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Take Action-Protect Grand Canyon National Park from Uranium Mining
7 years ago
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New uranium mining near Grand Canyon National Park has the potential to contaminate the Colorado River, which flows through the park; damage sacred sites of multiple Native American tribes; fragment and harm wildlife; and spoil the integrity of landscapes adjacent to one of America's most iconic places. Due to these concerns, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar imposed a moratorium in 2009 on approximately 1 million acres so land managers could prepare an environmental review that includes a variety of management options. Learn more.

Your voice in support of Alternative B--which calls for maximum protection by extending the moratorium on all 1 million acres for 20 years--is crucial to preserving Grand Canyon National Park and surrounding public lands. Send your comments to BLM District Manager Scott Florence by May 4th!

7 years ago


7 years ago

Thanks for that important alert, dear Teresa. I hope the Post I made has yielded new Members for your Group. Yes, The Grand Canyon is grand from what I've seen on television. Another place I've not been to yet. Pretty hard to go anywhere when you ain't got no money, no job. hugs.

7 years ago

Signed - thank you! 

Great piece Teresa - thank you
7 years ago

There you are, in that beautiful little Grand Canyon side canyon at the end of the day - boots off, feet up, basking in the peacefulness of this idyllic setting when an incredibly loud "BRRURT!!!…BRRURT!!!" interrupts the silence and startles you awake.

What on earth was that noise?! It sounds like a cross between a loud imitation of a machine gun and a love-sick sheep, and at close range, sounds like it is coming from the inside of a tin can. You have just heard the call of the male canyon tree frog, Hyla arenicolor, announcing his presence to all available females. (Listen to the Canyon Treefrog's mating call - 129 K

7 years ago

Well Terry, Frank Sinatra he's not, but with a voice like that, I'm sure the froggie gals all go flocking to see what this male specimen looks like! Thanks for the post and the cool audio.

7 years ago

Well Terry, Frank Sinatra he's not, but the little froggie gals must really come flocking to see what this silver throated (?) male looks like. Thanks for posting the pic and script and thank you too, for the audio. That was cool!

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