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7 years ago

Here's an interesting link to Frogland...everything from "frog facts" to "jokes" to "blogs"....enjoy!

7 years ago

a gribit,gribit,gribit grrreat guy.

so happy the frogs have such good friends.

they need it.....

FROGBLOG, the site is amazing

thanks again Iain.

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7 years ago

kneedeep,kneedeep (thankyou!) Siouxz


Great facts and pictures here buddie!

7 years ago

I have a technical question 4 u Iain:In which family u'd include Harry Potter's chocolate frog?

This one
7 years ago

7 years ago

Tanya, I would put Harry's frog in the "Yummy" category.  Technical name:



Iain, I took the frog test in your web site and I am a Common Toad (Bufo Bufo).  Wouldn't ya know it!!

7 years ago

Thanks 4 the 'cathegorisation'(?????)dear Lynn!!!I posted i pic of the the yummy Harry's frog,just to annoy Iainbut now i see that Willie the picture-hider ghost took it away...

7 years ago

Jee...i swear i wans't drinking when i wrote the post upwards...

7 years ago

Way tooooooooooo technical fur me ..

Great answer fur the Harry Potter frog Lynn

A took the test annaw!! see whit yin a am...So ugly, it's cute!.. 5 1/2 inches is pretty small!!..... eh Tania?????....You oan that bevvy AGAIN!!!!....jist tae annoy Iain eh!

Am no really intae chocolate girls am sweet enough!!

Let's see whit the rest of ye are then.????

I'm a Budgett's Frog!
So ugly, it's cute! Budgett's Frogs, named after the explorer who discovered them, are large carnivorous South American frogs. They can grow to be 5 and a a half inches in size, but since they aren't very active they can be kept in a small 10 gallon aquarium. Their tank should be kept around 86*F and they cannot be housed with other animals because they will try to eat anything that moves!

What kind of Frog are you?

7 years ago

Good morning Frog lovers. Lynn...great name for that delicious looking frog. Thanx for the Frog land site Iain. I took the test & I too am a common toad Lynn. That must be the best kind in my opinion. I don't think frogs or any wildlife should be kept as pets; especially the Budgett's Frog!! Carnivorous indeed. I wonder if they would try to bite your finger or other parts? Dang Iain, you're one of those meat eatin' frogs, eh? Good thing you aren't very active. How does your wife like that?? And only 5 1/2 inches at that!!

I'm a Golden Mantella Frog!
7 years ago

I'm a Golden Mantella Frog!



Since i'm a female,it seems i can produce eggs at a rate of once every two months given proper care!

took the test
7 years ago

I'm a spring reaper,lol

7 years ago

Lynn, I guess the Bufo Bufo is for us mature women. Those young un's can lay all the eggs they want..given proper care of course. Spring reaper's sounds like they like to have fun. I hardly see any toads in my yard, altho I do see frogs on occasion. Later, peepers.

7 years ago

Sorry Tania, I forgot to mention what a beauty you are!!

7 years ago

Aye Wendy, am always biting off more than a kin Chew!!!


Wifes pretty happy am no very active! it gives her sumthin to do!. The 5 1/2 inches is jist when dormant!  Huv ye ever seen how puffed up they frogs get???


Widnae need tae be very active fur the Golden Mantella!!..every 2 months!!




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7 years ago

Hahaha,this test results are definetelly not to be seeing by a shrink!Siouxz,you and i should go party aroundThanks fur tha detail,Wendy...So sweet...Toads are nutty about my golden back

7 years ago

O,Harry's frog is back!It seems that Willie the ghost released it!

Siouxz is that u?

Look what they say about u:"Peepers are abundant in wooded areas in or near flooded ponds and swamps. In these ponds, the Spring Peepers will form singing choral groups, making sounds that can almost sound like jingling sleigh bells from a distance" So beautiful!You're a singer!

7 years ago

Siouxz, we need you and your pals around Christmas time so that you can sing us Xmas carols while you're singing and jingling around on your froggie sleds.

