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4 years ago
The ASPCA's Top 10 State Legislative Victories in 2013



As 2013 comes to a close, the ASPCA is celebrating meaningful changes in state animal welfare laws that will improve the lives of thousands of animals across the country. This year, the ASPCA worked with state legislators and other humane advocacy groups to score 87 victories for animals by enacting new laws or defeating hostile legislation, making 2013 one of the most successful years for our animal welfare policy work.

Here is a small sampling of new laws that the ASPCA and our Advocacy Brigade helped secure—as well as misguided bills we helped defeat—in 2013:

(1) Maryland passed a law to establish one of the strongest, most robustly-funded statewide spay/neuter programs in the country, and West Virginia   enacted a comprehensive spay/neuter program as well. These new laws will help reduce pet homelessness and euthanasia of healthy animals.

(2) In Texas,, cruel and unnecessary gas chambers can no longer be used to euthanize animals in shelters.

(3) Working with a coalition of animal welfare, environmental, and human rights organizations, the ASPCA helped ensure that none of the 11 ag-gag bills  introduced in 2013 (in Arkansas, California, Indiana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont and Wyoming) were passed into law. Pushed by industrial agribusiness, these bills were blatant attempts to cover up illegal and unethical activities on factory farms. Defeating them was critical not only for the protection of animals and the whistleblowers exposing their mistreatment, but also for the safety of the public.

(4) Thanks to groundbreaking legislation passed in Colorado, law enforcement officers will receive training on canine behavior and alternative methods to the use of lethal force in order to reduce accidental dog shootings. A new law in  New York State will increase criminal penalties for the intentional killing of police dogs and horses

(5) In California, legislation passed that will phase out lead ammunition for hunting throughout the state to protect wildlife, who are at risk of ingesting contaminated remains, as well as California’s diverse ecosystem.

(6) This was a phenomenal year for animals in Nevada,, where seven animal protection bills passed, including legislation to ban horse tripping, enhance penalties for animal fighting and protect wild horses.

(7) In New Jersey, penalties for neglect have been strengthened with the passage of “Patrick’s Law,” named after a dog who was starved to death and thrown down a garbage chute.

(8) Illinois enacted new laws protecting chained dogs, stray farm animals, puppy mill puppies and animals who fall victim to animal fighting.

(9) Animals in Alabama and Ohio are safer from abuse thanks to new laws that strengthen cruelty penalties.

(10) ASPCA-backed legislation passed in Connecticut established a task force to study the origin of dogs and cats in pet shops that will, ideally, pave the way for groundbreaking legislation in 2014 to prevent pet stores from selling puppy mill puppies.

Many state legislatures will reconvene in January, and the ASPCA looks forward to expanding protections for even more for animals in all 50 states.

To find out about animal advocacy events in your area and how you can be more involved in the fight to protect animals, visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center.

4 years ago

The Wilderness Society: 2013 success stories


11 wilderness victories: Places you helped protect in 2013


2013 presented plenty of challenges for conservation. Special interest groups and anti-wilderness members of Congress continued their attempts to give away vast swaths of public wild lands to mining, logging and oil and gas interests. These attacks on wildlands included some of our most beloved, pristine areas from Yosemite National Park to the Arctic Refuge. 

Together, The Wilderness Society and our supporters fended off these attacks on our majestic forests, parks, refuges and BLM lands, while also winning permanent protections for spectacular areas from New Mexico to Washington. In other places, such as Montana's Rocky Mountain Front, we made significant progress towards gaining permanent protections for other special wild areas.


Read more and see photos on:


4 years ago


2013 has been a remarkable year for compassion. We have campaigned non-stop, and with your help, we've achieved wonderful things, scoring victories for animals in every area.

The following are just a few of the animals we've been able to help this year. As a member of PETA's Action Team, you played a part in every single one of these victories by speaking up, sending e-mails and lending your compassion, generosity, commitment and energy to help animals, so thank you!

Many rabbits will be spared being plucked alive on Chinese angora farms, thanks to PETA Asia's investigation and the massive consumer backlash that it triggered.  Countless mice and guinea pigs will be spared painful tests after the EU banned cosmetics testing on animals and PETA helped fund a pioneering new non-animal test.  Thousands of chickens were saved from factory farm hell after PETA supporters sprang into action.  Elephants, tigers, zebras, camels and raccoons will no longer be forced to perform in circuses after pressure from compassionate people helped to secure a full ban in England and Wales.  Many geese and ducks will be spared the torture of force-feeding after some of the UK's largest food companies stopped selling foie gras.  Hundreds of monkeys will not be snatched from their homes and transported to hellish laboratories after PETA campaigns helped persuade major airlines to stop primate trafficking.


Of course, there's still so much to be done to stop cruelty and help our non-human friends. We're looking forward to having your support again in 2014 for another groundbreaking year for animals!


Kirsty H
Campaign Coordinator

4 years ago

13 Big Wins for Animals in 2013

Thank you dear Monika!!!

4 years ago

Good News is always welcome. Thank you Monika!

4 years ago
Justice. Hope. A Future You Can Believe In—WildEarth Guardians Most Successful Year Yet

'As 2013 comes to an end, I am grateful for many things. High on my list is you and your belief in WildEarth Guardians’ vision for wild things and wild places.

We accomplished so many wonderful things for wildlife and places in 2013, making it an especially rewarding year for us and those—like you—who share our vision and values.

  • After a nearly 25-year wait, the endangered Jemez Mountains salamander is finally protected under the Endangered Species Act, and it has a fighting chance at survival.
  • In the Greater Gila our voluntary market-based approach to end wolf-livestock conflicts is progressing, and we are poised to retire over 200,000 acres of cattle grazing in critical wolf habitat in 2014—it’s the beginning of a new paradigm in the southwest.
  • Wolves have a powerful public voice and legal champion as Guardians leads the charge to stop the delisting of wolves nationwide; one day we will see wolves roaming free from Canada to Mexico again.
  • In the Powder River Basin, the region that produces nearly half our Nation’s coal, you helped usher in a coal-lease moratorium; together, we also forced the closure of the Lamar coal-fired power plant in Colorado and half of the San Juan Generating Station in New Mexico. We are hastening the end of our Nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Across the Heart of the Continent you are restoring the wild and healing the scars of old roads and denuded streams and rivers back into living, wild sanctuaries. In the last five-years we’ve closed over 4,500 miles roads and planted over 500,000 trees and shrubs.
  • You are also protecting the dancing ritual of greater sage grouse and thereby saving the Sagebrush Sea; restoring the Rio Grande and the silvery minnow; banning traps, poisons and aerial gunning on public lands; fighting for endangered carnivores; and so much more.
4 years ago

Brian Davies - Network for Animals

'Dear Monika
It's the end of another year, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for animals in 2013. Thanks to your generosity and support, Network for Animals has made great strides for animals over the last 12 months

  • When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in early Nov, our disaster relief team sprang into action to deliver tons of life saving food and veterinary care to the hundreds of thousands of displaced animals.
  • Our Philippines anti-dog meat trade team raided dog meat trader compounds, rescuing dogs from a grisly death; managed 12 ongoing court cases against dog meat traders and restaurant owners; obtained a committment from the Philippine National Police to work with us to dramatically increase enforcement and garnered the support of both the USA and UK embassies in Manila.
  • We provided ongoing funding to feed and care for close to 100 starving dogs at the Mandaluyong city pound.
  • NFA funding facilitated the formation of a to help Wounded Badger Patrol in Gloucestershire,  badgers wounded during the misguided and cruel pilot cull. Our funding was also instrumental in getting three badger vaccination progams off the ground to prove that vaccinating badgers, not culling them, is the sensible, humane way forward in the bTB crisis.
  • I initiated the movement to stop the Canadian seal hunt and NFA was key to the World Trade Organization decision to uphold the the EU seal products trade ban.
  • We lobbied the Philippines government and corporate stakeholders to release Mali, an elderly, ailing elephant housed at the Manila zoo,to a sanctuary, and will contribute funding towards her transfer costs.
  • We funded specialized  milk formula for a baby rhino in South Africa whose mother was killed by poachers.

These successes were achieved because caring people like you turned your compassion into life saving action by donating, signing petitions, lobbying decision makers and letting people know that cruelty to animals is unacceptable.

4 years ago

IFAW - (Slideshow) You helped save these animals in 2013


'So many successes ... that's what I see when I look back at what you and the rest of the IFAW team did in 2013.
Rescuing animals after natural disasters ... giving hands-on care to orphaned wildlife ... new laws and policies to protect helpless animals.
I am so grateful that you are part of the IFAW team, a team that is helping animals around the world.
I've put together a slideshow that shows just a few highlights of 2013.



You can be proud that you helped make these successes happen.

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4 years ago

Video Celebrating the First Year of California's Marine Protected Areas
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, conservation, environment, ocean, dolphin, whales, mammals, surfing, wildlife )
Kamia - 9 hours ago -

Beautiful video and information on the success of California's establishment of 124 protected Marine areas. I've visited many of them, and they are SOOOO much cleaner than years ago. Great, upbeat story!
1 DOWN 49 TO GO & ALL OUTSIDE THE U.S.!!!!!! WAY TO GO NY!!!!!!!
New York, US - NYC councilman Peter Vallone (D-22nd) sponsored and helped pass a bill that creates an animal abuser registry. Persons on the registry are not able to own another pet, and failure to register could result in a year in jail. Kudos to Councilman Vallone.
4 years ago

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


Want to know more about PCRM's Best of 2013? 


View a slideshow of highlights and download our progress report here.

4 years ago

Animal Defenders International

These are some of our successes in 2013.  With your help, ADI really is making a difference for animals across the world.  Now I need your help for the huge challenges we face in 2014.

10. Plans for beagle farm defeated

We had defeated them once, but Yorkshire Evergreen were back, resubmitting plans for a laboratory beagle factory farm in the UK. They were defeated again!

9. Baby elephant Lily saved from a life of misery

We hit the media nationally across the US, when we learned that notorious trainer Have Trunk Will Travel – exposed by an ADI investigation – had a claim on newborn elephant Lily at Oregon Zoo.  As a result the zoo purchased both Lily and her father (owned by HTWT) and tore up the agreement.

 8. British circus ban moves forward

The legislation for the long promised ban on wild animals in British circuses was finally tabled.  But there was another battle as a committee tried to radically reduce the scope of the new law.  We fought off the attempt and the full ban on wild animals will be put before Parliament.  We’re not there yet, but certainly a step closer.

 7. 1000s of owl monkeys saved from experiments

This month it was formally announced that the capture of owl monkeys in the Amazon would no longer be permitted. ADI undercover investigators exposed the night-time trapping of the terrified monkeys as they were torn from the trees.

6. Lion Ark lifts off!

In October, our feature length film documenting the rescue of 25 lions from Bolivian circuses by ADI hit the film festival circuit, winning awards, critical acclaim, and the hearts of people who have had their eyes opened to the hidden suffering of circus animals.  A great new tool to raise awareness of the issue.

5. “No Fun for Elephants” victories

We hit the road with our new campaign video narrated by Bob Barker, which quickly clocked up victories, as five fairs said no to the cruel elephant rides offered by HTWT and Trunks & Humps.

