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Welcome New Memebers.
7 years ago

Hi Thomas, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but we were having Severe storms and Tornados, no power alot. ALSo Folks let's welcome Doug, Imoen, Cheree, Novuyuki from stricken Japan, George, Lore E. and the Captian. Barabara S., Toni A., Coralie, Naoimi, Ellen dearest, Rachel, Sweet Iain, Megan, Michelle and Elizabeth and Mimmi my friends. Jennifer, Jean, Nancy, Isabel and let's watch our language folks we have a Teenager in our midst Thetresa with the purplr hair. LOL, Hugs too all. Vinnie and old Dottie says woof-woof.

7 years ago

Hi new froggies!

Vinnie,you should

1-tell Iain and Lynn to behaveTHEY are the problem children of the class(not me,i'm a froggie nun )

2-Stop drinking on working hours (Memebers?)

3-Just kidding...

7 years ago

Welcome to our lily pad!! Ah, now we have to behave ourselves as there's a tadpole in the group now. It was bound to happen when there are such beautiful frogs & Iain around. Remember what a charmer he is!! Oops, was that too naughty? I guess I'll find out. Hey Tania...there's no such thing as a froggie nun. I think you're just trying to make the rest of us look bad. Remember, you started it!!! You & your golden skin.

LILY PAD. I like that a lot Wendy.
7 years ago

Lily Pad would have been a good name if I had thought of it, but I was focused on their worth to us. Anyway Tania, I know you're just kidding. I was a Spelling Bee. I was at the job center on an old computer and they kept saying, "We're Closing". So I messed up. I know. Drinking. I can't barely do  "No Stinkin Drinkin". LOL. Remember that line about "We don't Need No Stinkin Badges"?  from that movie Treasures of The Sierra Madre. ..Well, we don't have to be Nuns, remember when we were Teenagers? So long ago. LOL .. I was really Naughty.  I Plead The 5th Amendment. LOL.. Goodnight my friends.

7 years ago

LILY that for female froggies only? ......ANYWAYS...

all new ies, and also the tadpole wi the purple hair! (interestin!... a punk taddy)..

..You will aw get tae ken that it is Tania who is the problem froggie!  Be aware tho that she is also very sly! ... She got me grounded by plying ma Cockroach Pinalada wi pure alcohol, getting me blootered and in trouble wi the elders!

Hey Vinnie, in yer first post is that me? or is that anither Sweet Iain in the group!! I see ye were a naughty tadpole Vinnie! tell us more??

Really hope the weather eases up fur ye soon pal!

Well Wendy! yer phrase.... "such beautiful frogs & Iain" (Am a the ugly one?)

Like the charmer bit tho, av even been known tae charm the hind legs off a Golden Mantella in ma HEYYYYYYYYYYYY days!!!


Right now tho C.R.A.F.T.......Rribbet, Rribbet, Ribbet



7 years ago

I'm starting to believe ur C.R.A.F.T.s are very convenient...


A punk taddy...SO COOL!!!

7 years ago

Hey Iain, who are you callin' an elder?  I resemble that....I mean resent that!! 

I may be a DOL, but I'm a very young thinking DOL froggie. I don't even use lily pads anymore, though. I guess I outgrew them.

Just remember, I'll be watching you - even when you think I'm not here!

I can't turn my back for a second.
7 years ago

Yes, I meant you Iain, sweetie and Lynn, really? Pads. lol,lol, The kid is in School where she belongs but she'll stop in. I know their are no Froggie Nuns Tania. But I know they were black stockings, because Sister Regina was jumping around all over the place when I filled her drawer with Grasshoppers. LOL..How's that Iain? And that's just me being mildly naughty. To be continued... Oh BTW..Lynn, Criminal Minds is To be Continued next week. Don't miss it. Goodnight my dear friends. A Punk Taddy. hahaha. I like that Tania.