Iain, you are so bad!!!!  5 1/2", indeed! Your wife must walk around with a smile on her face all the time!!

Tanya, you must attract a lot of attention with your gorgeous coloring. You go, girl!!

Wendy my dear, we more mature frogs will just sit around and watch the antics of the young'uns.   What they don't know is that in our younger days.... ooh, la, la!!!!

7 years ago

Lynn you're so naughty

7 years ago

   shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..hiding fae the wife!!   

7 years ago

Iain!!!!Behave yourself!!!!!

Note:See!You make me nervous!Wrote anything,had to edited it!


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frog mating party
7 years ago

In my swamp.
Iain(shrek), you can do standup.
Tania and I will be singing and shaking our collective skins off. Love to sing. How did you know?
also play keyboards.

7 years ago

I think what I hear at night are frogs & they sound like they're up in trees. I always thought they were peepers, but they sound more like farts than bells. Are they frogs? Hey, Siouxz, can Lynn & I come?? We may be mature & warty...but we're not dead! We still enjoy a night out!! (Insert smileys here). Some day when I know what the heck I'm doing, I'll figure it out. Classes not as easy as I hoped.

7 years ago

Wendy, instead of going to the smileys, you can always insert one by typing (), withouth the parenthesis. In other words - colon :, then a dash -, then a )  I'm doing it now, but you'll see a smiley.

7 years ago

Someone mention PARTY!!woooohoooo! A always wanted tae be an Ogre

A promise tae behave Tania!..honest!!



shrek and the gang...Siouxz............         Tania..Lynn and Wendy are more than welcome annaw, infact the more the merrier!  

Kin ye start us off Siouxz and get us warmed up!! Here's some dances we could try!



Click on this to..

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7 years ago

Hahahaha,that frog dance is cooooooool

7 years ago







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7 years ago

Oh, yeah! I'm more than ready for a party. Do I have to sit with Granny, even though I am one? Nah!  I'm gonna dance!!!!

We'll start with a margarita, 'cause they're lime colored.

That's as an ode to the frogs. Siouxz, has Early partified the swamp yet? We're ready to go, so give him a nudge.

7 years ago

So, us common toads can party with the beautiful & talented ones?? Let's get it on!! I'm gonna learn the frog dance. I probably can't flip anymore tho. I'd like to meet Granny & Early. That Margarita sure looks good! I'm going to look for a pretty color to paint my warts. I won't be so common then, will I? If there's as many mosquitos in that swamp as in my yard, we won't go hungry!! Party on!!!!!!!!

7 years ago

Yummy....mosquitos and margaritas!  I am ready! Here I come: and then....


I'm ready to DANCE! 

7 years ago

My birthday is in less than a week;
I'm so ready to GO WILD.
all are welcome to join me.
Let's party online.

7 years ago

Lynn... i want that margarita it's 10.30am and i'm at work(golden mantella frogs also had to work for living,hehehe)


7 years ago

Well, I too may just be a Bufo-bufo Toad, but at least the Farmers Love me. Sorry I've been away a wee bit but been very busy. Also trying to Co-host Thundering Hoofs Equine grp. Yes Siouxz, we'll Party on-line here with all your friends.  Lynn, you picked a Margarita because it's green? Yeah, right. LOL...And Tania, 10:30 a.m ?, get thee over to AA.---LOL.. Iain, you're a Hoot. I was just getting into the Bee Gees when it ended. I do have their CD complete set of Hits. I'll have a Beer tho. Couldn't send Green stars to alot of you guys so I'm sending Bunches of Hugs and Dottie says A-hooo. Love all you guys. Goodnight. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

7 years ago

That's right Lynn and Wendy, you youn'ins should of seen us Shake that thing. Ooh, La, La is right.

7 years ago


 Am practicing fur the party!! WOOOHOOO

mmmmm this looks tasty!!!!!!!!

Take yer pick girls......jist fur practice noo!!


