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Frog pictures to use on Posts.
7 years ago
| Misc ....

Undid it again.
7 years ago

Well, I Joined that Lynn told me about so you guys could pick a picture to Post with your Reply. But again I guess I did it wrong. I'm sure Terry will Fix it for me.

Well if its a link to Arkive ....
7 years ago

I can just repost my link from 3 weeks ago in our thread about endangered species ....


Toad or Frog ??
3 weeks ago
| News

Or anything else really - I love this Site -


Great pictures of just about everything on the planet ....

The Western Leopard as posted by AfricanBones


Or how about a TOMATO FROG - do you think its the colour ?


Tomato frog  (Dyscophus antongilii)


Just take a look yourself, easy search at top of page & there are just hundreds of frogs to be seen ..... 

Vinnie - dear host
7 years ago

The link you tried to use Can't be fixed dear friend as it actually an email address & Care2 will not allow me to make that an active link due to site security .... even if they would allow me to make it a working link all that would happen is that whoever clicked on it, their computer would open a blank email with the address filled in as per your link.


However as it contains the word "NEWS" I am guessing that is what you actually wanted so I have added it to the RSS feed for you at the bottom of Our home page.....


I do not think Arkive have a frog specific news feed so the one that I have used for now is their general blog link  .... , I will check on this and update if able.

If you just want pictures - click this
7 years ago

ARKive Frog Picture Library

This post was modified from its original form on 02 May, 19:42
Tomato Frog
7 years ago

Actually I think he looks like A Red Hot Chili Pepper. LOL.. I hope that singing group doesn't think I'm infringing on their rights. tehehe. Yes that Link you have Highlighted is the one Lynn sent me but I lost it. And I did think about RSS Feed but tried to do that before and got nowhere. I knew YOU could Fix my Problems. Still learning so much from you dearest friend. I'm so lucky to have met you for so many reasons. Huge hugs across the Big Pond. Goodnight.

7 years ago

Hi all,

Vinnie asked that I let everyone know she probably won't be online much this week, due to severe storms....she was without power most of the day yesterday (May 9) and they're predicting more severe storms by midweek.   

7 years ago

Gudren dear, thx. for posting that cute photo I liked. It's Tueday, just snuck on,before storms roll in tonight again. Really worried about Wed. and Thurs. And I have a Doctor appt. Thursday that I thought was last week. Wondering if it's too bad I may have to cancel because I can't leave Dottie alone. Couldn't send you Green star. Hugs. Vin and Dottie sends woofs. xoxo

7 years ago

Hugs from Spain!

7 years ago

What a lovely graphic mi amiga Martina. Just stopped in to say Howdy quick. More storms all weekend. Gawd. Hugs to all, Vinnie and Dottie . xo

7 years ago Hi everyone!  Big hugs to all. xxxx

Hi Lynn
7 years ago

Missed you dear. Just checking in quick. Yeah, storms again rolling in. Hugs to all too. Dottie sends woofy kisses xoxo

7 years ago

thanks for the information

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