4. Circus ban in El Salvador /  1. Colombia bans wild animals in circuses

3. ADI invited to rescue Peru’s circus animals /

2. Europe bans cosmetics tests on animals

4 years ago

Endangered Earth 2013: An Epic Year for Wildlife (Part II)


Saving Sea Life

It was a precedent-setting year for the Center's energetic, innovative Oceans program. Our action pushed the EPA to commit, for the first time in history, to assessing a plastic-polluted area as a potential Superfund cleanup site. This area is a Hawaiian island, near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
In other firsts, we persuaded the EPA to launch an in-depth study of the need for better, more effective water-quality standards to protect shellfish, corals and other marine life from ocean acidification. We filed suit against the agency for failing to address ocean acidification that is killing oysters and hurting other marine life in Oregon and Washington; and we won a settlement requiring the National Marine Fisheries Service to develop recovery plans for elkhorn and staghorn corals, hit hard by climate change.
Fewer endangered whales are dying from entanglement in fishing nets off California thanks to emergency regulations we secured. And because of a Center settlement, toxic oil-dispersing chemicals used in California waters will now do less harm to sea turtles, whales and other threatened animals and habitats. From now on dispersants' safety for endangered species will be studied before the chemicals are used -- not afterward, as occurred during 2010's Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
We also hope our anti-offshore-fracking campaign launched this year will spur a ban on the practice -- thus stopping toxic fracking ocean pollution.Learn more about our Oceans program.

'Protecting Public Lands

JaguarThe Center did our public lands proud this year. We saved habitat for unique black-backed woodpeckers -- soot-colored birds that eat wood-boring insects in burned trees -- by blocking logging on thousands of acres of their post-fire habitat. Plus, a Center petition earned an in-depth study that may protect these woodpeckers in three states.

We helped bring forest-dwelling Pacific fishers back toward protection, spurring a status review for these charming yet ferocious porcupine-eaters threatened by logging and development. We finally forced the feds to fully analyze how snowmobiles affect woodland wildlife and plants in five California national forests, and our legal work stopped logging on 20,000 acres of old growth in Oregon, Alaska and Arizona for Alaskan wolves and two subspecies of owls.
In the Southwest we helped reintroduce bighorns to Arizona's Catalina Mountains and secured 19,095 more acres of proposed "critical habitat" for jaguars in Arizona and New Mexico -- including areas eyed for the planned Rosemont copper mine (which we've opposed for years). In the Eldorado National Forest, we reduced off-road vehicles on wetland meadows, and we ensured that solar and wind projects minimized wildlife impacts in California and Nevada -- making sure they're healthy for wildlife as well as the climate. Finally, our litigation just blocked a massive Las Vegas water grab that would have threatened dozens of species. Learn more about our work on public lands.

4 years ago

Endangered Earth 2013: An Epic Year for Wildlife


Historic Species Protections

Since the Center signed our historic 757 species agreement in 2011, it's already brought final protection for 105 species and proposed protection for another 33, including the wolverine, yellow-billed cuckoo, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog, Jollyville Plateau salamander, fuzzy pigtoe mussel and Florida semaphore cactus. This year alone we won final Endangered Species Act protection for 55 species -- like streaked horned larks, Florida bonneted bats and Acuña cacti.
Also in 2013 we obtained international trade protections for three U.S. turtles and secured an injunction on logging Oregon state forests to protect the marbled murrelet, a dainty seabird. We published a groundbreaking report highlighting the disastrous impacts of the Keystone XL pipeline on wildlife in its way.
And there's more: We stopped the capture of gray wolves arriving from Mexico, ensured finalization of a proposal to let wolves roam more widely in the Southwest, sued to protect Florida panthers and Big Cypress from off-road vehicles, and organized scores of rallies, letter-writing and mass-petition campaigns against a federal plan to strip protection from most wolves in the lower 48.
And this 40th year of the Endangered Species Act, we generated dozens of letters to the editor and op-eds supporting our most successful wildlife law.
Learn more about our Endangered Species program and our Wild Success campaign celebrating the Act.

'Preserving Habitat

The Center secured final critical habitat designations for 18 species in 2013, covering more than 750,000 acres. Along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, 739 miles of habitat will be protected as nesting beaches and marine foraging areas for loggerhead sea turtles because of our advocacy.
Final habitat protection was achieved this year for a wondrous array of other species, from cave-dwelling beetles, snails and crustaceans to plants called "milk vetches," and "bladderpods" to the beautiful southwestern willow flycatcher.

We also snagged proposed protection for an additional 26 million acres for lynx and 2 million acres for yellow-legged frogs and Yosemite toads -- plus 1.7 million proposed acres for the splendid Gunnison sage grouse. Other species winning proposed habitat this year include the Santa Barbara monkeyflower, found in just one California county; other rare flowers in California, Nevada and the Southeast; Oregon spotted frogs; Florida butterflies; the Zuni bluehead sucker (a Southwest fish); and jaguars.Check out 
many maps of protected habitat and threats.

Continued above

4 years ago

We Do Great Things Together - National Anti-Vivisection Society

' 2013 was a pivotal year for chimpanzees, the culmination of years of efforts spearheaded by NAVS to end their use in research and retire them to appropriate sanctuaries.  Earlier this year, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) accepted recommendations that most federally-owned chimpanzees used for biomedical research be permanently “designated for retirement to the federal sanctuary system” (Chimp Haven). Director of the NIH, Francis Collins, said, “…greatly reducing their use in biomedical research is scientifically sound and the right thing to do." Recently, President Obama signed into law a provision that would provide desperately needed funds for the permanent care and maintenance of chimpanzees currently at Chimp Haven, as well as those designated for retirement.
The NAVS Sanctuary Fund awarded nearly $135,000 to sanctuaries and shelters in need of emergency assistance. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and other disasters, grants were awarded to shelters providing food and medicine for animal victims, like For the Love of Pets who needed assistance after storms damaged their roof and electrical wiring. Other grants were awarded to relocate animals (chimps, monkeys, big cats, parrots, domestic cats, rabbits and horses) from abusive situations (research laboratories, breeding facilities, or roadside zoos) to permanent sanctuaries.
NAVS continues to promote humane education by encouraging compassionate science teachers and students.  NAVS awarded a grant to help the Academy of Arts and Minds Charter School in Coconut Grove, Florida, convert to an all-virtual dissection laboratory using iPads as dissection alternatives.  NAVS’ legislative efforts helped Connecticut become the 14th state to legally guarantee a student’s right to opt out of participating in or observing dissection in the classroom. And all of the recipients of the 2013 NAVS Humane Science Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) were also winners of distinguished Grand Awards offered by Intel, including the Intel Best of Category, demonstrating that even scientists can agree that humane science is better science.
Since 1985, NAVS has funded the development and implementation of alternative testing methods through our support of the International Foundation for Ethical Research. NAVS is now providing critical financial support to bring validated alternative methods to the rest of the world, including China where the government is now re- considering their current policy that mandates testing on animals.
Although we made a lot of progress in 2013, we still have a long way to go to eliminate the use of animals in biomedical research, product testing, and education. The challenges ahead include ensuring the freedom and sanctuary of chimpanzees still languishing in privately-owned research facilities; bringing awareness to the plight of thousands of dogs being misused in research; and implementing protections for laboratory animals (mice, rats, birds) not protected under current federal standards of care.
4 years ago
Happy New Year from the ASPCA

As 2013 comes to a close, we’d like to thank you for your unwavering commitment to our country’s animals. Because of you, we were able to prevent suffering for so many animals who count on us, giving them lives full of peace and comfort instead.

This short video is a thank you for all of the work you make possible


please enjoy it.
Have a healthy, happy new year.

4 years ago

Thank you Desanka for the good news!!


Victory - Cruelty of Bear Baiting Ends in South Carolina US - Via The Humane Society of the Un
Animals  (tags: Bears, Animal Welfare Law, US, Good News, Protection, Ethics )
Victoria - 1 day ago -

Good news as The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has publicly stated that they will not issue any new permits for the private possession of black bears, putting an end to the cruel practice of bear baiting/baying.
From Yay! Zara has suspended orders of angora
4 years ago

Big news! Zara has suspended all orders for products containing angora wool until each supplier has been inspected.

Almost 300,000 members of the community signed the petition to Zara, urging it to respond to horrific video footage released by PETA that shows angora rabbits being tortured for their fur. Thousands of you commented on the Zara Facebook page; 330 of you joined our Super Bunny Warrior Team; and some of you were brave enough to talk to Zara staff in-store. It worked! 

It’s exciting to see the impact our community is having on our retailers.

Will you join me in celebrating the good news by sharing the image below with your friends on Facebook?

Click here to share the good news on Facebook.


Amazing news!!! Thanks to you also, dedicated animal advocates!

TY dear Monika

4 years ago

good news for the new year:


New EU labelling rules could disrupt trade, says industry
By Carmen Paun, in Brussels, 24-Dec-2013
New national origin labelling rules for pork, sheep, goat and poultry
meat made in the European Union (EU) could reduce the trade in meat
products between the 28 EU countries...

4 years ago

ARME's Beagle Freedom Project


Three Years Strong

Wow, it's hard to believe... it's been 3 years! THREE YEARS!

December 23, 2010, we conducted our first rescue of two dogs from a research laboratory in California. They were thereafter named Freedom & Bigsby.

These adorable little beagles changed my life.

What started out as an exciting opportunity to rescue these pups, immediately turned into action: Beagle Freedom Project was formed after the realization that we COULD save animals suffering in labs, and in turn, could put an END to animal testing! These little ambassadors would be free to tell their stories through their foster and adoptive families; tales of struggle, despair, pain and ultimately, survival.

What I did not realize was how quickly this little organization would grow! What I also did not realize was how Freedom & Bigsby would forever change my life and the lives of others.


I sit here very emotional today. Our ups and downs have brought us to this point of success, this point of unrelenting tenaciousness and ambition, ASSERTIVE FERVOR, for what we have been ready for and for what we are doing.

I had no idea that watching these poor dogs, shake, salivate and seizure in their crates, before being released to the free world, and then not wanting to leave their crates, for fear of what the world was, would have such a profound effect on me.

It all seems so abstract until you see them and touch them and love them in person.

So I made a video to share my experience with the world.

Here is the video I made of our first rescue. Get your tissues out, watch and share:



Since December 23, 2010, we have rescued 171 dogs, 10 ponies, 9 rabbits, 3 pigs, and 2 cats from animal testing laboratories.
This is unprecedented. No other organization has been able to rescue this many animals from testing facilities and merge the rescues with contemporaneous campaigns to mandate retirement and end testing.

We are winning.

I could not stop hugging these guys on the long journey home. They needed lots of TLC. Neither had much muscle tone, since they had never been exercised. We held them on our laps on the way home in the car since, due to lack of strength, they would fall over at every turn.

Happy Anniversary Beagle Freedom Project! You have taken a life of your own now and I am so proud of you!

Next year we toast to something new!

Happy Holidays,

Shannon Keith

4 years ago


See the amazing things you've helped us achieve for animals in 2013.

Together we’ll protect animals from cruelty everywhere -- from dogs languishing in puppy mills and subjected to fighting rings, to farm animals suffering in extreme confinement on factory farms, to wildlife hurting in their own natural habitats, and so much more.

Thank you for everything you do for animals.


Celebrate 2013's Biggest Victories for Animals


4 years ago

Happy HOWLidays from Howling For Wolves

Thank you for clicking, signing, writing and calling.
Thank you for your shares, likes, forwards, tweets and posts.
Thank you for defending, protecting and advocating.
Thank you for your time, energy and donations.
Thank you for showing up when you are needed most.
Thank you for howling with us.
We are aglow with gratitude for each and every one of you that has joined the fight for the protection of our wolves. With your support over the past year, we were able to make our voices heard throughout Minnesota at:

  • 11 Major Minnesota Events (incl. MN State Fair)
  • 1 Mayday Parade
  • 4 Speaking Engagements
  • 7 Student Outreach Campaigns
  • 6 Hearings
  • 3 Rallies
  • 2 Fundraisers
  • 2 News Conferences

We were also able to secure: 

  • Minnesota Timberwolves' season opener "Nonprofit of the Game" 
  • Dozens of major news stories (TV, radio and newspapers)
  • More than 100,000 petition signatures

Thank you for an incredible year! With your continued support, we can make an even greater impact in 2014. 
You are in our hearts and thoughts this holiday season.
- Howling For Wolves

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4 years ago


Campaigning to end animal experiments


Here are some of our achievements from 2013:

4 years ago
Thank you from WSPA Australia


It would not have been possible without you


Together we have achieved so much for animals in 2013

As 2013 draws to a close, we have been looking back at all of the successes that your support has helped us to achieve. This year we’ve been able to protect more animals in more countries than ever before, thanks to you.