7 years ago

Aye Iain!What a brave spirit!Hope we won't have a hard hangover

Vinnie,i followed your advise,gone to AA...the problem now is...i became addicted to group therapy

This looks pretty yummy.
7 years ago

 Siouxz dear I sent you a Fabulous Birthday card. o.k?

Oh Tania and Iain, ur soooo Silly. LOL
7 years ago

 It's 1:30 in the morning and this is how we're gonna feel tomorrow. Oh. it's already tomorrow. Dottie sends Birthday woofy kisses to you Siouxz. Goodnight everyone. xoxoxoxoxo

WHIT DAY IS IT????????????????????????
7 years ago


Sorry Siouxz, a had a C.R.A.F.T. day yesterday!! In other wurds a wiz blootered! A think a practiced toooooooooo much with each of they lovely drinks up there!! I am a bad boy!!

Jist a thought...The time difference! It might still be yer birthday!!




Hey Tania, your naughty!

Dottie looks so cute Vinnie! He looks oot fur the count, same as a wiz!!!!

Welcome to frogland
7 years ago

Hi, this is Toni...thanks for the invite..RIBBIT......

7 years ago

Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu,

Happy Birthday to yooooouuuu,

Happy Birthday, dear Siooooouxz,

Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuu!! 

7 years ago

Did i remember to send u an e-card Siouxz?

And Hello Toni!!!



7 years ago

Note: Birthday piñata is a very amusing game for kids,except when the one who holds the club accidentaly hits your head...

7 years ago


7 years ago

I'm such an idiot,

the urban dictionary,told me so;


it won't accept
7 years ago

the bounds of my affection are so great, they overwhelm this post.
I'll try again,

7 years ago

the post will not accept the ily 3 symbol.
so,I'll use the tried and true;xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxo

7 years ago

Siouxz...I'm so glad you had a great Birthday. I don't know how to get the fun pictures yet, or even the colored print. Those drinks sure looked good Iain. Blootered, huh? Sounds like you wiz a bad boy indeed!! I like it! I'm going to start using that if I can remember. Some day there might even be a real picture by my name. Enough of my ineptness, I'm glad your day was special. Tania, do you speak from experience in the head clubbing? Hi Toni! I hope you enjoy our crazy little group. I'm sending green stars for the wonderful & blootered time had by all. I heard they're good for hangovers too.

7 years ago

Sorry Vinnie, couldn't send you a star Give that adorable Dottie a big woof from me.

7 years ago

Siouxz, I'm so glad that you had a good time at your birthday party. Sounds like it was super!


Iain, you're such a bad boy for getting blootered! You're grounded!!


Wendy, to get the colored print - at the top of this area there is an A that is underlined with grey and a tiny arrow to the right of it. Click on the little arrow and a box will come up with all kinds of colors. Click on the color that you want. Then start typing and your type should be in the color you chose.  Try that first and then I'll tell you how to post a picture.


Tanya, do you have firsthand experience of being hit with the pinata club? Ouch!!  Remember, when you want a margarita and it's 10:30 a.m. - it's five o'clock somewhere!!


Hi, Toni. Good to have you in our little silly thread. We have fun here so join in and enjoy!


Vinnie, my sweet (and Dottie too, of course), I keep missing you every time I come in here. Dottie looks like she had one too many, too.


Well, this little common bufo bufo is going to have some dinner, now. Maybe some mosquitos, or perhaps a few ants. Yum, yum!!


Sending big froggie hugs to you all.




7 years ago

Absolutelly,Wendy.Now you know why i ended up being like this

Vinnie,please tell Dottie to make a little room for me by her side

7 years ago


7 years ago

a lot's gone on overnight,while we were awaiting Irene,she has hit the mountains of vermont first hurricane in 100 years.
my thoughts are with you.