7 years ago

Hey Vinnie,u spin around too much about things u said:just above u,Lynn sounds like a stalker and she doesn't seem to mind

I know there's not such thing as a froggie was only a poetic figure...

Also Guilty
7 years ago

Tania I know Lynn sounds like a Stalker. Guess what ? Sometimes I just stop in places too and just read what people are talking about. And you'll never see me either. LOL, So my dear Tania and Lynn I must admit I'm with you on the nicely naughty list. I wonder if we'll get a Spanking. lol,lol,lol.Gotta get back to Signing Petitions. xoxoox 

7 years ago

Guilty also. Sometimes I mean to post something but don't have time or don't feel like it at the time. I did that at the Thistle ones for a while before I ever said anything. In fact I still do. Vinnie, I think you're looking forward to that spanking a little too much! Yes, sign petitions & stay out of trouble you naughty girl you. Lynn, I've discovered that the older I get, the more I don't care what other people think. I will now wear something out in public that I wouldn't wear to the laundromat when I was young. How's that?? Stalk on've earned the right!!

7 years ago

Hi everyone!

Ditto Wendy, I read more than I post and sometimes get distracted when I mean to and end up forgetting, same on not caring what people think as I get older.  The bonus is when I do make an effort, I scub up well as they say, and people I know wonder where I'm going and what I'm up to...good to keep some people on their toes! lol.

Thank you for the invite to FrogsRus.
7 years ago

 Looks like a great group.  I love frogs they are also a very important part of the global environment.  Also they are great more frog species vanish the more we should be come concerned about our world's health.  Peace, Lisa


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7 years ago

Hi, Lisa! So glad you joined us. Enjoy our many threads with all our funny and wonderful members.

7 years ago

Frog rribbet, rribbet Lisa! Love yer thank you froggie! You'll also notice there that Lynn cannae sit at peace! A think she's an awfy restless froggie, or mibae it's somethin tae dae wi ants!!..

welcome newbie frogs
7 years ago

welcome to our swamp.the women outnumber the's o.k.,he loves the attention.well,you've now gone literally green,how politically
you might think we're a might weird,we are

7 years ago

Iain, I'm not a restless froggie! I'm just jumpin' fer joy that Lisa joined our nutty swamp. Lisa I hope you've got a little crazy gene in your froggie body, 'cause otherwise you're going to put us all in the froggie loony bin. I don't want to go there, so I'll go kickin' and screamin' if that's what you decide to do!

Just hopping in ....
7 years ago

To say Hi .... let ya all know I'm still around.


BTW .... your all raving mad .... lol ...

7 years ago

Oh, oh!! Tj is on to us! I'm afraid. I'm so afraid!!!!

7 years ago

Hi TJ!What do u mean by 'mad'?Did the alien fellas told u something...?

Hiya Terry
7 years ago

So glad I stopped at Tree Lovers Group last night to see wuz up wit ya.  See what happens when you turn your back on us. LOL..You should go see the birthday Party we had for Siouxz with Lynn and her Margaritas and laughing and Tania hungover. So happy to see you my old friend. Missed you, hope all is well with you. In your new Avatar, you look very angry. We're all going thru "rough patches". Goodnight all. 

7 years ago

Hi Tj, yer right buddie, we are raving nutters, and if ye hing aboot long enough you'll be the same!..

...A wiz a nice wee quiet froggie... tae a met they mad girlie froggies!!.. If ye hing aboot long enough ye end up gawn crazy!


Lynn afraid!!!! dinnae believe that fur a minute Tj! She's a DOL!


Watch oot fur Tania and her alien fruddy buddies!


Vinnie is a wee mini minx froggie, she even put grasshoppers in a nuns drawers!


Wendy is a naughty froggie, you'll find her hingin aboot the lily pads!


Siouxz, Chris, and Lisa are lurkin aboot here somewhar, and there's a punk taddy (seems tae be lost the noo!) as a say Tj...look efter yersell fruddie! Ye dinnae want tae end up like me!....


When's the next party???

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