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for the difference that together we have made for animals in 2013.
We hope you enjoy this video of some of the highlights:


4 years ago



Together, we've helped bring about so many wonderful victories for animals this year:


  • We helped push the government to formalise plans to keep all wild animals out of circuses in England and Wales after an absurd select committee proposal to limit the ban to only elephants and big cats.
  • We worked with compassionate supporters around the UK to stop the construction of intensive broiler chicken factory farms in Worcestershire and Shropshire and helped convince officials in Yorkshire to reject a proposal to build a new beagle breeding facility that would have bred thousands of puppies for use in cruel and painful experiments.
  • We made new progress in our efforts to halt the sale of foie gras, the product of tortured ducks and geese, as Amazon UK removed more than 100 foie gras products from its online grocery offerings. Popular restaurants in London, Manchester, and Worcestershire also pulled the vile product from their menus, and the BBC's MasterChef vowed never to feature it on its program.
  • We became the first animal rights organisation to fund a validation study of a non-animal testing method, a huge step forward in our efforts to end the suffering of animals in laboratories. The PETA International Science Consortium, which represents the scientific and regulatory testing policy positions of PETA and our affiliates, continues to convince government agencies to accept data from non-animal tests as well as prompt companies to use them.
  • Almost as importantly, given the impact that consumer choices have on animals who are suffering on factory farms, on fur farms, in laboratories and for human "entertainment", we generated massive coverage of animal issues in most of the major media outlets in the UK, reaching millions with our vital message of compassion.

4 years ago

The Wilderness Society


Breaking News: Tasmanian Forests Protected

100,000 hectares of new conservation reserves have been officially proclaimed under Tasmania's Nature Conservation Act.

The formal declaration of reserves is another clear demonstration that the Tasmanian Forests Agreement can, and will, deliver for the environment, the industry, and the Tasmanian community.

These new reserves include iconic forests in the Styx, Weld and Upper Florentine, and cover most of the Tasmanian World Heritage Area Extension. It also includes important areas linking the Styx Valley with Mt Wellington.

This is an important milestone in an ongoing journey and continues to build confidence that the agreement can work.

Read more and see maps of the new reserves here >


4 years ago

 Animals Australia 2013 year in review


As an Animals Australia supporter, this year you've helped to expose cruelty, and hold animal abusers to account. You've helped free dogs from puppy factories; convince retailers to go fur-free; get more cage eggs off supermarket shelves; turn up the heat on the live export trade; and inspire more Australians to make cruelty-free choices.

4 years ago

Thank you!!!

4 years ago

Care2 success stories


Dear Monika,


This year, we helped save a dog named Dutch


click here to see Dutch in action.


 Dutch was going to be euthanized because he bit a woman who was beating him with a pole. But then Jen Drake started a petition to save him, more than 300,000 of us signed it, and together we saved Dutch.

Every day Care2 members like you start petitions that make a huge difference in your communities. Together, we're saving dogs like Dutch, fighting climate change, calling out corporate abuse, and so much more.

Want to know what Dutch has been up to since we rescued him? Dutch's mom, Heather Aguilar, sent us the scoop – click here to see Dutch in action.

Below are some of the campaigns that Care2's 23 million members started and won this year. I hope you'll read them and then start your own petition to make a difference in 2014.

Thanks for all you've done this year!

Randy Paynter
Care2 Founder, CEO





The EU agreed to ban animal testing on cosmetics


after more than 18,000 Care2 members signed the petition to end animal testing in Europe. Israel and India followed suit, stopping the systematic torture of hundreds of rabbits, rats and mice – and now more than 30,000 Care2 members have signed Chris' petition calling on the US to end cosmetics testing, too. Click here to sign Chris' petition now.

4 years ago
Mercy For Animals Inspiring New Video: MFA's 2013 Year in Review

'Click here to watch the video now.


Imagine a future without factory farming.

A future in which all animals are treated with respect and dignity.

It’s possible, if we join forces.

As 2013 winds to a close, I’m excited to share with you Mercy For Animals’ inspiring, brand-new “Year in Review” video highlighting our many successes and victories.

During the past 12 months, we have gone head-to-head with the largest corporations and meat producers in the world, pressing for change and speaking up on behalf of animals.

By releasing eye-opening undercover investigations, securing criminal convictions of animal abusers, pressuring corporations to adopt farmed animal welfare policies, and encouraging millions of Americans to transition to a vegan diet, we’ve moved the ball forward for farmed animals. We have achieved real, meaningful change.

It’s only because of supporters like you that MFA was able to advocate so effectively on behalf of farmed animals in 2013—exposing cruelty and inspiring compassion.

The numbers speak for themselves. In the past year, Mercy For Animals reached over 20 million people through our online programs, informed 15 million people through news stories, and distributed over 1 million pieces of pro-vegan literature at 600 outreach events in over 190 cities.

But these numbers only tell part of the story. Our work has inspired countless people to move toward a vegan diet, sparing millions of animals the horrors of factory farming. And our undercover investigation and corporate outreach work has led to policy changes that will impact millions more animals each year.

Just look at all we’ve accomplished in this one year alone:

  • MFA’s groundbreaking undercover investigations shone a bright spotlight on the animal suffering behind the pork, egg, dairy and foie gras industries.
  • Our legal advocacy department pushed for improved legal protections, triumphantly fought ag-gag bills, and ensured that existing animal cruelty laws were enforced.
  • Our corporate outreach efforts successfully pressured some of the world’s largest corporations to adopt historic farmed animal welfare policies.
  • MFA’s advertising campaigns, grassroots advocacy, and public demonstrations educated consumers nationwide about animal abuse on factory farms and the many benefits of a compassionate vegan diet.

MFA gives a crucial voice to hens crammed into tiny, barren cages, unable to spread their wings; for pregnant pigs immobilized in crates so small they cannot even turn around; and for cows viciously beaten and mutilated without painkillers.

With you on our side, Mercy For Animals is effectively bringing this cruelty to light and serving as a powerful advocate for these innocent animals.

4 years ago
World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)


Thank you! Together, we moved the world to protect animals in 2013


WSPA USA 2013 Achievements: Thank you for moving the world to protect animals



Thank you for protecting animals in 2013!

Victory for the Reef!!
4 years ago

Fight for the Reef

A job well done!

BREAKING NEWS: due to your tireless efforts in fighting for the Reef, we’ve just heard that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority have delayed their decision on whether to provide a dumping permit til 31st January 2014!

For this and all your support over this year, I want say thank you!! We couldn’t have achieved so much in the Fight for the Reef without you. 

2013 has been a remarkable year for the Great Barrier Reef

- watch the video to see what we've achieved together!

4 years ago

What Exactly Did PETA Do This Year?


PETA does so much for animals each year that even we have trouble keeping up. That's why we created this video with some of the highlights of our work in 2013. We are lucky to be large enough and visible enough to do so much, and we owe it all to you, our members.


Watch Our Wrap-Up

4 years ago

So glad we have this topic.

4 years ago

How wonderful to read These success stories. It definitely gives me Impetus to go on spending a couple of hours a day signing petitions and donating to - hopefully - worthy causes. Animals Asia have also sent me a very impressive Report, so it's been a successful year all around. Now we can go on with it with fresh vigour and hopefully achieve lots more successes.

4 years ago

Very good news indeed. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

NRDC Victories 2013 - Video

Victories video narrated by Kyra Sedgwick — actress, activist, NRDC Member.



I hope you'll watch our short video  -- narrated by actress, activist and NRDC Member Kyra Sedgwick -- so you can see all the exciting victories you helped us win in 2013.

It's a fantastic reminder that we can make a world of difference with your steadfast support.

Over the past 12 months, we helped persuade British mining giant Anglo American to quit the destructive Pebble Mine ... made sure that polar bears will keep their all-important federal protection .. saved 11 million acres of vital wildlife habitat in the Western Arctic Reserve from oil development ... came to the legal defense of local citizens in New York who opposed the spread of fracking in their community ... and prevailed on many other fronts.

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4 years ago

AUDUBON Victories 2013


Read about our 2013 conservation successes →


In 2013, the Panama Bay wetlands, one of the most important stopover sites for migrating shorebirds in the entire Western Hemisphere, regained protection after intense campaigning from Panama Audubon Society with support from the National Audubon Society. 30 percent of the world population of Western Sandpipers rely on the Panama Bay as a critical stopover during migration. (Photo by Karl Kaufman / Panama Audubon Society)

2013 in Review

Looking back over the year 2013, we note with pride a number of accomplishments, from beginning the restoration process in the Gulf of Mexico from the BP Oil Spill to celebrating California's historic legislation that bans lead ammunition. As with all our policy success stories, you are at center stage. It’s your emails, your phone calls, your support at public meetings, your ever vigilant eye on matters close to home that make the difference. It’s a nice list, so feel good about your accomplishments! Read about our 2013 conservation successes →

4 years ago
Oceana Convenes New International Partnership to Save Endangered Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

'Pacific leatherback turtles are an international species, nesting in Indonesia and feeding in California, so we're happy to announce that we're working internationally to better protect these turtles. Oceana convened an International Summit in Monterey, California, where over 50 U.S. and Indonesian leaders met for three days to determine how to best share information and resources to address threats to leatherback turtles both on nesting beaches and in the ocean.

4 years ago

Great victories. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

Costa Rica Shuts Down Its Zoos
Offbeat  (tags: lions, wild animals, sanctuaries, new homes costa rica closes zoos, freedom )
Simone - 2 hours ago -

Between now and next May, 400 animals like Kivu will be looking for new homes at rescue centers and sanctuaries - in some cases so they can be released back to the wild; in others for a permanent sanctuary homes
4 years ago

National Audubon Society



11 Million Acres Saved in Alaska. The Interior Department announced permanent protection for 11 million acres of critical Arctic bird habitat in Northwest Alaska. Many of our most familiar migratory birds began life in this vast wilderness of the Western Arctic Reserve.


GBBC Goes Global. The Great Backyard Bird Count became a worldwide event in 2013. More than 104,000 people from 107 countries identified a staggering 4,004 species!


A “Stork Occasion” in the Everglades. Audubon and conservation partners reached a settlement that will prevent destruction of more than 1100 acres of wetlands adjacent to the renowned Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. The sanctuary is home to the nation’s largest breeding colony of endangered Wood Storks.

Western Rivers Action Network. All politics is local, a fact that underlay the launch of a new citizen action network to save endangered river habitats in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. At stake is habitat for priority birds like the Yellow-billed Cuckoo and vulnerable migrants like the Golden Eagle.

Hummingbirds at Home. Is climate change impacting hummingbird migration or breeding success? We’ve turned to citizen science for the answers by launching Hummingbirds at Home, a smartphone-based tracking project. In the first year, more than 8,400 volunteer spotters reported over 21,000 hummingbird sightings, adding critical intelligence to conservation efforts.

Saving the River of Raptors. Audubon Pennsylvania and allies won a 10-year battle to prevent construction of a huge car racing resort on the Kittatinny Ridge. The ridge is a critical migratory path for millions of hawks and eagles and is home to the world-famous Hawk Mountain Sanctuary.
4 years ago


4 years ago

Thank you Monika for some good news.

4 years ago
A Victory for Fish and Turtles in the Gulf of Mexico


Posted On November 15, 2013


In a significant step forward in restoration of the Gulf of Mexico’s natural resources, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), in partnership with the five Gulf states and two federal agencies, announced over $100 million for restoration projects across the Gulf. A total of 22 projects will restore a number of Gulf habitats and species, ranging from coastal dunes in Texas, to oyster reefs in Alabama and shorebird nests in Mississippi.

