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ACTION: Save Frogs from Poaching
7 years ago
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The anti-poaching campaign 'Save the Frog' in India - Sukanya Kadyan
PANAJI: The first monsoon thunder in Goa comes along with a rather modest but equally harmonious accompaniment in the form of croaking bull frogs that are hunted and eaten with relish here. But their rampant poaching has also raised the hackles of green activists.

The anti-poaching campaign has begun early this season. The forest department's 'Save the Frog' campaign, supported by wildlife enthusiasts and NGOs, has already led to the detention of six poachers in the first five days of the monsoon which arrived June 3.  Frogs are protected species. Catching, killing and selling frogs, or serving frog meat at eating places contravenes the provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.


According to wildlife enthusiasts who have been egging the forest department on, all state range forest officers have begun patrolling even outside notified forest areas, especially around fields and marsh lands to check for frog poaching.  "Each range deputed their team that consisted of an officer, a wildlife warden and a driver accompanied by wildlife volunteers," said Clinton Vaz, an avid wildlife enthusiast.


"Small time offenders are let off with a warning while those caught with a huge quantity of frogs are detained," Vaz said.  Vaz assisted two such patrols at Benaulim and Guddi Paroda and added that they caught around three frog poachers who were let off with a strict warning and their names were registered. Another four were detained in the same area a few days later.


Goa is home to around 40 species of amphibians, many of which are endemic to the region of the Western Ghats.  According to Goa's Principle Conservator of Wildlife Shashi Kumar, indiscriminate killing of frogs for their meat has led to a drastic decline in the frog population in the state.

Thanks Lisa.
7 years ago

Gotta go to bed now. Will take care of it tomorrow. Thanks for Posting this important petition my friend. Have you visited The "Feel Good Pond" yet ? So peaceful Garden. Hugs.

7 years ago

signed and shared on fb and email
thank you lisa

7 years ago

Sukanya Kadyan also posted the petition in C2NN, if anyone would like to note and comment it might help get more notice

TAKE ACTION: The Anti-Poaching Campaign 'Save the Frog'...Sukanya Kadyan
cheers, Jenny

Finally Signed
7 years ago

Hi Lisa and Jenny. What a hectic weekend I've had. It's one in the morning and I gotta go to bed but had to Sign this first as promised. Thanks for Posting.

7 years ago

signed Oct 3rd..thanks

7 years ago

Signed and shared.   Thank you Lisa.

7 years ago

Signed June 12 - sent more invites today.   Thank you Lisa.

7 years ago

with hope to end poaching of anything,

especially the frogs,our leading earth health indicators.

when the frogs go,we will be right behind them....


7 years ago

Signed, Noted & Shared.

7 years ago

Exactly Siouxz, what I've been saying for years. Some people don't realize Frogs have Porous Skin. So if something effects them, we are are next. Goodnight fer sure this time. Thank you to everyone who Signed. Hey friends Welcome our little purple fruddy and my new friend Michele. And she's signed everything. Woo-hoo!! You go girlfriend.

7 years ago


7 years ago

what an adorable icon.

the perfect frog.

welcome to the fruddy lounge,actually,that's the feel good pond.

have you been there ,yet?

headed theremyself.

fruddy hugs to you

7 years ago

I tried to sign petition but couldn't find where to sign. Is it closed? I've tried a couple of times. Only certain foods should be poached.

Still OPEN
7 years ago

No Wendy it's still Open. It's a Petition from my friends the Kadyan family in India who run OIPA, a Sanctuary for Exotic or well treatment of animals.  (It is right Under the picture of the Frog.) Try again dear. I told you Michele, my friends would tink your Avatar was so appropriate for here. Goodnight Fruddy and Dottie says woofs to all ur fur-babys. xoxoxo

7 years ago

Now they are killing poor defenseless frogs.  UGH


7 years ago

When I go to the sight, the box to vote isn't there. I too am a member of & have voted there many times. All I have to do is click VOTE & it's done. It ain't happenin' this time. It just won't let me vote!! I'm hoppin mad!!!

7 years ago

I've tried to vote to but cant! It goes to face book which workplace wont allow

7 years ago

If you can't read this newsletter, click here to view it on the web.
Please forward this letter to your friends and colleagues!

Turn Display Images On! SAVE THE FROGS!

Sharp Park Vote Takes Place Monday December 5th!

Dear Lynn,

At long last the City of San Francisco has set a date to vote on the fate of the Sharp Park Wetlands and the endangered California Red-Legged Frogs and San Francisco Garter Snakes that live there. The city is currently draining the wetlands to make way for a taxpayer-subsidized golf course -- and illegally killing endangered frogs in the process.

Please send this letter to the City of San Francisco:

The upcoming vote was prompted by the letters of 1,392 SAVE THE FROGS! supporters; by the 100 people who attended our Save The Frogs Day Rally at City Hall last April (at which Supervisor John Avalos, who introduced the legislation, pledged his support); and by the efforts of the Wild Equity Institute and several San Francisco area environmental and social justice groups.


7 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

7 years ago

close enough to consider attending.
have a friend with a small aircraft.

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