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I Love Frogs
7 years ago
| Vinnie

Well, I didn't realize there were already frog groups when I started this project two hours ago. I've been wanting to start a Frog Group for months. I beleive they are Important to our exsitance as their skin is porous like us humans and if they're in trouble so are we. Thanks

Thanks for the invitation.
7 years ago

Ok, now I'm in. Thanks for invitation. I am new to this as well.

Thanks, Vinnie. It's a pleasure to join!!!!!
7 years ago

I will be learning about "frogs".

7 years ago

Hallo dear Vincenza! Thank you for inviting me! I'm happy to be here!

Hallo everyone, hope to get to know better all of you!

I LOVE frogs too, they so important for our planet.

Have a nice week end!

7 years ago

Hi Vinnie and other members here
Thanks for inviting me, Vinnie! I think this group has great potential - frogs are such delightful creatures, and there are many examples in art, music and literature, as well as the information that can be gathered.
Cheers, and Croaks,


"We cannot solve the problems that we have created with the same thinking that created them."
 - Albert Einstein, physicist


7 years ago

Thanks Vinnie for the invite and I will try to make it here often to contribute whatever I can!

7 years ago

Hi Vinnie, I don't know if I'm invited into this group, but since I got an email I'm assuming I am.  Anyway, hi everyone!  I see friends in here....hi Fulvia, hi Jenny.  Good to see you in here.  Here's my first contribution -


Male Dart Frog

7 years ago

Hey, Nancy....didn't see you there.  Hope you're doing well.

I love Frogs .....
7 years ago

Actually with the exception of Man - I love just about everything.

My only hope is that on our road to self destruction, we don't actually take the rest of this Beautiful planet with us .... We do not have long left to learn, that the planet and all the other life on it, is not ours to do with as we wish, the resources of the planet are not ours alone & most of all as a wise man once said - "Every time we win a battle with nature; We ACTUALLY LOSE !!"

7 years ago

thanks for sharing this

6 years ago

6 years ago

Iain please !!!

6 years ago

Lo sentimos Tania, no significa que te haya molestado mi amigo!
6 years ago

Iain, I don't speak Spanish, but was that something about molesting your friend Tania?? Hmmm. You are a naughty boy!!

6 years ago

LOL Wendy, Iain doesn't want to molest Tanya. He said: "I'm sorry Tanya, I didn't mean to upset you my friend."

You took the word "molestado" literally! 

6 years ago

Thanx, Lynn I guess I'm the only one here that doesn't speak Spanish. Good gods, even the Scottish speak it!! Arrrrgh!!!!!!

6 years ago

Wendy, my daughter-in-law is from Colombia and although I took Spanish in school, her mother helps me re-learn what I forgot. I don't know how Iain knows it, though. lol

6 years ago

BTW, Wendy - thanks for the green star. It matches my green froggie body. Woo hoo!

English or Spanish
6 years ago

Wendy, I suspect Iain probably took it in high school too.  I'm Native American and Mex on my Father's side. Comanches also speak a form of Spanish. However in High School I FAILED Spanish, as did all the Puerto Ricans and Mexicans. These books were  real spanish none of us spoke..It's that Castelliano accent'  that got us. All the White kids Passed but they had never heard it before. We were allowed to take the Test over again and this time I passed. Even my Mother said,. "Who can read this crap?". And she never swore. LOL. Buenas noches mis amigos. Dottie manda bessitos. O.k. Wendy Brush up or Lynn DA Teacha will help you, I'm sure. Verdad? Lynn y Iain y Tania well you're from Argentina. I actually under stand my friend Kim's Brazillian Indian Spanish easier than Martina from Espania. Goodnight. this was fun.

6 years ago






6 years ago

Hey buddies!So great comments!

Wendy...Lynn is right...the verb molestar doen't cover the same sem field than to molest(Thanks God! );to bother or to annoy would be more accurate...

And Iain...hey was a joke,u never bothered me,silly one...

Vinny,i love so much to read for the first time someone calling my mother language as castellano...That's its real name!Spanish is a generic name,but there are many spanish dialects besides the castellano(catalán,gallego,vasco...)

People you never stop surprising me...!In an awesome way!

6 years ago

Lynn,a serious question for you:how did you take it when your son told you her sweetie was a latinamerican?My fiancee is american and i'm supposed to meet my folks-in-law next year...i'm terryfied...

note:so terryfied that i wrote anything and had to edit the post...

This post was modified from its original form on 14 Sep, 5:55
6 years ago

I hope they're nice people.
They'll be a big part of your life.

6 years ago

Thanks love!I'm sure they are,but i'm still terryfied to ruin evrything...