Funding for these projects comes from the criminal settlement against Transocean and BP, which were finalized late last year. These funds must be used to remedy the harm caused to our natural resources in the Gulf due to the BP Deepwater Horizon oil disaster, and these are some of the first fine monies to be put toward restoration. (Click here to read more about the ongoing civil trial and what’s at stake.)

We are particularly excited about two projects in Florida that support restoration of offshore Gulf species: enhanced reef fish (think: red snapper) health assessments and turtle-friendly beach lighting. Marine restoration projects like this are part of the comprehensive approach that Ocean Conservancy advocates.

NFWF, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration should be commended for ensuring that the marine resources that make Florida an international tourist destination often recognized as “The Fishing Capital of the World“ are closely monitored and restored.

While the jury is still out on the cumulative impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil and dispersants in the water, supporting recovery of reef fish and sea turtles is a wise investment. In particular, NFWF’s $3 million commitment to additional data collection on the fish and the fishery will aid recovery and foster improved ecosystem understanding and management.

The $1.5 million project to retrofit beachfront lights on or near important nesting habitat in the Florida Panhandle will greatly increase sea turtle survival, as artificial lighting can impair a sea turtle hatchling’s ability to reach the ocean on its own. Since Florida boasts 90 percent of all sea turtle nesting in the continental United States and sea turtles were one of the species hit hard by the oil disaster, this project is good news indeed.

Restoration is a long process and restoration in the marine environment, in particular, is a large and daunting endeavor, but it is critically important for the coastal communities that are dependent upon the beauty and bounty of the Gulf. NFWF and the Gulf states have taken an important step today toward making the Gulf whole.


4 years ago
Victory! ‘Serenity Springs’ Roadside Zoo Slapped Down by Feds Update: Victory! ‘Serenity Springs’ Roadside Zoo Slapped Down by Feds

4 years ago

For immediate release

14 November 2013
Animals Asia welcomes China change to testing on animals law
Animals Asia has welcomed news that China intends to end laws requiring cosmetics to be tested on animals.
Guidelines from the China Food and Drug Administration suggest animals testing will no longer be mandatory from June 2014. This will initially be applied to China-made products and eventually, it is anticipated, to imports.
Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:
“This is not the first time in recent weeks that we have talked of significant breakthroughs in terms of animal welfare in China. Young people are turning in greater numbers to animal welfare activism and they are being heard.
“This change has been long hoped for but few anticipated it happening quite so soon. In many ways this is a victory for all anti-testing campaigners. The people who persuaded Western governments to ban animal testing have caused a domino effect that has resonated with both the authorities and people of China resulting in this ground-breaking progress.
“The world has long talked of China being open for business - well now it’s open to discussion too. China is listening and it’s taking action."
Past regulations meant that if international cosmetics companies wanted to market ranges in China they were forced to test on animals - a fact unlikely to go down well with customers elsewhere.
It’s hoped that while testing on animals has not been outlawed, the option now to create “cruelty free” brands will see increasingly aware consumers lured away from brands associated with animal testing.
Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson added:
“A changing China is the biggest story in international animal welfare activism today.  Just as regulations for testing cosmetics can become internationally standardised - so can concepts of animal welfare and conservation.  
4 years ago
4 years ago

VICTORY VICTORY China Outlines Cosmetics Animal Testing Policy
World  (tags: technology, science, scientists, performance, NewTechnology, news, interesting, internet, health, history, animals, corruption, business, money, lies, ethics, dishonesty, politics, society, world, cover-up, abuse, treatment, research, safety, protection )
Kelly - 2 days ago -

According to the notice released by CFDA for public comments on 5 Nov, China will adopt EU cosmetics management mode to regulate the domestic Non-Special Use Cosmetic Products (Non-SUCPs), indicating that China will partially modernize its cosmetic regula
4 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: business, consumers, humans, GoodNews, environment, abuse, world, SustainableDevelopment, society, politics, news, safety, risks, warning, treatment, prevention, protection, Body-Mind-Spirit, sadness, suffering, slaughter, GoodNews, endangered, animalwelf )
Kelly - 9 hours ago -

These boots are fur free! No need for real fur. GEOX is a fur free retailer.
4 years ago

VICTORY VICTORY Save the World's Most Endangered Dolphin
Society & Culture  (tags: VICTORY, Most Endangered Dolphin, The Government of New Zealand recently p, conservation, ecosystems, endangered, extinction, GoodNews )
Kelly - 1 day ago -

Petition is Closed 9,646 signatures of 10,000 signature goal The Government of New Zealand recently proposed an extended net fishing ban off the Taranaki coast.
4 years ago

Signed annd submitted the petition for Animal Abuse Registry.

Thank you for the posting Monika and Simone.

4 years ago

All great news. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

New York Carriage Horses - We Won!


One year ago, almost no one believed it was possible.

We were mocked. We were ridiculed. We were written off as crazy cat ladies.

But you believed in NYCLASS' strategy to elect a humane Mayor and City Council, and because of you, Tuesday was the moment that started a new era for NYC -- and the entire animal protection movement. Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio along with the 39 pro-animal City Council Members we elected, have tipped the scale in favor of protecting the animals of this great city.

Now, we can and will end the inhumane carriage horse industry and retire the horses to sanctuaries. 

Now, we will fight and win the battle to reform our city's animal shelters.

Now, we have powerful elected officials on our side, listening to all New Yorkers, two legged and four legged.

And now, no one can deny the power of our humane voter movement. We stood up to Quinn when very few would -- defeating her in the primary, and made history with the victory of Mayor-elect de Blasio and 39 pro-animal City Council Members elected on Tuesday. You wrote history, Horse Heroes.

So this is not an email asking for money or volunteers, it is just an email saying THANK YOU to the thousands of cat ladies, horse heroes and dog dudes that made phone calls, donated, handed out flyers, protested, forwarded emails, and yes, VOTED. 

This was your victory, so take this week to celebrate and rest. Because next week, we begin the hard work to help the new Mayor and City Council pass as many pro-animal laws as possible in 2014.

Thank you,

Chelsie Schadt
Lead Organizer

4 years ago

New Nationalwide Animal Abuse Registry to Be Established By the End of the Year
Animals  (tags: nationalwide, animal abuse registy, animal protection laws )
Simone - 6 hours ago -

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), who have previously been known to speak out against ag-gag legislation, are now planning to set up a nationwide database of animal abusers. This database (also known as the 'Do Not Adopt' registry) will help animal
Grater Yellowstone Coalition
4 years ago
VIDEO: News about grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone


At GYC, our ongoing efforts on behalf of the Yellowstone grizzly bear boil down to one simple question: What's best for the bear?

Thirty years after GYC was formed to rescue the Yellowstone grizzly from extinction, we can proudly say — thanks to your great support — that the bear represents one of the great conservation success stories of our time. GYC staffers were on hand Thursday when Yellowstone grizzly bear managers reported that the population has more than tripled in a single generation.
So what's best for the bear now?

Watch this video from executive director Caroline Byrd to find out!

The next phase of our work will sharply focus on three key areas: Reducing human-bear conflicts, protecting and enhancing wildlife corridors to and from Greater Yellowstone, and ensuring grizzlies have the wide open lands and natural food sources they need.

We envision a day when the entire ecosystem is bear-proofed with state-of-the-art food and garbage containers and residents fully embrace the presence of this awe-inspiring symbol of Yellowstone's wildness.

For a Greater Yellowstone,

Caroline Byrd
Executive Director

4 years ago

All great news! Thanks for sharing.

Care2: The Difference You Have Made
4 years ago

Care2 members are well known as incredibly passionate activists. Starting and signing petitions really can pay off. Read about some of the victories you helped accomplish in this month alone!


JoJo the Service Dog Saved from Euthanasia
Care2 members Travis and Denise started a petition to save JoJo - a German shepherd that finally bit his attacker after months of taunting and torture. Their efforts saved JoJo, who is now living in an animal sanctuary awaiting adoption. Read more.




Zoo Elephants Finally Arrive at Sanctuary
 After years of lobbying, debating, delays and a seriously long road trip, animal advocates can finally celebrate a victory with the safe arrival of the Toronto Zoo's three remaining elephants at an animal sanctuary. Iringa, 44; Toka, 43; and Thika, 33, will live out the rest of their lives in peace at the Performing Animal Welfare Society's (PAW sanctuary. Read more.




Justice for Crash the Dog
 Crash the dog was shot and killed on his own land for nothing more than barking at a passing car. Animal cruelty charges were brought against Crash's killer, but it seemed likely he would be let off easy with a plea bargain. Still grieving from the loss of her beloved dog, Tracy started a petition on Care2 demanding justice. Crash's killer now faces felony animal abuse charges. Read more.

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4 years ago

Jan I am glad none of your animals was harmed by the storm! Everything else can be fixed!


Here is an update from Laetitia about the STOP VIVISECTION PETITION, a victory indeed!


Laetitia S.

we finally can say ... VICTORY!


Hello my dear friends, the STOP-VIVISECTION Initiative is now closed. We reached the new target of 1 100 000 voices, and even more because we finally collected......

1.126.005 signatures !!!!!!!!!

We were asked to collect a certain percentage of signatures in at least 7 countries, people did even better because we actually have the percentage requested in 12 countries! (in bold in the table herebelow).

So I think that even with invalid signatures and once the signatures on paper will be taken into account we will clearly have the million!

This is beautiful, it is so good to see how numerous we are to care, with the strong wish of making things change. We often see horrors from humans here, humans kill, torture, polute, we see this every day and because we fight we are cruelly aware of this. But some days, like today I think that we can be proud of us.

Thank you so much for your help, for your voices and your time.

Thank you my friends,


4 years ago

I saved them up to read a few on one of my 'hate the human race' days. Some things there I never thought would happen - especially Harrods doing the right thing. Silver Spring Monkeys too after the answer I got last year when I wrote. Thank you Monika for brightening up my day.

Great News for European Fisheries!!!
4 years ago

European Parliament rejects subsidies for new fishing boats

Last Wednesday, the European Parliament took a tremendous step forward in restoring the health of our oceans and fisheries. This victory will help protect fish stocks in Europe and all over the world.

WSPA's work with the BBC investigations team
4 years ago

Good news for civet cats!

Following WSPA's work with the BBC investigations team on the farming of wild civet cats in Indonesia to produce luxury civet coffee, we are pleased to share the good news that that London-based department store Harrods has now withdrawn the sale of its 'Kopi Luwak' civet coffee.

 A number of retailers in Denmark and Sweden have also removed the coffee from their shelves.

This is a great start to our campaign, but we still need your help. Click below to take action today. Let's urge more retailers to only source 'cage-free' civet coffee and remove inhumane products from their shelves.
4 years ago

Trapper Can No Longer Sell Silver Springs Wild Monkeys to Labs
Animals  (tags: GoodNews, protection, wildlife, wildanimals, AnimalWelfare, animals, animalwelfare, animalrights )
Carlene - 7 hours ago -

Officials say a trapper will no longer be allowed to snare wild monkeys from a Marion County state park and sell them to research laboratories.
VICTORY ! ! ! ! !
4 years ago

Laetitia S.

Hello my dear friends !

I have very very good news to share ! The European Citizens Inittiative Stop-Vivisection has been signed by more than a million persons !!! We have won !!!! 6 days before the end and without taking into account the signatures on paper !

Thank you so much for having signed and/or shared, and for sure, together we ARE making a difference !

Thank you !

4 years ago

This is such a wonderful story, I must share it with you!