Great Party
7 years ago

WELCOME my new friend Toni A. - Wendy I'll Re-send Instructions on how to put a picture for your Avatar but it's on the Home Page here. Called From Gallery to thread. Or want to lose the grey frog? Print out info at the Library then try at home. Too sleepy now folks, BTW..That dog is not Dottie. I picked it from Google. If you go to my Profile Page I have pictures of her in my Photo Gallery. Anyone welcomed to see them. But he is cute. I pray all my friends on The East Coast are well and safe. Huggles. Vinnie and old Dottie who went to the Doggie Dip in the Town Pool Saturday as it's closing now for Labor Day. She played in the Kiddie pool with her little friends and got a free towel and treats, then slept alot. Goodnight my friends. xoxo

7 years ago

lynn's grounded me fur a week fur gettin blootered so this is jist a quicky!!

Great party Siouxz, Aye, blootered is a guid wurd Wendy! Hiya Toni, hope yer skin is nice and thick!  So it wiz a bang oan the heid that done it Tania!  

Vinnie, went tae yer photees and Dottie is a cute lookin dog!


 Remember....dinnae tell Lynn av been in!

I undersood
7 years ago

every word,

7 years ago

fresh out of green stars, so I'll just say the hotel was so classy, they had hangover remedies
right in the suite.
not that I've ever had a hangover.
I'm such a lightweight ,when it comes to liquor.
Now,other things,I have quite a high tolerance to.

7 years ago

Siouxz, you have a high tolerance to other things, huh?  Hmmmm! What am I supposed to make of that??  Since my granddaughter calls me a DOL (dirty old lady), I'm going to think the worst!!  Bad girl....I may ground you like I did Iain!

Out of the corner of my eye I think I saw Iain sneak in here for a moment. Iain, go to your room!!!!

Have we scared Toni to the point of her running and screaming out of here? We haven't heard a ribbit from her since she first came in.  Come back, Toni. We promise to be good. NOT!

Tanya, what are we going to do with you?  Were you blootered too, when you got bonkered by a pinata? Poor baby!

Vinnie, what do you do for Dottie when she has a hangover? Give her some "hair of the dog"? 

I got me a cricket here, so I'm going to have a little snack. Yummy yum yum.

My froggie mommy told me not to talk while I'm eating, so bye for now. Sending froggie hugs to all.




7 years ago
Such guid manners Lynn...Ma bellies fu efter a brekkie of flea's and fly's...A dinnae like tae stick anybody in the mud!!...but!!....Lynn it wiz Tania's idea tae get blootered!! Great ye kin understand the Scots froggie Siouxz, ye must huv watched  Shrek a guid few times eh! Vinnie,hope the storms huv eased up and soon a hope we hear a loud woof fi Dottie instead of a wee whimper!   THOUGHT THIS WIZ A GUID LINK FI ORIGINAL POST! HEHE           I'm a Budgett's Frog!  Sing to me baby! ...Ribbit!

 Some frogs, like this Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirrela) have vocal pouches that vary in size and stretch like balloons. These sacs serve as a resonating chamber, allowing the frogs to SING!
Male frogs vocalize by squeezing their lungs with their nostrils and mouth shut. Air flows over their vocal chords and into their vocal sacs blowing it up like a bubble gum balloon!

(Photo courtesy of Chris Harrison)
Other frogs can make noises without such a sac.
(like my Oriental Firebellied Toads - read more about them in the
Meet My Pets Page.)

For some species of frogs, only the males sing. Other types of frogs appear to have both male and female calls.
Large frogs have DEEP voices, meaning they call at a low frequency.
Small frogs sing in high chirps, meaning they call at a high frequency.
Cold frogs repeat their calls at a slower rate because the muscles controlling the sounds slow down!
Why do frogs sing?'s actually for a variety of reasons!
Sometimes, frogs sing when they are trying to attract a mate. "HEY! Baby!"
Sometimes, frogs sing to mark their territory. "This is MY Lilypad!"
Sometimes, frogs sing becasue they know the weather is going to change. "Rain!!!"
Sometimes, frogs squeek when they are frightened or hurt. "Ouch! Eek!"