6 years ago

frog parking

6 years ago

Tanya, I believed in my son and when he told me that he had met a wonderful girl and he wanted me to meet her, I was very eager to meet her. When she came in to my home I could tell that she was nervous so I opened my arms and hugged her. She's a beautiful person inside and out and she and her family have taken ME in to their family as if I was their own. Alicia's sister was married to an American (he passed away years ago and she never remarried. She says no one can replace her Bill.)

I hope your fiance's family is as opened minded as we are. Not only is there a cultural and language difference, although they all speak English, there is a religious difference too, but if your child is truly in love and knows that "this is it" for them, you have to support them. I think you're fiance's family would be lucky to have you in their family. You are intelligent, have a terrific sense of humor and would be an asset to them, I'm sure. Please don't be nervous. Believe it or not, we Americans don't bite! lol  By the way, where is your fiance from?

6 years ago

Jenny sweet, that is a truly funny sign!!  


6 years ago

Lynn,i'm probably too emotional these days,but your intense,beautiful words made a deep effect on me.I wish they're a 10per cent as open minded and loving as you are.My Greg is originally from Ohio(his parents currently live there),bred(horrible word,remind me of the cattle)in a small town in Indiana,and now he's living just outside Las Vegas.I'm sure you americans don't bite...only bark sometimes

6 years ago

Jenny, Love the sign. As Lynn & I are the only toads here, we'll have plenty of space to ourselves. Yes, I must learn some Spanish or some type of derivative of it. Tania, who wouldn't like you? We all do! Sorry about that Iain. I knew you didn't molest Tania, but I just couldn't figure out what else it meant. You're such a good & adorable little froggy now. I'm so jealous of your eyelashes. Buenos Nachos senors, senoras & senoritas. In high school I was a butt head & took Latin of all things! I failed it. I can speak many languages. At least a few words anyway. Adios amigos !!

6 years ago

 Buenos Nachos I love you Wendy

I took Latin too!Jee...i can remember my poor 13-years-old gal brains blasting out on an endeavour to understand romans vision of the world...

6 years ago

Silly Wendy....Buenos Nachos. I had a boyfriend when I was young who, whenever I said "Hasta manana", would say "A tasty banana to you, too".


Why on earth would anyone want to study the hardest language to learn? Latin? Wow!!  No wonder you failed, Wendy. I think I would have, also. Tanya, I'm sure you did well with it. Knowing the Spanish language must have given you an edge.

Goodnight, little froggies and froglets. See you tomorrow. xx

6 years ago

Hey Tania buddie!!!!!!  dae ye want me tae hae a wee wurd wi Greg and his folks. Al tell them whit an Angel ye are!!

Love the sign Jenny, and Wendy....a ken ye were only joshin aboot that wurd

A see yu huv posted wan of ma favourite cartoon characters Lynn...... "Tom and Jerry"....Could watch them tae the coo's come hame

how about
6 years ago

personally took high school spanish, didn't use it till I lived in puerto rico for six winters.
now, I know a lot of mexicans, and I try to stay with it.
If you don't use a language, even if you're fluent, you forget it.

was in puerto rico when I was accused of having a pet mouse named jerry, that got into a fight with a cat named tom. and the owner was gonna sue me because jerry was experiencing ptsd
and loss of consortium with girlfriend,kitty.


6 years ago

Jee,Siouxz...i thought my life was weird... 

Iain:thank you very very much,but i guess i wont need your help...

Hey,Lynn!A tasty banana for u too!Have u ever consider the double entendre?I guess that boy wasn't right for u...

6 years ago

Siouxz, I'm taking your word for it that the cat and mouse story is true and Tanya's right. That's the weirdest story about animals that I've ever heard. The mouse had PTSD??  OMG!!

Tanya, I was a very innocent 16 when I had that boyfriend and no, at the time the innuendo went right over my head. (Pun intended!)  Thinking back on it, the kid was pretty innocent himself, so I don't even know if he knew the significance of the double entendre involved.  Ah, the innocence of youth in my day. By the way, I may be a DOL, buy you're a DYL!!


6 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Lynn because you have done so within the last week.


6 years ago






don't you love
6 years ago

the new internet language,tl;dr...lullz....pown...
it seems that all these words came from typos and laziness.
The urban dictionary is my most used
ttly yar bro!!!!!!
and plus,some are really old nautical terms ,like yar
a really old nautical term, was a liveaboard for a long time ,never heard it before.
"that's a really yar vessel"
bloggers just say it to signify,coolness
reminds me of the film quadrephenia

6 years ago

Great comment Siouxz,really...Maybe sometimes i look like being so cool,but it due to my strange english

Iain,i love u ma naughty-scathologic-so crazy friend...