The Pony That Can Prance Again: Horse Born Blind Can See for the First Time After Vets Perform 'Miracle' £6,000 Operation
Animals  (tags: horses, GoodNews, surgery, saved by owner, eyesight restored )
Judy - 22 hours ago -

An endangered rare-breed shire horse regained her sight after six hours of pioneering veterinary surgery and became the first horse in Britain to undergo the ground-breaking operation. Shire foal faced being put down by vets after she was unable to see.
4 years ago

GOOD NEWS! Wildlife Comeback in Europe
Animals  (tags: endangered, animalrights, animalwelfare, animals, protection, environment, GoodNews, goodnews, wildlife, wildanimals )
Cal - 52 minutes ago -

Although the total biodiversity in Europe is still decreasing, a recently published report brings the welcome news that many of the larger wildlife and bird species are making a strong recovery
4 years ago

The performing monkeys is such a perverse show, no words to describe my disgust


Victory! Los Angeles Bans Cruel Bullhooks - Elephants in Circus
Animals  (tags: elephants, elephants in circus, victory, circus, bullhooks, Good News )
Milca - 2 hours ago -

After PeTA joined a campaign led by local citizens and rallied their supporters and educated council members, the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban cruel bullhooks after a three-year phase-in period. MORE WISTLE BLOWERS WITH VIDEOS/IMAGES ARE NEEDED
AT Last - Some ACTION
4 years ago



'Abused' Indonesian monkeys taken off Jakarta streets

The first 11 out of an estimated 350 performing street monkeys in the Indonesian capital Jakarta have been confiscated and taken into quarantine, animal rights activists say.

Critics say that the monkeys are forced to live in pitiful conditions

 Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said he was acting to save the monkeys and because they were a health risk.

His move has been welcomed as "groundbreaking and significant" by the Jakarta Animal Aid Network.

Performing monkey on the streets of Jakarta (2012)

4 years ago

A small step in the right direction...


Bennettsville Ends Use of Gas Chamber at CityâEUR(TM)s Animal Shelter - National Animals | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: dogs, cats, cruelty, death, Gas Chambers, ban, SC, animals, abuse, abused, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates )
Liliana - 1 hour ago -

Bennettsville ends use of gas chamber at city's animal shelter
4 years ago

Thank you Monika

4 years ago

Amur Falcons Saved in India; Not a Single One Killed in 2013 After Tens of Thousands Were Massacred Last Year
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, conservation, death, endangered, environment, extinction, ethics, GoodNews, goodnews, habitat, humans, protection, wildlife, slaughter, Amur falcons, India, Nagaland, killing, safe, birds )
Shaleen - 4 hours ago -

Over 300,000 Amur falcons have arrived in Nagaland as part of their migratory route. Protection Squads of ex-hunters and other locals have been patrolling roosting sites 24x7 and remarkably not a single falcon has been killed this year.

4 years ago

From the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals (DSPA)

In October we called the Netherlands to stop the hunting of stray cats - to says NO to the shooting of stray cats and YES to a friendly approach to this problem. The petition received unprecedented attention of the media and the public. There was a massive response to our cry, 136 113 people have signed petition and the hunting of stray cats has stopped!!!

We thank everyone who has supported this action. We have received serious attention for animal welfare!

In 2013 were scored many important victories for animals!!!

4 years ago

Brazil: Animals saved from lab


Invasão para resgate dos cães do Instituto Royal
Google Translation
Invasion to rescue dogs from the Royal Institute 18/10 [COMPLETE]
Published on Oct 18, 2013
Over 400 beagle dogs, rats and rabbits were rescued from the Royal Institute that used them for testing products such as cosmetics etc..
The activists are in this fight for a long time, and only today 18/10 they achieved their goals and were able to rescue these animals suffering mistreatment and living in appalling conditions.
and: Video

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Center for Biological Diversity Update Oct. 17, 2013
5 years ago

California Makes History by Banning Lead Hunting Ammo


California condorYears of tireless work to get toxic lead out of the wild paid off big-time late last week when Gov. Jerry Brown signed historic legislation to phase out all lead hunting ammunition in California by 2019. By passing Assembly Bill 711, California becomes the first state in the country to require the use of nontoxic bullets and shot for all hunting.

"California has taken a historic step to protect its wildlife from lead poisoning," said the Center for Biological Diversity's Jeff Miller. "Switching to nontoxic lead ammunition will save the lives of eagles, condors and thousands of other birds every year -- and keep hunters and their families from being exposed to toxic lead."

Millions of wildlife are poisoned annually from scavenging on carcasses containing lead-bullet fragments; eating lead-poisoned prey; or ingesting spent lead-shot pellets, mistaking them for food or grit. Spent lead ammunition causes lead poisoning in 130 species of birds and other animals.

So we're celebrating this important victory in California -- and pushing ahead on our goal to ban all lead hunting ammo around the country.

Read more in USA Today.

5 years ago

Breaking News: Amazon UK Stops Selling Foie Gras--Tell the US to Follow


Today, following pressure from the U.K. animal rights group Viva!, including undercover video shot at a foie gras farm and an online petition asking Amazon to ban the sale of foie gras, Amazon UK announced it would indeed no longer sell foie gras on its U.K. site.

5 years ago

Thanks Monika  - we need to keep this thread going to return us to sanity after the terrible things we see every day.

5 years ago

BREAKING! A Dog Slaughterhouse and 33 Markets Shut Down in China Following Our Investigation
Animals  (tags: animalcruelty )
Danyelle - 1 hour ago -

A dog slaughterhouse and 33 markets shut down in China following Animal Equality's investigation.
5 years ago

Gov. Brown Signs Bill Banning California Bobcat Trapping
Animals  (tags: wildlife, protection, habitat, environment, ethics, extinction, GoodNews )
Jill - 27 minutes ago -

This is great news for California's bobcats, and for the millions of Californians and visitors alike who love watching wildlife in our beautiful parks and other wild places," said Brian Nowicki
5 years ago

Animals  (tags: GoodNews, dolphins, taiji, transpotation, airline )
Milca - 5 hours ago -

Hong Kong Airlines agreed to stop flying live dolphins in dangerous and cruel conditions after over 6500 members signed a petition directed at the company.

5 years ago

Am I dreaming??

5 years ago

Victory! Dogs and Cats to Be Taken Off Menus in China
Animals  (tags: dogs, cats animalcruelty, animalrights, crime, cruelty, killed, slaughter, illegal, dog meat, cat meat, ban, illegal, China, Victory! )
Brian - 12 hours ago -

Pet lovers in China push law that would land people in jail for eating dogs and cats.
GMS Countries Pledge to End Dog Meat Eating
Animals  (tags: animals, animalcruelty, cruelty, death, dogs, ethics, humans, suffering, slaughter )
Jill - 2 hours ago -
Government officials from the countries of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have pledged to end the inhumane, commercial trade in dogs for meat.
5 years ago
Victory! Basque Region of Jaizkibel to be "Special Area of Conservation"

We're excited to announce that the beautiful and biodiverse Basque area of Jaizkibel was finally nominated as a special area of conservation! Oceana made this recommendation in 2010, and has been pushing for protections for the region ever since. These waters are home to porpoises, dolphins, and over 100 marine communities. Marine wildlife in Jaizkibel has been threatened by coastal development, and we are thrilled that these important habitats will soon be protected.

Learn More »

YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 years ago

VICTORY Pharmacies Saying No to Bear Bile Means Best Birthday Yet for Animals Asia VICTORY
Animals  (tags: conservation, ecosystems, endangered, protection, wildlife, world, GoodNews, dishonesty, corruption, cover-up, business, money, lies, medicine, disease, Body-Mind-Spirit, government, illness, safety, treatment, protection, research, prevention, healthcare )
Kelly - 4 hours ago -

A hundred and fifty Chinese drugstores announced they would no longer be selling bear bile products in a move timed to coincide with Animals Asia's 15th anniversary.
5 years ago

Thanks Monika

5 years ago

Thanks Monika for the Great News x

5 years ago

Thank you Monika - it is always good to start the day by seeing some good news.

5 years ago

2 Victories for Southwestern Wolves


Mexican gray wolfTwo new legal settlements won by the Center will reap important benefits for the Southwest's struggling population of Mexican gray wolves.

One settlement requires the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to finalize a rule by January 2015 allowing the release of wolves from their captive-breeding pool into New Mexico and allowing them millions more acres to roam. Under the second agreement, the agency will drop plans to capture and incarcerate wild wolves migrating to the borderlands of these two states from Mexico.

The settlements are part of the Center's long fight to save and recover the Southwest's unique subspecies of gray wolves. These wolves -- genetically and geographically unique from all others -- are among the most endangered mammals in the United States, with just some 75 surviving in the wild.

Get more from KRWG News.

Feds propose Ore. spotted frog for ESA protection
5 years ago

Oregon Spotted Frog Proposed for Protection


Oregon spotted frogAfter more than 20 years as a candidate for federal protection, the Oregon spotted frog has a chance at the big time. On Wednesday the U.S. Fish and Wildlife proposed to protect this rare amphibian under the Endangered Species Act, along with 68,000 acres -- and 24 stream miles -- of federally protected "critical habitat" in Oregon and Washington.

The proposal is part of the Center's landmark settlement, reached in 2011, to speed up protection decisions for 757 imperiled plants and animals around the country. So far 103 species have been protected under our agreement, and another 60 have been proposed for protection.

Help can't come soon enough for Oregon spotted frogs. Once abundant from British Columbia to California, they've disappeared from 90 percent of their former range, mostly because their wetland habitats are being destroyed.

Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle.

5 years ago
Victory for Wildlife in California


In Defense of AnimalsThanks in part to our California supporters who spoke up when we recently sent an alert, California has banned the cruelest of deaths of wildlife by trappers!

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 789, which will put an end to many of the cruel practices used by private "nuisance" wildlife control operators.

The bill outlaws the most heinous methods of animal killing, such as drowning, chest crushing, and injection with toxic chemicals such as nail polish remover; it also includes provisions to protect domestic animals from getting killed in Conibears (spine-crushing trapping devices).

"We share this planet with wildlife," Assemblyman Das Williams, the bill's sponsor said. "Animals cannot speak for themselves so we must speak for them and stop their torturous, slow and painful deaths."

"Trapping is barbaric, and has no place in our society." says Anja Heister, IDA's Director of the Wild and Free-Habitats Campaign, "This bill eliminates the most egregious and brutal methods trappers have been be able to employ under the guise of wildlife damage control. It is a great improvement, and we thank our supporters, who came out in huge numbers to support this crucial bill."

5 years ago

GOOD NEWS! Critical Bird Habitat in Peru Expanded to Protect 23 Threatened Species
Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animals, environment, protection, goodnews )
Cal - 3 hours ago -

Land acquisitions to help protect one of world's rarest birds
5 years ago


5 years ago

I loved reading through this thread, so uplifting to see such wonderful success stories!!  It really makes you feel good and proves how wonderfully rewarding it is to be a member of such a great team of people who make such a difference to the animals that desperately need help! Thanks Monika for keeping us updated on how we all make a difference! x  

5 years ago

VICTORY: Ivory Products Activity Ban By KVIC Under PMEGP - Sukanya Kadyan
Animals  (tags: animalrights, animaladvocates, ethics, GoodNews, wildanimals, conservation, environment, endangered )
Kadyan - 7 hours ago -

Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!! our great VICTORY, we can protect Elephants from poaching, one step ahead - Abhishek Kadyan, Media Adviser to OIPA in India - PFA Haryana
5 years ago

Thank you dearest Jan, I know you are busy with the sanctuary . I am so glad you are with us!


Why Taking Action for Animals Works

We did it! Together, with ALDF, your action helped us prevent the import of 18 wild-caught beluga whales into U.S. theme parks like SeaWorld (in Florida, Texas, and California) and the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that after careful review of public comments it was denying the Georgia Aquarium’s request for a permit to import the belugas from the Utrish Marine Mammal "Research" Station in Russia.

