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Let's save Bono! The Netherlands
5 years ago

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Subject: Save Bono From the Same Fate as Lennox!

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I was absolutely shocked and outraged to find out that Holland, a country known for its culture, empathy and the respect for human as well as animal rights would ever allow such injustice to take place. This situation does not concern "just a dog" but a family companion, and his human loved ones, parents and two children in the now devastated Mollevanger-Dabrowska household in Deventer, Overijssel - Bono's (the dog's name) family. The children are losing faith they will ever see Bono again. They grew up with him, Bono is their family, and they miss him terribly. This is a matter of human rights. It has been decided by the attorney general that Bono will be euthanized in two months. This whole time, Bono's family is not allowed to have contact with him. Not only were they not told where Bono is being held a prisoner, but they are not allowed to be with him during his last moments. This unjust verdict and the peculiar process, are not what a civilized country like Holland, should be known for. Why is Bono being sentenced to death? Why is he going to be murdered in solitude? Why can't he ever see his loved ones again? Because he ONCE became overly excited when a pigeon flew into his very own home, and he slightly bit the nanny, who at that time worked in the Mollevanger-Dabrowska household. When the police was taking Bono away from all he ever knew, he was calm and peaceful as always before. The family was told, that after tests he will come back home. But just then, as the strangers were pushing him out of his home, and tried to put a muzzle on his face (all unfamiliar to him), Bono was defending himself and bit one of the transporting people. This resulted in the death sentence verdict, given by the procurator. Two bites - one in excitement, another in self-defense. Bono PASSED all the tests. Is there still a reason to hold him, to murder him? The procurator didn't allow the behaviorist to work with Bono, instead he quickly sentenced this faithful family companion to death, at the same time sentencing the whole disbelieving family to not knowing what is happening to their beloved Bono. They can only imagine how scared and lonely he must be. There was never a moment in which the procurator would be willing to work out a better solution. This is an act of the highest lack of compassion, empathy and cruelty to both the animal and the humans. We are demanding Bono's freedom. We are demanding that he is allowed to work with a behaviorist, and that he can go back home. If he cannot live in Holland, he already has a forever home waiting for him in Poland. His family and people around the world will fight for him, as long as it takes to bring Bono safely back home. What are we supposed to think about Holland's justice system? "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." Mahatma Gandhi As our way of protesting against this horrible injustice, we will forward the information of Bono's unjust verdict, and Holland's lack of empathy for both humans and animals to all compassionate people around the globe. There are millions who will stand with Bono. It is time people knew that Holland sentences to death without ever giving a chance at life. We will not visit Holland until we hear the news of Bono's freedom. We will never stop fighting for human and animal rights, as there are no animal rights without human rights.


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5 years ago

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5 years ago

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