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please leave your comment for 2 killed cubs
5 years ago

noted and depressed. if only i could murder the ones responsible for this. thank you.

5 years ago

done. I agree Naomi!

5 years ago

Agree with Naomi and Sandi!

5 years ago
Letter! Two Mountain Lion Kittens killed/CA



Subject: Two Mountain Lion Kittens killed/CA

Director Charlton Bonham

CDFG Office of the Director

1416 Ninth Street, 12th Floor

Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 653-7667


On Saturday, December 1st, the California Department of Fish and Game shot and killed two mountain lion kittens in Half Moon Bay.

MLF, the public, and wildlife rescue groups throughout California are now calling out the Department, saying their actions were unjustified and unacceptable treatment of a state protected mammal.

The Department said attempting to tranquilize or capture the 25 pound cats was too risky and would put the public in danger. Wardens ultimately killed the pair, claiming it was, "absolutely the last resort for us."

Based on weight, the lions were likely months younger than estimated, and kittens less than one year old are still entirely dependent upon their mother for food and care.

There is no excuse for this lack of knowledge by the department about mountain lions.

California wildlife rescue expert Jay Holcomb said that, although the wardens had to weigh the public safety issue carefully, trapping the animals would not have been difficult.

"Let's face it, these are cubs. They're easily capturable," said Holcomb, former head of the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council and current director of International Bird Rescue. "You can go to the store and buy some chicken and they'll be on it in a second. It's a no-brainer."

In addition to a simple baited cage, catch poles, net guns, and tranquilizers are also non-lethal options the Department should employ.

A spokesman for the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA, which handles animal control in San Mateo County, said wardens put in a request Saturday for a pole syringe and tranquilizing drug but didn't follow through.

Wildlife rescue groups and veterinarians throughout the state are ready and willing to assist CDFG with mountain lion calls. Urge Director Bonham to utilize these (free!) resources for the benefit of California's wildlife.

The law authorizes CDFG to deal with dangerous animals but does not give them permission to kill kittens out of convenience.

The new policy should include:

Non-lethal procedures for resolving public safety wildlife incidents.

Changing the Department's internal position to allow the relocation of mountain lions, and the rehabilitation and eventual release of young or injured individuals.

The creation of a database of wildlife professionals willing to help tranquilize, capture, temporarily hold, transport, collar, provide veterinary care, and/or release mountain lions at no cost to the department.

Mandatory training for wardens in the use of non-lethal drugs and capture methods.

These methods are currently being used by wildlife agencies in other states. It's time for California to catch up!


5 years ago

Two Lion Kittens Shot: Please Protest « Our Compass
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Dianne Ly- 8 hours ago -

n Saturday, December 1st, the California Department of Fish and Game shot and killed two mountain lion kittens in Half Moon Bay. I'm very shocked by this incident! Your department's actions were unjustified and unacceptable for a state protected mammal
5 years ago

Back on top

5 years ago

Thanks Danuta !

5 years ago

email sent.

5 years ago

Signed  and sent



5 years ago

By now you should all know that there is nothing on this earth that is safe from vicious and dangerous humans. These poor babies - what did they do to deserve this.

5 years ago

California Fish & Game Abuses Public Safety Clause To Kill Two Lion Kittens ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !
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Cher- 48 minutes ago -

On Saturday, December 1st, the California Department of Fish and Game shot and killed two mountain lion kittens in Half Moon Bay.
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