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Petition for Mark Twain's Frog
7 years ago


Dear Vinnie,

Take action: Tell your Senators to keep toxic pesticides out of our waterways.

California Red Legged Frog

Tell your Senators to vote NO on HR 872 or any bill that would prevent the EPA from stopping toxic pollution from killing wildlife.

Take Action!

This week, the U.S. Senate will take up a House resolution that would exempt pesticide users who spray over water from the requirement that they obtain a permit under the Clean Water Act. 

This would be horrible news for endangered and threatened species if passed. Species like the California red legged frog, or Mark Twain's frog--the subject of Twain's short story, The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.

Take action for Mark Twain's frog! Tell your Senators to vote NO on HR 872 and any bill that undermines the Clean Water Act!

This legislation would allow polluters to expose our nation's waterways to untold harm by reversing a court mandated requirement that pesticide applicators obtain Clean Water Act permits if operating near our nation's waterways.

Nearly a billion pounds of pesticides are applied each year in the United States, often causing great harm to ecosystems that support endangered wildlife. The pesticides permitting process that this legislation seeks to exempt is absolutely necessary to protect our waterways and the threatened and endangered species that live there.

Worse yet, this legislation will serve as a model for similar attacks on the Endangered Species Act if passed.  Once big polluters and their friends in Congress find a model with which to weaken critical conservation safeguards, the rush will be on to weaken them all.

Urge your Senators to vote NO on HR 872 or similar bills that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from stopping toxic pesticides from entering our waterways.

Thank you for continuing to speak out for America's wildlife and wild places.


Leda Huta
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

Signed. Thanx for the post.

7 years ago

Thanks for sharing Vinnie!I try to sign but it isn't for outside the US...

Gosh, my Mistake.
7 years ago

Thanks for trying dear friend Tania. I forgot to say U.S. only. I couldn't send you a Green Star so I'm sending Hugs. xo

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