6 years ago

Hey Jenny!Thank u for d lovely pups!

6 years ago

6 years ago

thanks for the info

Three Frogs That are New to Me :-)
6 years ago

Nyctimistes dayi - Australian Lacelid
Australian Lacelid  (Nyctimistes dayi)

Tusked Frog (Adelotus brevis), Conondale Range, Australia

Notaden bennetti, Australia

6 years ago

Notaden bennetti, Australia... looks as if it's ready tae blow up Lynn


Aye, their new tae me annaw buddie, thanks fur sharing!

farbrege( the last frog)
6 years ago

frogs/eggs( notaden bennetti)

except ,for that little leg.

They are  so cololrful,you would think they could be bejeweled.

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Here's another one! Darwin's Frog
6 years ago

Darwin's frog, side profile 

Description – Darwin’s frog

Discovered by Charles Darwin in the thick, gloomy forests of southern-central Chile, Darwin’s frog (Rhinoderma darwinii) possesses a distinctive appearance and an unusual biology (2) (3). The head of this species has a triangular appearance due to the presence of a pronounced, fleshy proboscis that projects from the tip of the snout. The colouration of the warty upperparts is variable, with individuals exhibiting various shades of brown, green or a mixture of the two. By contrast the underparts are invariably black and white with large blotches (2). The male Darwin’s frog possesses a large vocal sac, extending from beneath the throat, over the belly, to the groin. Rather than enabling the male to produce a booming call, this sac has an unusual role in brooding offspring, and the call is, in fact, small and bell-like (4).

Scabby Little Sucker, isn't he?
6 years ago

Male Pristimantis eriphus 
Pristimantis  (Pristimantis eriphus)

6 years ago


Belize is a wonderful little country located east of Guatemala and nestled beneath the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. In January 2012, SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey traveled to Belize for 12 days to spread the message of amphibian conservation and to promote appreciation of wildlife and nature through education. Michael, who has given 33 SAVE THE FROGS! presentations in the past year, met with Belizean biologists, gave presentations about amphibian ecology and conservation, distributed educational materials and surveyed and photographed frog populations.

Read more about our efforts in Belize.

save the frogs belize
SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Chairman Michael Starkey with the staff of the Belize Zoo

"A big thank you to Michael Starkey of the Save The Frogs initiative, for a fantastic presentation to the Belize Zoo staff! With 200 amphibians gone extinct since 1979, and over 2000 more threatened to disappear this century, there is a great need to help save those long legged leapers. From being excellent pest control, to vital food sources for many carnivores (including humans!), frogs are definitely worth saving." -- The Belize Zoo

leptodactylus fragilis
Leptodactylus fragilis -- Foam Frog. This is a common and beautiful species!


Help SAVE THE FROGS! return to Belize in July 2012

6 years ago

on the cutting edge again?

fast lady.I just got that Belize article in my email today!

on the trigger,wow

I loved reading all our old posts,when we all first met.Fateful.

6 years ago

Thanks, Siouxz! I do try to keep up. lol

I remember all the posts when we all first met. We've had loads of fun since then. Such a great group of people!!

I agree Siouxz & Lynn.
6 years ago

   Yes, it was great to read all the fun we had and still do as Fruddie Buddies. Has it been a year ? Time flies when you're having fun. But, I couldn't have done it without all of you, Iain, Wendy.      I love all you guys. Huggles from me and Dottie.  xoxoxo

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

not sure where to post this..
6 years ago

It's about frogs..and dogs... 

didn't know you could get a frog without being a tadpole first!!
5 years ago

This is a yellow dyer rain frog, type specimen. (Credit: Andreas Hertz / Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License)

ScienceDaily (May 22, 2012) — A new bright yellow frog species has been found in the mountains of western Panama. The frog belongs to a species-rich group of frogs, the so called rainfrogs that lack a tadpole stage, but develop directly as little frogs inside the egg.

The frog, that measures less than 2 cm, was discovered by Andreas Hertz and his colleagues, who are reptile and amphibian specialists at the Senckenberg Research Institute in Frankfurt am Main; Germany. They discovered it in 2010 during several field trips to the Serranía de Tabasará of western Panama a highly understudied part of the Panamanian central mountain range.

"Although we recognized that the male mating call of this species differs from all what we had heard before and therefore suspected it to be new, much effort was involved to finally spot it in the dense vegetation," said Hertz. "When we finally caught the first individuals by hand, we noticed that it dyes one's fingers yellow when it is handled. The scientific name (Diasporus citrinobapheus) of this new frog refers to this characteristic and means yellow dyer rainfrog."