It is so important for us to continue to be a voice for animals, and help agencies like the NOAA and NMFS understand the importance of animal well-being. Join us as we have a cetacean celebration! There are so many other animals who need our help -- visit our website and sign up now to join ALDF in the fight for justice for all cetaceans!

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5 years ago

Thank you Monika for posting all these good things. The news about Dutch is brilliant. I am submerged in work at the moment but am trying to sign as many as I can even if I can't comment!!

VICTORY!!! Dutch the Dog Will Live!
5 years ago

UPDATE: Dutch the Dog Will Live After Owner's Acquittal
Animals  (tags: abuse, dogs, cruelty, good news, pets, Dutch, military, veteran, service dog, Aguilar, Montrose, Colorado )
Teri - 3 hours ago -

A jury has acquitted a military veteran of owning a vicious dog, the Montrose Daily Press reports. The case of Jeremiah Aguilar and his dog, Dutch, had garnered national interest; 308,304 people signed a petition to halt the dog's euthanisation.
5 years ago

We CAN make a difference!!! Thanks to everybody who took action !!


Turkish Dolphin Park Closed After Online Petition | Ofcoursevegan
Animals  (tags: GoodNews, Dolphins, Victory )
Sharon - 44 minutes ago -

GREAT NEWS ~ THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO SIGNED THE PETITION ~YOU HELPED MAKE A DIFFERENCE ~ In another victory for animal activists and sympathizers, a dolphin entertainment park in Turkey was shut down after an online petition
5 years ago

VICTORY Chengdu Stores Ban Bear Bile VICTORY
Animals  (tags: GoodNews, conservation, endangered, ecosystems, world, wildlife, protection, nature, money, business, treatment, protection, prevention, healthcare, family, health, disease, government, safety, medicine, humans, children, animalcruelty, animalwelfare, ani )
Kelly - 6 hours ago -

Around 150 Chinese drugstores in Chengdu announced on Thursday that they would stop selling products containing bear bile powder, giving a boost to animal rights activists in China's long-running debate over the extraction of bile from live bears.
5 years ago

Bravo, Belgium! Country on Track to Ban Circuses That Use Wild Animals
Animals  (tags: animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalwelfare, cruelty, humans, goodnews, protection, suffering )
Frans - 10 hours ago -

A victory for compassion in Belgium came this week, as the government ratified a law to ban the use of wild animals in circuses. This milestone for animals comes after a 10-year campaign by animal rights groups such as
5 years ago

Intensive Broiler Chicken Farm Scrapped - Thanks to You!
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, animalwelfare, environment, ethics, humans, protection, suffering )
Frans - 10 hours ago -

In the small, picturesque village of Upton Snodsbury in Worcestershire, an atrocity has just been averted. There were plans to lock up 80,000 animals in windowless, claustrophobic sheds...
5 years ago

Yes Jan! ! We need to see that our actions are not always in vain...


Success! Philippine Airlines Stops Shipping Primates to Labs
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, GoodNews, protection )
Michael - 9 minutes ago -

Philippine Airlines will no longer transport primates to laboratories to be used in cruel and deadly experiments - a policy change that could save hundreds of monkeys each year from being trafficked for animal tests. You made this happen.
5 years ago

Thank you Monika for updating this thread. It is nice to see some good news.

5 years ago
Online Petition Leads to Demolition of Inhumane Shelter

Animals  (tags: usa, humans, health, government, goodnews, activists, abuse, treatment, safety, prevention, protection, healthcare, health, Body-Mind-Spirit, animalwelfare, animalcruelty, abused, animaladvocates, conservation, protection, pets, GoodNews, suffering, sadne )
Kelly - 4 hours ago -

WE HELPED WITH THIS An inhumane animal holding facility in Ellisville, Mississippi has been torn down after an online petition calling for its destruction quickly gathered thousands of signatures.
5 years ago

Costa Rica to Close Its Zoos, Release Animals in Captivity
Animals  (tags: costa rica, wildlife, animalrights, animalwelfare )
David - 8 hours ago -

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- Costa Rican officials say they plan to close both of the country's public zoos next year so that animals can be freed from their cages. Costa Rica banned circuses with animals in 2002 and has also barred sport hunting.
5 years ago

Animals  (tags: animals, dogs, pets, beagles, animal research, marshall farm, green hill, boycott marshall pet products, Good News, animal testing, animal experimentation, lab beagles )
Marika - 15 hours ago -

Italian Parliament passed a bill which bans the breeding of cats, dogs and primates for experimentation. READ MORE
5 years ago
Saudi Arabia has developed an animal welfare system

Saudi Arabia has developed an animal welfare system of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member countries in which animal abusers face fines and have their names published in the media.

Full news:

5 years ago

VICTORY: European Union Bans All Shark Finning! | The Beacon: Oceana's Blog
Animals  (tags: Animal Welfare, Fish, Sharks, Finning, protection, law, GoodNews )
Elizabeth - 22 hours ago -

We at Oceana are thrilled to share this news with you - the European Union (EU) has just officially adopted a strict ban on shark finning! Saturday ended nearly a decade of battle to close several enforcement loopholes that had permitted some forms of...
5 years ago

At least this is a step in the right direction from President Obama

5 years ago

What Wonderful News about the Bears....Great Start to the day!!  Thanks Monika for us know x

5 years ago

Noted. I agree it is GREAT NEWS about the rescue of these two bears!

5 years ago

GOOD NEWS: 2 Bears Rescued From Kosovo Restaurant Cage
Animals  (tags: GOOD NEWS, Kosovo, Europe, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalcruelty, animalrights, conservation, environment, ethics, habitat, humans, investigation, law, protection, rescued, wildanimals, wildlife, goodnews )
Desanka - 2 hours ago -

Ari and Arina, both 10 years old, were taken to their new, much larger home, by the international animal charity group Four Paws. Environment Ministry says authorities expect to rescue another 15 bears in illegal captivity by
Pity US and Europe can't learn from this
5 years ago

Colombia has banned wild animals from both static and travelling circuses 1:12 AM

Animal Defenders International - 

"After a 6-year campaign Colombia has today banned wild animals from both static and travelling circuses. ADI launched our Stop Circus Suffering South America campaign following a two-year undercover investigation. The circuses have two years to comply. ADI stands ready to assist the Colombian Government with rescue and relocation of the animals, so that they can live out their lives in peace. Stop Circus Suffering has now secured bans in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay and Colombia. We owe it to these animals, and all those still to come, to continue this fight. We must never be deterred, never give up and never give in".

Brunei Bans Shark Products
5 years ago

WildAid, the conservation nonprofit that focuses on reducing the demand for endangered wildlife products, is commending Brunei today after the country adopted a nationwide shark fin ban, the first of its kind in Asia. According to today's announcement, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah made the decree that officially bans the catch and landing of all shark species from the waters of Brunei Darussalam and their sales in the domestic market as well as a ban on the importation and trade of shark products.

“Asia contains the largest markets for shark fin and today one of those markets closed its doors, reducing the pressure on depleted shark populations,” said Jonn Lu, WildAid and Shark Savers shark campaigner. “Brunei has just set the stage for regional change. Now the questions is ‘Who will be next?’”

Full news:

Thank you Paula for news.
Geese spared
5 years ago

Thank you to everyone who spoke out against North Hempstead's plan to kill the town's geese - from writing and calling the town board, attending the board of trustees meeting, and last week's demonstration - it made a huge difference! There's no question that North Hempstead's geese would be in the USDA's cross-hairs this summer if not for the collective resistance to the town's original plan. More info:

Please be sure to take a minute to send Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Jon Kaiman a quick thank you note for pledging not to round up the geese by email at or on his Facebook page. 

5 years ago

* We Did It!  Governor Bullock Vetoes Bad Bison Bills!

5 years ago

thanks done

5 years ago


5 years ago

signed jan,thank you

RSPO not quite what it seems
5 years ago


Looked into a bit more info on sustainable palm oil and found this. Will put it on the Orang thread as well as this is  for victories.


For Kelly

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Better than what generally happens with indiscriminate harvesting.
5 years ago
5 years ago

Thanks Kelly for that heartwarming News! 

5/2 Awesome news for Seals
5 years ago
EU Court Upholds Seal-Fur Ban

5 years ago

Please forgive my ignorance.  What in the world is  "Sustainable Palm Oil"? 

Another question?  Was Salazar a Bush elected(Appointed) thug? 

5 years ago

Excellent! Now, if Philippines Airlines will follow suit!

5 years ago

Good news!  we hope AIR FRANCE will stop to transport monkeys for labs!

Another Airline to stop transporting primates to labs
5 years ago

It's so good to hear Great News like that Jan - it's like a beacon of light shining out from all the sadness!  Thank you for letting us know!.

Another Airline to stop transp[orting primates to labs.
5 years ago

After hearing from more than 100,000 compassionate supporters like you, Vietnam Airlines has informed PETA that, starting today, it will no longer ship primates to laboratories.

5 years ago

Harvard to Close Primate Facility after Pressure from PCRM


Following two years of pressure from PCRM and other groups, Harvard University announced today that it will close its primate experimentation facility where numerous monkeys have died and been seriously injured in recent years. This move is a step in the right direction—away from cruel and scientifically misguided research—and PCRM’s members played a big role by sending Harvard more than 30,000 e-mails last summer. With your help, we did it!


5 years ago

That is wonderful news! Thank you for sharing.

5 years ago

The use of Wild Animals in British Circus's to be illegal from 2015 - What Absolutely Fantastic News! I''m over the moon!Thanks Jan for A Great Start to the Weekend x

5 years ago

Thanks Monika and Anneke, signed.

Fantastic News
5 years ago

Brilliant news to start your weekend! After nearly two years of silence, the government has finally announced an end to the suffering of beautiful animals like tigers, lions and zebras in British circuses. [1]

From 2015, the use of wild animals in British circuses will finally be illegal. Hurrah!

5 years ago

                      After three years of non-stop opposition from around the world, late last week oil giant Woodside Petroleum scrapped its controversial and unpopular Browse Basin natural gas refinery at James Price Point near the town of Broome in Northwest Australia. California-based Chevron cut its ties to the project in late 2012.

The giant project would have destroyed Australian flatback sea turtles and nesting beaches, humpback whales and marine species that rely on the Kimberley coast for feeding, migration and breeding. 

This is an enormous win over Big Oil and complicit politicians who would sacrifice the wild and sacred Kimberley coast. When I return to the Kimberley, I'll walk the turtle beaches and watch whales without the awful looming of this ugly project.

5 years ago

Thanks for the good news. I Thanked the Senators. Thank You, Jan for all the wonderful stories. It's great to read that some animals will be safe.

5 years ago

Absolutely awesome news out of MA.  Thanks for the info.

5 years ago


Victory! Massachusetts Bans BSL, Overhauls Animal Protection Laws

Thank you for posting Kelly R

5 years ago

Senate Defends Wildlife

It happened in the blink of an eye. A Senator introduced a last-minute proposal to eliminate funding from the Global Environmental Facility, an organization that brings together world governments, nonprofits, and the private sector to address the world's biggest environmental challenges.

In the face of an ever-escalating poaching crisis, this proposal spelled disaster for threatened elephants, tigers, and countless other species. But WCS activists (that's you!) sprang into action, sending more than 20,000 letters to Senators urging them to defend threatened wildlife.

Congress heard you... the proposal was withdrawn even before it reached a vote! Now, take a moment to thank your senators for doing the right thing.

Send a quick note of thanks right now!

5 years ago

Noted. Thank you Jan.

5 years ago

thanks Jan.

5 years ago


With the help of Bob Barker and other   compassionate animal rights supporters, the   New Mexico legislature adjourned without voting on a proposed   "ag-gag" bill, effectively killing it for this year.

