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My 1st Story, but no Froggy. Sigh..
7 years ago

Froggy Went a Courtin' Man Accused of Shooting Neighbor's Croaking Frogs DPA The sounds of froggy love reportedly brought a Krefeld man to violence. A German man faces criminal charges this week for silencing his neighbor's pond frogs with an air gun after he'd had enough of their nocturnal croaking. The frogs' owner kept one of the dead animals in the freezer for evidence. For reasons of data protection and privacy, your IP address will only be stored if you are a registered user of Facebook and you are currently logged in to the service. For more detailed information, please click on the "i" symbol. By day the triplex gardens appear to be just another peaceful section of Krefeld's quiet Bockum district. But a feud between two of the neighbors over nighttime noise turned deadly last July -- and will land in court on Thursday. Enraged by the incessant mating calls emitting from his neighbor's adjoining yard, the 47-year-old defendant allegedly turned to violence against the aquatic romancers around 2 a.m., shooting two of the animals with an air gun. One of the frogs died instantly, while the second frog succumbed to its injuries the following day, the daily Rheinische Post reports. The amphibians would never "quak," the German equivalent of a "ribbit," again. "I heard the shooting noises in the night and I knew right away what was going on," 45-year-old frog owner Andreas von Straelen told the paper, saying he believed his neighbor took aim at the animals because they were disturbing his sleep. Stowed in the Freezer According to the paper, croaking by the common European frogs can reach as loud as 70 decibels, roughly equivalent to the sound of human conversation. Von Straelen reportedly reacted quickly to the shots, attempting to turn on night vision cameras he had placed near the pond, then calling local police. But he was too late. The next day, a search of the trigger happy neighbor's home revealed that he was in illegal possession of an air gun. He now faces charges of violating animal protection and weapons laws. The defendant has refused to comment on the incident, but his lawyer Arne Lissewski told the Rheinische Post he denies the charges. "In fact, the frog pond owner killed the frogs himself to criminalize my client. The background is a neighbors' feud of many years," he said. Meanwhile the alleged victim still has one of his dead frogs -- reportedly shot in the head -- and the damaged plastic sheeting from his pond stowed in his freezer to present as evidence in the district court on Thursday, he says.

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