7 years ago

Hello Froggies. I hope everyone is full on fleas & flies & all blootered out. Lynn I found out you can't print color on a Mac. Only when I send an email I had 2 instructors try to do it & couldn't I'm doomed to write only in black. I'll work on the other stuff now...well maybe a little later. Iain, your pet page no longer exists. At least it wasn't there when I looked. Were you too blootered & misplaced it? You're full of froggie info. They'll sing for any old reason it seems. Vinnie I have to go to your page now & check out Dottie. I know she's WAY cuter than that impostor!!! Sweet dreams all you croakers & ribbiters!! May visions of sugar plub coated insects dance in your heads!

7 years ago

Hey I can't believe a frownie showed up on my page! I'm pretty excited about that. Now to try a smilie . Here goes. Thanx Lynn. I hope it works

7 years ago


7 years ago

Yay for Wendy froggie. She knows how to frown and smile without going to the Smiley emoticon list!!

7 years ago

Get back Toni!We only seem naughty but we're so well educated froggies(deep inside)

Excepto por Iain que es tan travieso por fuera como por dentro-you spanish speaker,translate that fur d gals

Lynn,i'll say it again:You're ma hero!!!I also wonder what kind of tolerance was Siouxz talking aboutDOL


You're such a bunch...wait a minute...That includes ME

7 years ago

Aye Wendy, a seem tae be huvin a lot of C.R.A.F.T. moments recently!!

A seem tae be gettin distracted wi Golden Mantella's, Spring Peepers, and Bufo Bufo's.... a wonder!!...mibae it's comin up tae the mating season!or..................... maybe am loozin ma marbles!

Think a probably jist need a cauld shower eh!where's that waterfall!!


Tania, am in complete shock !!...... Naughty outside and inside!! meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!


Vinnie...hope the weather has improved and also you and Dottie are ok!

Siouxz...of high tolerance!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn...wid like tae ken ye better DOL

Wendy...will check on other site, meanwhile keep practicing on yer smilies


Talkin of practice!.... There's a new class on tonight froggies! A heard that it wiz some sort of tongue practice wi a toad called Jorge Clooney!! 

A think al give it a miss!!!  



WHARS TONI.????????????? Rribbet, Rribbet!



7 years ago

The undersigner,Golden Mantella Frog,(aka Tania)states the following:

1-What if Toni was ABDUCTED ???

2-why did they abducted her and not u Iain???

3-Becuz we'd have to pay them to keep u

4-If you don't believe me,ask Jorge Clooney

5-Jee...i swear...i thought they were flies... 




7 years ago

Av really, really tried tae get abducted wi the Aliens Taniabut fur some reason they cannae understand ma Scottish accent,.. ane ma groovy dancin!! Av offered tae pay them tae keep me fur a wee while bit the most av lasted is 20 miutes then they kick me oot!! Dinnae ken why.. A did see Jorge Clooney when a wiz up there ane he's changed fur the better!!


Didnae see Toni anywhar.. 



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7 years ago

it's legal in 13
in boston,it's legal for everyone,civil infraction,highest penalty=$100 fine.
why do you think we had the party in Boston?

I've never been grounded,in my life.
my sweet mother was always good to me...
so,I took care of her in my home for four years before she passed.
even she would partake sometimes...
I have pictures of her toking at 85 years old.

7 years ago

I have decided that all of you friggies....oops, I mean froggies.... are a bit on the nutsy side. Too many crickets can do that!

Uh oh, Siouxz - it's not legal in Florida so,

I think that's what kept your mom going. Toking at the age of 85? Wow! What a hip lady!!

7 years ago

Let the good times roll! If that's what it takes for longevity, I should hangin' around the lily pad for many years to come!! Back in the 70's in Ann Arbor it was punishable with a $5.00 fine. Every year in April they have a smoke out day every year. Iain, I think you've been abducted but don't remember. Does anal probe bring back any memories?? I understand that's the worst one. I hope this isn't considered too riske'. Well, good night froggies & bufo.