Sea Shepherd - Great Work
5 years ago
Sea Shepherd's Win Is Japan's Loss: Whalers Have Worst Season Ever



     Cal             -         1 day       ago    -       

Whale conservationists are applauding the dismal kill season, while the Japanese government is calling it 'sabotage.'
5 years ago

All noted and shared. Thank you Monika and Jan.

5 years ago

                      Two Victories For Geese In New York!

Scarsdale and Mamaroneck, two villages in New York, have abandoned their plans to kill Canada geese in their communities! You helped save these geese families, who otherwise would have greatly suffered. Your emails and letters – more than 1,000 – and your phone calls were heard. As a result, the geese are safe for now!

Hope Comes
5 years ago
Thanks to You... Final Curtains Close on India's Cruellest Dance



     Cher             -         1 day       ago    -       

Nearly 400 bears rescued from lives 'of dancing' are receiving special care and treatment in centres managed by Wildlife SOS, International Animal Rescue and Free the Bears, with the Indian government. Without your fantastic support these bears would not
5 years ago

Signed and shared

5 years ago

thanks for the wonderful news.

5 years ago

So many wonderful news!

5 years ago

Good news - anything that stops this wicked trade is a plus. Thamk you for posting Mike.

5 years ago

Some more good news about the dogs who have been rescued. I spoke to someone today at the Soi Dog Foundation offering to go to dog food companies and try to get food donations. Here was the responce:

Soi Dog Foundation

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Yes, we are working with a few in Bangkok - looks like Nestle may donate 30 tons (sounds like a lot but it is probably about a months worth for the dogs in the NE)

One of our people in Bangkok is in contact with the manufacturers in Thailand and I know of at least 2 that are making donations and/or supplying at reduced cost (Nestle and Perfect Companion)

5 years ago

A update on dog meat trade in Thailand. It is not over yet but more dogs saved and a factory closed is great news.

Breaking News! – Dog Meat Factory Raided…

A Dog Meat processing factory was raided at 3:30 this morning in the Ponepisai district of Nongkhai province. Acting on information supplied by undercover investigators Royal Thai Navy officers led by Sergeant Major Arun Dokchan conducted the raid.

2 pick up trucks have been seized and drivers arrested. 106 dogs have where rescued before being butchered and their meat frozen prior to shipment overseas. The dogs were removed from the pickup trucks as they were so packed in they would not survive much longer. A large truck was hired and paid for by Soi Dog to transport them to the holding shelter in Nakhon Phanom. 106 dogs were saved!

5 years ago

Thanks.  Good news for the animals.  Shared.

5 years ago

Marge Comes Home

After loss and abandonment, Marge finds a safe   haven.  


What a beautiful pig - like all of them are given half a chance.

5 years ago

Testing Cosmetics on Animals is Going Out of Style
Read more:


This is good news from Japan,

5 years ago

Both articles shared.

5 years ago

State of Nevada & Wild Horse Group Sign Agreement to Protect State's Mustangs

Posted on March 15, 2013 at 10:15 AM 

Animal Welfare Groups Herald New Agreement with State of Nevada to Protect State’s Mustangs

Carson City, NV (March 15, 2013). . . . Return to Freedom, the parent organization of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund, and community horse advocates praised the signing of a new cooperative agreement with the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) as a first step in establishing a humane approach to the control of the historic Virginia Range horses.

5 years ago

                      Circus Animals Get A Break In Slovenia

We have good news to report on the international circus front! Slovenia recently banned the use of wild animals in circuses, making it the fourth European Union nation to impose such a ban.

5 years ago

Noted and signed current Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with This Thread :-0  13/3

5 years ago

Good news and good article. Shared.

5 years ago
Five Shark Species Win Protection Against Finning Trade



     Cher             -         3 days       ago    -       

Cites summit votes for strictly controlled permits to export fins of oceanic whitetip, porbeagle and three species of hammerhead
5 years ago

Shell Oil Cancels 2013 Arctic Drilling Plans
                       Shell has announced that it will not conduct offshore drilling operations in the Alaska Arctic this year. This is a victory for millions who called, wrote letters and signed petitions pointing out the extreme risk of a major oil spill, and the scientific data that showed neither Shell nor the government was prepared to respond adequately to such a catastrophe. Read more.

5 years ago

Paper Giant Agrees To Stop Destroying Rainforest
                       Asia Pulp & Paper Company (APP), the third largest paper producer in the world, has agreed on a new policy that will stop the company's destruction of natural forests in Indonesia. The company finally caved after incredible public pressure from activists including Care2 members. Read more.

5 years ago

Happy to read about victories for the animals,thanks a lot for these great news!

5 years ago


     Cal             -         5 hours       ago    -       

Several freshwater turtle and tortoise species are to be afforded greater protection as a result of successful conservation talks at the CITES meeting in Bangkok, Thailand
5 years ago


5 years ago


I just read this - makes a change to see a positive about wolves.

5 years ago

 Thanks to your calls and e-mails and those of thousands of others like you, China Eastern Airlines and its cargo subsidiary, China Cargo Airlines, have confirmed to PETA that they have banned shipping primates to laboratories!

This milestone victory means that there isn't a single airline willing to export monkeys from China for use in experiments! This means that thousands of monkeys from China—which, until now, has supplied more than half the primates imported for experiments in the U.S.—may not be poisoned, cut up, addicted to drugs, and killed in U.S. laboratories.

PETA will continue to put pressure on the few remaining airlines worldwide that continue to ship primates to certain suffering and death in labs to follow China Eastern's lead and stop. Only Air France, Vietnam Airlines, and Philippine Airlines continue this bloody practice. Lend your voice to the campaign to end the shipping of primates here!

Let us hope this is really going to happen.

5 years ago

I haven't checked this out for a few days. Lovely to read a nice big dose of good news. Thank you.

5 years ago

Great White Sharks Off California Gain More Protection on Friday
Animals  (tags: Great White Sharks, Finally get protection, suffering, killing, killed, GoodNews, endangered, environment, conservation, habitat, animalrights, AnimalWelfare, animalcruelty, death, humans, extinction, protection, investigation, animalwelfare, abuse, wildli )
Chris- 8 hours ago -

Great white sharks off the coast of California gained new protection on Friday as regulations took effect designating them candidates for listing under the state's Endangered Species Act. gill-net fishermen will be required to obtain special state permits
5 years ago

Puppy Mill Bill Cracks Down on Online Dog Sales
Animals  (tags: puppy mills, goodnews, legislation, federal oversight )
Giana- 13 hours ago -

Great news! This week members of Congress reintroduced legislation to establish greater federal oversight of puppy mills and online dog sales.
5 years ago

Nitro's Law Reintroduced as Ohio House Bill 90
Animals  (tags: GoodNews, Nitro's Law, AnimalWelfare, law, protection )
Ginger- 1 hour ago -

Nitro Foundation announced today that Nitro's Law (H.B.90) has been reintroduced to the Ohio House for 2013. Nitro Foundation and animal advocates have been trying to get Nitro's Law through the Ohio legislative process for four years.
5 years ago

Animal Testing Of Cosmetics Officially Banned In European Union | Huffingtonpost Post
Animals  (tags: animal testing, vivisection, cruelty to animals, EU-wide ban, ECEAE, Commissioner Borg, March 2013, victory for animals, more compassionate living )
Sylvie- 1 minute ago -

The long-awaited ban on the use of animals in cosmetics testing in all member states of the EU comes into force in March 11, 2013. All personal products should B cruelty-free while they will B tested 4 safety using alternative, non-animal testing methods.
5 years ago

France: Elephants Baby and Nepal won't be euthanized !!


Victory for Brigitte Bardot as elephants are reprieved

. France has granted a reprieve for two zoo elephants who had been ordered
put down because of their suspected infection with tuberculosis, to the
delight of Brigitte Bardot and other animal rights ...

5 years ago

Times Colonist, Feb. 27, 2013

Sydney, N.S. - A group of Cape Breton seal hunters say they've decided to call
off the annual slaughter on Hay Island.

Spokesman Robert Courtney says the hunt has been suspended because there is no
market for the pelts.

The annual hunt for grey seals usually takes in a few hundred seals every spring.

more at:

5 years ago

Thank you for each and every piece of good news you post.

5 years ago

Thank you Sandi and Snoopy! 




Emergency Tiger Rescue - UPDATE -Good News!
Animals  (tags: Tiger rescue, tigers, Arkansas, sanctuary, endangered, IFAW )
Angelika- 5 hours ago -

I'm thrilled to tell you that, with your help, we raised our goal of $40,000 to help move 9 tigers and one cougar from a failing sanctuary to the spacious and safe Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. IFAW rescuer Kelly Donithan has the details in this vid
5 years ago

Noted and signed current Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved :-0 23/2

5 years ago
VICTORY! Tulane University Stops Killing Pigs for Trauma Training
Animals  (tags: goodnews, AnimalWelfare, animaladvocates, animalrights, animals, ethics, protection )
Desanka- 6 hours ago -
Tulane University in New Orleans has informed PCRM that it has replaced the use of pigs with the TraumaMan simulator. Thank Tulane and ask to continue using modern, humane training. TAKE ACTION!
5 years ago

 photo 92914.gifThanks Monika.

5 years ago

Thank you Monika.

5 years ago

Indonesia Announces Shark, Manta Ray Sanctuary
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, conservation, endangered, GoodNews, protection )
Anna- 1 hour ago -

Indonesia has announced a new shark and manta ray sanctuary, the first to protect the species in the rich marine ecosystem of the Coral Triangle, known as the "Amazon of the ocean".
5 years ago

Great White Shark Proposed for Endangered Listing in California
Animals  (tags: AnimalWelfare, animalwelfare, endangered, environment, ethics, extinction, GoodNews, goodnews, habitat, protection, wildanimals, wildlife )
J.L.- 11 hours ago -
The California Fish and Game Commission voted on Wednesday to recommend protection of the great white shark, the world's largest predatory fish, in waters along the Pacific Coast, under the state's endangered species law

5 years ago

This is great news. Thank you!!!!

5 years ago

SWEDEN : It Is Now Certain That There Will Be No More Wolf Killing in Sweden This Year! YAY Yipee!!
Animals  (tags: Sweden, Wolves, Finally GOOD NEWS!, ethics, cruelty, animals, slaughter, GoodNews, death, animalrights, endangered, humans, protection )
Roxy- 8 hours ago -

Court ruling ends Sweden's wolf hunt... The Supreme Administrative Court (Högsta förvaltningsdomstolen) decided not review a previous decision by the Administrative Court of Appeal (Kammarrätten) that had temporarily halted this season's wolf hunt.
5 years ago

Senate Introduces Bill to Prevent Extinction of Endangered Wildlife Stamp - Hartford Pets | Examiner.Com
Animals  (tags: endangered wildlife stamp, endangered, animals, animaladvocates, animalrights, protection, wildlife, wildanimals, GoodNews )
Dianne Ly- 6 hours ago -

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WC applauded Thursday's Senate introduction of legislation that would renew the The Wildlife Conservation Society (WC applauded Thursday's Senate introduction of legislation that would renew the Save Vanishing Speci
5 years ago

This has made my night - thank you for this posting Monika.

5 years ago

Wolf Hunt Sweden:  suspended!!!! 

5 years ago

Great to see these important pieces of good news posted here. Thank you Monika and Cher.

5 years ago

Transportation minister poised to ban horse-drawn carriages from urban roads -


Sometime in the next few days, Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz is expected to sign new regulations barring any vehicle drawn by an ...

5 years ago

Great News!!!!! 2013 Off to a Great Start as Taiwan Bans Seal Products!!!!!
Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, environment, protection, wildanimals, wildlife )
Cher- 47 minutes ago -

Some great news to start off 2013, as Taiwan passed legislation this week to close its markets to marine mammal products, including seal meat, oil, and fur from Canada's commercial seal hunt.
5 years ago

I read the entire article to find out what is happening to the bears and this is what worries me.

