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Good news from India.
7 years ago


Frogs: Twelve New Species Found in India
Frogs: Twelve New Species Found in India

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- 1 hour ago -
Between 1994 and 2010, Biologists at the University of Delhi scoured forests along Indian's western coast for nocturnal, stream-dwelling frogs in the genus Nyctibatrachus. In addition to revealing the 12 new species, they rediscovered 3 thought extinct ->
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7 years ago

thanks for the info

7 years ago

It's so rare ,that we get good news.
we should start a special group,lol
good news,only
we could call it MILESTONES

7 years ago

That's a great idea, Siouxz. Vinnie, why don't you open a new thread called "Milestones" and we can post good news about frogs in there. We mostly hear about frogs becoming extinct, so this would be an uplifting thread!!

7 years ago

Just came to a brain burp.
I was just thinking,we see so many emotionally disturbing pictures.
That it would be nice, to know, there's a group where you can go,
to see whatever we have accomplished, not only with frogs...but,anything positive.
There really are that few uplifting stories ,these days.
Did I tell you, that vermont has had 2 frost advisories within weeks of 2 tropical storm smacks.
It's so hard to find any "milestones", that I fear ,sometimes we lose the strength to keep fighting abuse,injustice and stupidity.

Hey Pals
7 years ago

 Humm? Milestones? I'll think of something later. Storms rolling in now, always at night. It's one in the morning and I have comp. classes later. And  "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" is starting. Remember her? In black dress with big Boobs and B-Movies. I love her. Goodnight. Dottie says woofs to Mandy. xoxo

7 years ago

Oh, I remember Elvira. Long black hair, lots of makeup, red lipstick, long nails. So camp! lol  Don't forget Criminal Minds Wednesday night, Vinnie.

Think about a new thread for good news about frogs. Meanwhile, it's late so I'll say goodnight, all.

7 years ago

Good morning all. I'm baaack. I too remember Elvira, & if I'm not mistaken, I read somewhere once that she is a vegetarian. She must've been drinking True Blood! I like your idea Souixz. Good news only!

7 years ago

I never watched her,though I definitely remember her.
kinda like morticia adamms.
someone who has better skills than I must co host the milestones,idea.
I'd love to see it happen.
Vinnie,my pups name is fyre,a 2 year old ,95,lb.Irish setter.
have a pic posted on my page.

lots of doggie kisses
and siouxz hugs

Still thinking
7 years ago

 Siouxz I still working on it. It's late and I'm still trying to come up with a thread, not now, too sleepy. Dottie says woofs to Mandy and Frye.   FYI...Elvira  aka  Casandra Peterson is actually a very nice decent Church woman, married with a son about 20 yrs. old..She did  Elvira's Movie Macabre back in the 1980's to make money for the church steeple that a storm knocked down. A friend told her to use her God-given assests to make money and she was a Huge hit. I love her, she cracks me up and she looks Damn good for a woman about 50 yrs. old. I'm jealous. Goodnight all. Yes Lynn it's Part two on Criminal Minds and they are bringing Prentiss back to life too.

7 years ago

Niver seen Elvira, mibae am toooo young a froggie tae mind of her!!!!! It's great she has used her assetts for a guid cause eh Vinnie!


It is guid news fi India for the froggies, hopefully mair new species will be found in other parts of the world! And aye, it wid be guid tae huv a new thread that is full of hope fur oor froggie buddies!


Irish setters are lovely lookin dugs Siouxz, al need tae go and huv a look.


Am famished,.... so am off tae ma secret wee pond tae huv a feast of fleas, flys and some tasty Scottish midges..  



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