7 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! a remember sumthin aboot a probe! Wiz it a space probe?? or.... space fur a probe ..(0)(ouch!)

Nut, still pretty vague that yin Wendy!


I've never been grounded,in my life....There's time yet Siouxz, dinnae get oan the wrong side of Bufo,Bufo..

Oh!!!!!!!! hiya Lynn buddie, niver saw ye ower there!! That's a braw big leaf yer squattin oan!  ....Gave up oan the frilly pads!! ooops sorry! lily pads huv ye???


Kin a sneak a wee joke in here a jist remembered!!!!!!


This is Wee Jimmy's pal shouting across the street!


"Hey,wee Jimmy! Big Tam's efter yer blood"

Big Tam!!,.... a dinnae ken anybody cawed Big Tam says wee Jimmy!

Whit's ees surname?? asks wee Jimmy

Pax, wiz ees pals reply!

Tam Pax, whose bloody Tam Pax he asks!

   Cannae believe ye fell fur that yin Jimmy..


Hope am no gawny get!!   macRribbet, macRribbet..



7 years ago

Good God,Wendy...anal probe...that was cruel... 

Maybe the alien fellas should've take Iain to have a few drinks n chat first

7 years ago

I triple dog dare you to try and ground me.

woops,missed me ,I'm in another state, oh, and on my way to another for the weekend.

hint, there all states that have legalized.

only places I go,lol

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7 years ago

Iain, you are soooo bad! I'm athinkin' a groundin' you agin for that bloody joke!!  Oh, I'll catch you when you least expect it.

Siouxz, you and my grandson (he'll be 25 in November) would get along fine. He doesn't care whether it's legal, or not!

Tanya, I agree. Drinks go before an anal probe or anything else, for that matter.

Hey Wendy, you too? Would you believe, even though I'm a DOL, I've never indulged? I may be the only one in my family who hasn't, except for my almost 4 month old great-grandbaby. I better not catch him toking in between his bottles of formula!!

Oops, gotta go. I see a bug that has my name on it!


Gee! I am ugly, aint I!!!!
7 years ago

Sorry Lynn, a wiznae thinkin!!!!!... a shoulduv put the red flag beside it eh!


I'm a Budgett's Frog!Heyyyyyyyyyy, watch it Lynn!! 

Yer droppin them intae ma wee space! .. Ye cannae be doin yer tongue exercises!!!..


Why are frogs so happy?

They eat watever bugs them!


Shouldnae say DARE YE! tae a Scotsman Siouxz, specially a triple dog dare!!


 Al catch ye sooner or later!!!!


Thanks fur yer concern Tania, a thought you widuv been the first yin tae volunteer insertin the probe..(o) 

This post was modified from its original form on 09 Sep, 6:44
7 years ago

I saw a movie once & the probe was mentioned. Yes, I agree...a drink first would be appropriate. I'll be gettin' the probe myself in a month or two. Not looking forward to that. I've put it off for about 10 years now & promised my Dr. I'd do it this year. Later bug eaters!

7 years ago

7 years ago

The Natterjack Toad (Bufo calamita) can claim to be the noisiest amphibian in Europe with a call that can be heard several kilometres away. They're the only amphibian to use the air in their throat sacks to vibrate making the high pitched chorus.

They can also camouflage themselves into the background by darkening and lightening their skin. Although many predators avoid the Natterjack because it's skin is poisonous, crows and seagulls somehow manage to remove the skin before eating the rest of the toad.

Natterjack toad
Natterjacks aren't good swimmers and can drown in deep water.

Natterjacks are usually 6 - 8cm long with females larger than males.

They can live for 12 - 15 years although because of predators very few survive that long.

They have a distinctive yellow stripe down their backs and their feet aren't completely webbed.

Males have a large vocal sac and nuptial pads. These are hard pads on their front limbs which are used to hold onto the females during mating.


Hey Wendy, yer better gettin that probe Buddie. If it needs done, rather sooner than later eh!