To quote:-

The bears will likely remain with their owners for the time being.

“[The bear park owner] would still need to provide humane care and treatment for those bears,” USDA spokesman Dave Sacks told the Citizen-Times of Asheville, N.C. “In order to get his license reinstated, he would have to prove that to the USDA. It’s not like we’re taking over the care of the bears. They are still his property, legally, so that’s still up to the individual to care for them.”

Why have they not confiscated the bears like they did with Caboodle's cats? They talk of a reputable bear sanctuary so take the bears there then. What is the problem? The bears' living conditions are atrocious so...............................?????????

I am not being a kill-joy but closing a place down is not enough if you then leave the animals in the same place.

5 years ago



Wildlife Accomplishments
  • HSI helped advance shark fin legislation in Maryland and saw bans implemented in California, Oregon and Illinois, along with several locations in Canada.
  • HSI welcomed the release of "Death at SeaWorld," a detailed analysis of oceanaria practices that features HSI’s Dr. Naomi Rose.
  • Received a grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct immunocontraception of elephant populations in Kwa Zulu Natal province, South Africa.
  • Helped convince Amazon Japan to include whale and dolphin products among the prohibited items on their Japan site and Amazon US to add products containing shark, whale or dolphin to their prohibited list.
  • Helped close a dolphin exhibit in Minnesota and prevent the opening of a dolphinarium in Sindhudurg, India.
  • We obtained support for CITES proposals to improve protection for polar bears, sharks and other animals.
  • With guidance and support from HSI, Teocelo, Mexico, led the ban on bullfighting as the first city to prohibit all forms of bull fiestas in the country.

5 years ago

HSI: 2012 Accomplishments


Animals in laboratories Accomplishments

  • HSI achieved the largest-ever reduction in animal test requirements through our work to revise Europe’s pesticide regulations, earning us the inaugural LUSH Prize for campaigning.
  • HSI helped convince Air Canada to revise its cargo policy to refuse shipments of non-human primates destined for lab experiments.
  • HSI was instrumental in preserving Europe’s 2013 ban on selling animal-tested cosmetics.
  • HSI and The HSUS launched Be Cruelty-Free—a global campaign to end cosmetics testing on animals once and for all.

Farm animals Accomplishments

  • The Animal Welfare Board of India stated that battery cage confinement violates India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act; eight states and one independent territory subsequently support this interpretation.
  • HSI helped stop the construction of a massive foie gras production facility in China.
  • More than a dozen retailers in Brazil, Costa Rica, and India adopted cage-free procurement policies.
  • We convinced 15 environmental groups in Brazil to launch Meatless Monday campaigns.

Companion animals Accomplishments

  • In Haiti, we treated 5,651 animals at field clinics and around 1,000 animals at our Haiti Animal Welfare Clinic.
  • Provided disaster response in Haiti after Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Sandy.
  • HSI helped launch a humane animal control program in Weixian County, China. Also provided support for a Weixian county animal protection regulation banning the dog meat trade and the publication of animal abuse images in the media. This is the first ban of dog meat in China.
  • In Bhutan, we sterilized and vaccinated over 10,000 street dogs (more than 42,000 since the start of the project).
  • Through intervention by HSI and local group Obhoyaronno, the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh agreed to stop poisoning companion animals and to designate funds towards spay/neuter. Similar agreements were reached in the municipality of Viacha in Bolivia and in Lilongwe City in Malawi.
  • In the Philippines, veterinarians who completed HSI’s training program launch humane dog management programs on six islands.
  • Continued support for Fukushima Shelter No. 2, founded in the wake of the 2011 Japan earthquake/tsunami.

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5 years ago
Chief Saunooke Bear Park Shut Down, Fined For Animal Cruelty Following PETA Campaign

5 years ago

Noted current Victories Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with This Thread :-0 31/1

5 years ago


5 years ago

If they have the bottle to do it I will be delighted.

5 years ago
5 years ago

Thanks for all the good news, especially animal laws.

5 years ago

Yayyyyy!!! Victory on New Animal Laws Monika 26/1

5 years ago

thank youThanks to everyone here!

5 years ago

Noted current Victories Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with this Thread :-0 25/1

5 years ago

Victory for Animals!
Animals  (tags: animalwelfare, animalrights, GoodNews, rescued, law, protection )
Marlene- 5 hours ago -

Animal cruelty bill introduced

The members of South Dakotans Fighting Animal Cruelty Together have landed their first victory in the war against cruelty to companion animals across the state.

A bill establishing aggravated cruelty to dogs, cats and horses as a crime and also provides for certain criminal and penalties was introduced to legislators in the Senate Wednesday. From there, Senate Bill 171 was referred to the agriculture and natural resources committee. Shari Kosel, who represents the animal cruelty task force, said a hearing will be held at that time; however, the date has not yet been determined. 

Sen. Stan Adelstein, R-Rapid City and Sen. Dan Lederman are the prime sponsors of the bill in the Senate and Rep. Anne Hajek, R-Sioux Falls and Rep. Paula Hawks, D-Hartford.

South Dakotans Fighting Animal Cruelty Together, which has an extensive presence on Facebook, put forth the effort to introduce felony animal cruelty legislation in 2009, but were &ldquoromptly shut down” in committee.




5 years ago



New York, NY - The jaguars of Guyana gained significant ground yesterday with the establishment of the country's first official jaguar-focused agreement by the government of Guyana and wild cat conservation organization, Panthera.

Gathering in Georgetown, Guyana's Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, the Honorable Robert M. Persaud, presided over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Ministry's Permanent Secretary, Mr. Joslyn McKenzie, and Panthera's CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. Serving as Panthera's fifth jaguar conservation agreement with a Latin American government, this MOU marks an official commitment by both parties to collaboratively undertake research and conservation initiatives that ensure the protection of Guyana's national animal, jaguar conservation education among its people, and mitigation of human-jaguar conflicts in the country.
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5 years ago
Taiwan  - A ban on the trade in marine mammals

After two years of campaigning, the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST) has achieved a major victory: a ban on the trade in marine mammals and related products! The ban was accepted unanimously by the Taiwanese legislative Yuan, and hopefully other Asian countries will follow this great example.

http://www.taipeiti taiwan/archives/ 2013/01/09/ 2003552112

5 years ago

They should retire all of them like jan says.

Thank you for posting
5 years ago

Thanks for posting the news article here.... While it may not be a full victory there is a victory for those who have been released and that's good news.... Make no mistake folks will continue efforts to get the others set free as well.....

5 years ago

Yes Monika - they have put all these chimps through hell. It is time for them to make recompense.

5 years ago

Jan you are right, this is NOT a victory . They should retire ALL of them !!!!!!

5 years ago

There should be no question of keeping any for research. These chimps should never have been used in the first place and it is about time these scientists had an introduction to the 21st century.

5 years ago

U.S. Scientists Will Retire Most Research Chimps
Animals  (tags: animalrights, animals, animalcruelty, protection, wildanimals, cruelty, AnimalWelfare )
Carlene- 6 hours ago -

Government scientists have agreed that all but 50 of hundreds of chimpanzees kept for federally funded research should be retired from labs and sent to a national sanctuary.
5 years ago

Great news

5 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Barbara because you have done so within the last week.

5 years ago

Thnx for the Great News about Salazar LEAVING !!! The Other Victories are also Wonderful, Signed the petition ( India Will Ban Captive Dolphin Shows ) Monika :-0 Thank-You Everyone Involved with This Thread :-0 19/1

5 years ago

Good news

5 years ago

INDIA Will Ban Captive Dolphin Shows

Capture and transport is inarguably stressful and dangerous for cetaceans, say officials in India.

On Monday, January 14, the Animal Welfare Board of India issued a directive to state governments and fish and game officials ordering them to refuse permission to any person or group, “that proposes to import or capture any cetacean [whale or dolphin] species for training, to use as a performing animal for commercial entertainment, private or public exhibition, private or human interaction, educational or research purposes.”

5 years ago

Agree - nice to read about.

5 years ago

I believe in miracles and every day I thank God for putting humans like us on earth to protect His precious animals. What an amazing way to start the day.

5 years ago
Good News for Wolf Recovery in Oregon!

Animals  (tags: GoodNews, wildanimals, wildlife, wolves )
Nicole- 3 hours ago -

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) announced the state's wolf population has risen to at least 53 animals and as many as five breeding pairs. Please read the press release from Oregon Wild.

5 years ago

More wonderful news to share !!


Eviction of Animals Asias Rescued Bears in Vietnam Stopped!


Animals  (tags: bears, eviction, animalsasia, wildlife, wildanimals, GoodNews, goodnews, protection )
Florence- 23 minutes ago -
Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, where 104 bears rescued from bear bile farms have finally found sanctuary, faced eviction by the Ministry of Defence because the land that the centre is on, am Dao National Park, was declared to be of "national defence signific

5 years ago

Amazing piece of news!

5 years ago

Yes Monika and Anneke ,  there could not be a better start.

Amazing !!!!!    What a great news !!!!!!

What did I hated all the time that there was a petition where we had to beg this piece of scum for a favor , knowing that he would not even read it.

Teaparty , for the most normal thinking people in the world the most stupid party America ever had , and for me , us , the synonym of hunting and animal cruelty.

Goodbye Salazar , you are the most hated person on this moment,  I think , by animal lovers.


How is it possible that 1 men can destroy so much animals. ( In a democracy.)

It's time for an Animal Cruelty Tribunal !!!!!!

5 years ago

What great news to start this topic !!!!


Salazar is leaving!!! Some good news!

From Robert Goldman: Hi there all wolf and wildlife lovers,


Colorado rancher Ken Salazar, one of the worst Secretary of Interior appointments in modern history, directly responsible for the death of thousands of innocent wolves and wild horses and countless other of America's precious native wild beings, is leaving his position in March!!!!

Everyone who lobbied for Salazar's departure from this sacred position as the United States chief wildlife and wild lands official helped push this awful, brutal cattle rancher out of a position he should never ever have held for even a minute.

Salazar was the very worst of Pres. Obama's cabinet appointments. Shame on Pres. Obama for making such a destructive and terrible choice. It's our turn now... and more importantly the wolves and wild horses and coyotes and grizzly bears and bison and prairie dogs and... all of the continent's native wildlife!!!

Now, we must make sure that the right person is appointed to this hugely important position! Those of you who have signed the Protect America's Wolves! petition have already received two Action EMails asking you to call and email the White House demanding the firing of Salazar and the hiring of US Rep Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Rep Grijalva is the choice of hundreds of conservation and wildlife groups, Native American and Hispanic and Women's organizations and an impressive number of other groups devoted to animal welfare, recreation, ethics, business and labor.

We are going to lobby hard for the appointment of US Rep Raul Grijalva as the next US Secretary of Interior!! Look for more Action EMails relating to this vital action shortly.

If you can't wait another minute, here are two ways you can reach the White House right now:

1. Call the White House comment line at: 1-202-456-1111

2. Submit your comments through the White House comment line at:

We must also communicate our choice loud and clear to each of our Congressional Representatives and Senators, so that Pres. Obama hears our collective voice... and listens and honors our choice this time!!!

Salazar's departure is great news. But we must make sure that a good and decent person who stands with the restoration and protection America's native wildlife, including America's vital and beautiful wolves, and our precious wild lands, is the next Secretary of Interior!!!

Thank you for continuing to defend and fight for America's ecologically vital and beautiful wolves and all our native wild neighbors that deserve freedom and life as much as we do.

Robert Goldman

Protect America's Wolves!

VICTORIES for the Animals (2) **2013**
5 years ago
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To read more Victories plaese click the old topic

VICTORIES for the Animals

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