To assure the validity of the frog as a new species, the biologists studied body structure, coloration, molecular genetic data, and vocalizations of a series of individuals, and compared the results with the data derived from closely related species.


For more links,... 

5 years ago







I got a card from
5 years ago

tanya saying; I'M BACK.




FRUDDY HUGS, FROM ME AND WILDFYRE ( he's been so unpredictable lately)


5 years ago

 couldnae find Tania


Hope wildfyre is behaving Siouxz, and Vinnie, hope you and auld Dottie are safe fi aw that fierce weather over there!


Hope awe other fruddie buddies and furry babies are safe and well to


 Huggle, Snuggle...





5 years ago

I got a message from Tania too Siouxz. And I checked my friend list and she is there. I couldn't Login all day yesterday, more Care2, problems I guess, and trouble Posting Petitions. Iain we will have quiet weather for a week now they say. You may have to send Tania a Friend Request again. Try that Iain. Huggles Fruddy-Buddys from me & Dottie to all of yous guys and all fur-babys. xoxoxoxo

5 years ago

So sorry tae hear of yer sad news Vinnie. Am sure awe fruddy buddy's are here fur ye, sending hugs and prayers your way! 


ma son just called me! am a grampa fruddy for the 4th time. His name is Conor, so that is 4 grandsons now!



5 years ago

you're swamp must be filling up nicely,,,,,,,,,,lol

granpa shrek,has a nice ring to it.

5 years ago

Grampa Shrek! guid yin Siouxz. Ma swamp is doing great pal. Anither tadpole keeps us on oor hind legs!


This is guid news aboot some nice froggies.....


Hey Vinnie, hope you and wildfyre are ok! Thinking of ye fruddie buddy

just heard from
5 years ago

Vinnie,spirit returning

love to you, Iain,grampa Shrek,lol , ma fruddy,buddy. Licks from wildfyre and I'm happy to say Vinnie will be alright,hugs from her and Dottie ,too.

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This post was modified from its original form on 03 Aug, 12:43
I'm back
5 years ago

Question is "did you miss me?"


of course
5 years ago

we did.Poor Iain having to be the Main Man, lol
glad to see you getting active again.
Fruddy hugs from me and fyre.

Care2 lock out ...
5 years ago

I have not been absent by choice, I have been unable until today, to get into care2 .... Thx to Eric @ c2 support & c2's Facebook page, we managed at last to get it surted out.

As you may imagine I have alot to catch up on, so please be patient with me for a little while.


Blessings to one and all


5 years ago

Congrats Iain!

5 years ago


5 years ago

HOPPING with joy,  check it out

5 years ago

Signed Kelly, thanks!

5 years ago

Noted, tweeted, shared, tweeted. Far better to save and protect a species let alone three than to endanger them.

BP Whines About Paying Gulf Oil Spill Claims 6/15
4 years ago

I did not know where else to put this without starting a new thread.

Wildlife Center Rescues a Turtle Covered in Graffiti 6/16
4 years ago
4 years ago

Noted, tweeted, and shared. I hope you noticed that BP doesn't whine about receiving the huge subsidy from USA taxpayers.

4 years ago

Signed BP whines about paying, noted poor turtle covered in Graffiti. Thanks Kelly!

climate-change-could-endanger-more-animals-than-we-thought 6/17
4 years ago
Tiny Frog Swallows Sound 9/06
4 years ago
4 years ago

Quite interesting!

4 years ago

Protect California's Mountain Frogs And Toads

4 years ago

Signed June, thanks!

4 years ago

Tweeted, shared, and signed. Thanks for posting.

Tell Microsoft: Dissection is Cruel, not Cool 10/11
4 years ago

Sorry, I was not able to find a thread for petitions.

Tell Microsoft: Dissection is Cruel, not Cool

4 years ago

Signed, tweeted, and shared. Thanks, Kelly.

4 years ago


with 6,535 supporters
           965 NEEDED  
4 years ago

Signed - Wow, you'd think Microsoft would be up to date with all the technological advances available that can replace live dissection!  "It's not easy being green"! 

    We should have a thread for petitions, don't ya think?

Giant salamanders in Japan NEED URGENT HELP 7/06
3 years ago

Sorry , I was not able to find a thread for this and I thought you guys might want to know what is going on so a possible petition could be made.

Giant salamanders, some growing up to 5-feet in length, face a barrier of dams in Japan, built to control flooding. Now it's hoped a new system will help these giant amphibians get upstream past the dams to lay their eggs.

3 years ago

3 years ago

3 years ago

Great picture Gabee.

Idk if this works, gr8 t shirts
3 years ago

3 years ago

Great T Shirt Tasunka.

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