A hate doin the bowel cancer tests every 2 years, but wid rather do it and find out the results. I know some of my friends have put their test kit in the bin, which tae me is jist plain stupid!


Tania, jist tae let ye ken pal that a didnae huv much time tae post anything yesterday so, after reading other peoples posts a jist put the wee scout in tae say a hud been in looking withoot postin! Or wiz a stalking!! lol.

  Didnae mean tae upset ye pal!


7 years ago

who you be stalking,shrek?
you haven't noticed,care2 has decided to make me turn native.
Native american ,that is.
Would still prefer to be called siouxz.
I personally,am one,who throws all screening tests in the trash.
wouldn't trust the results,too many false positives on other tests.
The stress,would KILL ME.
So,I stay in the dark,my body will tell me if something ain't right.

7 years ago

Hey, everyone! Siouxz, sometimes you do get a false positive in a screening test, but at times you get a negative that, when taken further can be a positive. I just had that happen to me. One facility (a hospital) where I had a mammogram and ultra-sound gave me a positive for BOTH breasts. It said that I needed a biopsy done. It turns out the report was inaccurate and I went for a second opinion, where nothing was found to be abnormal!!  But, since my mother was a breast cancer survivor, I will continue to take any test for cancer that is recommended by my doctor.

Siouxz, since your Native American name means Iron Horse, I'm sending you an iron horse for you to save!

Hugs to all you froggies, loud or otherwise.

dear lynn
7 years ago

that's a wonderful looking horsie...
I thank you for posting it,don't have those computer skills yet, as if you all haven't noticed.
not the techiest one on the block(wash)
trying to learn how to find and post images.
any tips will be greatly appreciated.

Iain,loved the frog joke,lol with your permission,I will use it on my friends tonight.
neighbors coming over for a good ol' sunday bbq.
ginger salmon, and purple potatoes.....

Siouxz, sweetie
7 years ago

I'm glad you like the horse. Now, I'm assuming that you haven't saved it because you said you don't know how to post yet. Well, I'm here to give you a wee lesson on saving and posting.

1. Right click on the horse and a list will come up. Within the list it will say "Save Picture As". Left click on that by putting your cursor on it and clicking and your folders will come up. I'm assuming you have a "Pictures" folder, but if you don't, put it in your "Documents". Make sure you name it (Iron Horse) and also make sure it says GIF when you're saving it.

2. When you want to post it in a thread or message, go to your Documents and look for Iron Horse. Right click on it and you'll see the word "Copy" in the list that comes up. Left click on "Copy".

3. Then go to the area that you want to post it in. Try it in here. In this white area, Right Click in the empty space and the list will say "Paste". Left click on "Paste" and it should come up in here. Please try it and see if you can save, copy and paste it in here. Good luck, babe!

7 years ago

Siouxz,so silly me,reading the posts quickly i undertood you had pregnancy test...

So what happened?You did other tests?Is everything ok? 

7 years ago

Av got some oil and WD40 if ye need it Siouxz! Ye niver ken when the Iron Horse will get rusty... Guid luck wi the postin pictures and videos.


We awe huv choices, but am wi you Lynn! Any test that finds a problem early, kin only increase the survival rate!

I'm Back
7 years ago

 Finally caught up with some reading.- Good Joke Iain, thanks.- Siouxz I'll go see your photos of Frye your pup now.- Wendy I'll  Re-send easier Instructions how to put up an Avatar or picture instead of the frog. Glad everyone is having fun. Toni might be busy with her group which I can't think of right now. Off to do so much. xoxoxo 

7 years ago

a lot of people make that same mistake.

He's from a long line of fyredogs.

I was born in the year of the fire dog.

It only comes around every 48 years.

Since, they're Irish Setters,it totally fits.

alas,there are no irish setters, there never are

named him reign of fyre,kennel name Draco

so we went with the dragon movie name.

I finally learned to insert smileys,into my posts.

soon, I'll be a "keyboard cowboy" like all of you.




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