and their liberation in January
and July, as we do in November.

We are grateful to Gay Bradshaw of The Kerulos Center and to Sandra Higgins
of Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary for these hopeful offerings this holiday season:

"A Right and Good Thing":
http://www.psycholo blog/bear- in-mind/201211/ right-and- good-thing

"You Haven't Lived Until You've Hugged a Turkey": click on
http://www.matildas index.php/ the-film/

For more information about turkeys, please visit
http://www.upc- turkeys/.

For delicious holiday and everyday recipes, click on
http://www.upc- recipes/.

[http://upc-online. org/turkeys/ ronnie_and_ jonah.jpg]
UPC correspondent Ronnie Steinau and friend Jonah leaflet for turkeys in San
Diego, November 2012.

"He's four and has been vegan since birth. He is an ardent activist
and passes out lots of leaflets for turkeys and chickens."

United Poultry Concerns is a nonprofit organization that promotes
the compassionate and respectful treatment of domestic fowl.
Don't just switch from beef to chicken. Go Vegan.
http://www.UPC- http://www.twitter. com/upcnews
http://www.facebook .com/UnitedPoult ryConcerns

View online: http://upc-online. org/turkeys/ 121121rememberin g_turkeys. html

3 years ago

A small light of hope.....

Happy Tofurky Day: Vegetarian Thanksgivings on Rise


It's not exactly a vegetarian takeover, but still something for Tofurky lovers to celebrate: The three-millionth Tofurky Roast was sold last week, according to a Turtle Island Foods statement.


For full article click

Happy Tofurky Day: Vegetarian Thanksgivings on Rise

3 years ago

i agree with sara. this day is not about turkeys or tofurkeys, it is all about the thousands of lives that are lost just to feed our faces. thank you.

3 years ago

(MOVIE) You Haven't Lived Until You've Hugged a Turkey.

Length is 21 min  


Turkeys: Who are they?

"This movie captures marvellously one of our culture's most misunderstood species.

It will change forever how you perceive these gentle, intelligent birds."

Dr Jonathan Balcombe

"This movie opens our hearts to the presence of these birds as the subjects of their lives.

In a meditative way, it allows our preconceptions to melt away as we feel the reality of their beauty,curiosity, intelligence, and unique personalities.

A must-see antidote to our culture's disharmony and diseases."

Dr Will Tuttle

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3 years ago

No Animal Cruelty Charges to Be Levied Against Butterball Turkey Farm Employees
Animals  (tags: abuse, animalcruelty, investigation, law, sadness, suffering )
June- 7 hours ago -
District Attorney Ernie Lee announced on Monday in Greenville, N.C. that he will not be filing any animal cruelty charges against Butterball employees based on

3 years ago

how unjust! the judge is obviously a cruel man. signed.

3 years ago

Noted and signed current Monika :0 ThankYou Everyone :0) 11/12

3 years ago

Hello everybody. I just found and joined your group today. I have been so appalled at some of the things I have seen already in the posts and petitions , and look forward to being a very active clicker. Love to you all.

3 years ago

Welcome Debbie glad to see you here!

3 years ago

hello debbie! welcome! you will like it here....we are all active clickers!

3 years ago

Welcome Debbie !

Nice to see that you are immediately active.

Cannot send you a star because I did last night.

PhotobucketSo here a lot of them !

As the 500th member of this group you are a bit a VIP member ! LOL

3 years ago

Thank you, Lenicka. You are why I found this group, and I can't thank you enough.

3 years ago


3 years ago

Welcome Debbie.

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