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Good News for Toads
6 years ago
| News

China takes toads off the menu

Updated October 12, 2011 16:46:50

A plan to turn one of Australia's most hated pests into a lucrative export has fallen through.

John Burey, from United Game Processors in south-west Queensland, travelled to China last year to talk to company officials about selling cane toads.

The introduced pest is a prized ingredient in Chinese medicine, and is even eaten by people in certain parts of the country.

But Mr Burey says his contacts in China appear to have lost interest. 

"The Chinese side has just stopped," he says.

"I don't exactly know the details why, other than to say that the contacts and the people we were working with there have lost interest and said that they're not going to be able to bring these animals into the country."

Although the loss of the new market might seem like trivial, it is a double blow for Mr Burey. He used to sell kangaroo meat to Russia, formerly Australia's largest market for the meat.

Russia stopped purchasing roo meat in 2009 amid hygiene concerns.

Despite attempts to restart the trade Russia's government is standing firm.

Mr Burey says the saws at his abattoir have fallen silent and he is pessimistic about the future.

"Even if the Russian market came back it's still a worrying situation for the industry, because we would be right back there with our neck on the block again," he said. - So Sad, Too Bad. For Mr. Burry. LOL, Goodnight all my lil' family. Me and Dottie, xoxo

this is
6 years ago

the kind of success story,that I was trying to say we need to chronicle in a success thread.

Although I love the happy pond, I was trying to give people proof, that we do win a few,every now and then,

great story, Vinnie,you amaza me more, as time goes by.

I wish we could figure something out for your mouth.


hugs from fyre to dottie(she would be the size of one of his squeakies,lol)100 lbs.

and of course from me to you.

Frogs are jumping for joy!
6 years ago

Glad it made you happy.
6 years ago

 And so are all of you. Hugs and Goodnight. I'm off to bed with my flea-bag. lol, 2

Gree Stars & btw..
6 years ago

  I couldn't send you guys green stars so here's some hugs from me and Dottie and to Fyre. Hey Siouz, how about we just Keep this Thread now for other Good News ?  Since we already have so many pretty Graphics here. I just got this one from my first visit to a group some friend Invited me to, called Graphics Galore. Lisa that's a really bright happy frog. Thanks. xoxo

6 years ago

Vinnie was signing off, and had to take a peek....WAHOO and gotta love some good news...Tried to star you, but guess ya gotta wait!  THANK YOU!  Blessings, MmHad to send a few BATS to you this time of year!  xx

6 years ago

Another Success-On-line Petitions Do work.
6 years ago
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Another “Man Bites Dog” Story
246 comments Another “Man Bites Dog” Story


Written by Michael K.

A lot of people probably wonder whether we Internet activists actually accomplish anything. Those people should pay close attention to this story.

More than seven centuries ago, an unnamed Ming Dynasty military hero who was preparing to capture the Chinese town of Jinhua decided to first order the killing of all the dogs in town so they wouldn’t bark and blow his cover. Ever since, our canine friends have been a regional delicacy, and in recent years the locals have honored the ancient warrior’s valiant victory by celebrating an event charmingly called the Zheijiang Jinhua Dog Meat Festival, a three-festival of killing and torture which has caused the deaths of thousands of dogs.

Until now, that is. It seems that this year’s festival, which had been scheduled for mid-October, has instead been canceled by local authorities after a campaign by tens of thousands of online activists and animal lovers flooded the Internet with graphic pictures of, and graphic stories about, the festival (I’ve found some of those pictures. Go search for them yourself if you want to, but be prepared). The resulting bad publicity caused a decision that will spare many of mankind’s best friends a lot of pain and suffering.

And we have no one but ourselves to thank. “I think the government canceled the festival mainly because they are under so much pressure of the netizens,” one Chinese activist told the

6 years ago

absolutely, love that you did this.

You do so much.
fyre says sweet dreams to dottie, you know dogs sleep 16 hours a day statistically, boy do I envy them.
If I could get half of that, it would be a miracle.

big wet fruddy smooches.

hiya muddy fruddy buddies
6 years ago

Great thread Vinnie and Siouxz. Success stories always warm the heart  and bring a smile 


Mr Burry is an (o)!


A widnae like tae sleep 16 oors, most of the day wid be gone! 4-6 oors is ma norm!

6 years ago

It's so great to have you back, you and tj,are the only males here.
balance the group,so the froggies know it's all of us with a heart and mind in the right place.
The evil prince in shrek would never care about a frog,unless he was turned into one by a witch.

6 years ago

Thanks for that Siouxzbuddie



Here's a wee link tae see some toads really enjoying themselves in Bonnie Scotland!

6 years ago

Jist went intae some of the links from last post and there are some stunning pictures tae see!

6 years ago

Hi, everyfroggie!

I had trouble posting for a while. All my posts went into la la land somewhere and I wasn't getting any mail either. Nice to be able to post again. Gotta go into all the threads to see what's goin' on. Lots of good news here. Yay!

Be back soon, I hope!!

Big froggie hugs and smoochies.

6 years ago
The 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day - April 28th, 2012

Dear Lynn,

I am pleased to officially announce the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day: April 28th, 2012.

Save The Frogs Day is not only the world's largest day of amphibian education and conservation action, it is the single most successful and important amphibian conservation campaign in existence. With your assistance, we will grow Save The Frogs Day exponentially, spreading our message of environmental protection to every country, state, province, county, shire, city, town and village on the planet and create a truly frog-friendly human race. Imagine a society that respects and appreciates frogs and the other animals with whom we share this beautiful planet. It's possible, and it's closer than you think. We will succeed -- but we need your support and involvement. Six months from today is the 4th Annual Save The Frogs Day: help us surpass our goal of 200+ events in 30 countries.

Save The Frogs Day 2012
Please post this icon, on your website, blog, or social networking page! Link it to

6 years ago





6 years ago

All of the found and re-discovered species belong to the night frog group, genus Nyctibatrachus.
6 years ago

Twelve new frog species, including one that meows like a cat, were recently found in the forests of Western Ghats, India, according to a paper published in the latest issue of Zootaxa 


Below are the 12 new frogs, starting with the one that meows like a cat. (Several frog species make similar sounds, such as the one in the video here.)



Meowing Night Frog

MEOWING NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus poocha

Daniel's Night Frog

DANIEL'S NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus danieli

Deven's Night Frog

DEVEN'S NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus deveni

Gavi Night Frog

GAVI NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus gavi

Indraneil's Night Frog

INDRANEIL'S NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus indraneili

Jog's Night Frog

JOG'S NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus jog

Periyar Night Frog

PERIYAR NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus periyari

Pillai's Night Frog

PILLAI'S NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus pillaii

Shiradi Night Frog

SHIRADI NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus shiradi

Spinular Night Frog

SPINULAR NIGHT FROG- Nyctibatrachus acanthodermis

Vub Night Frog

VUB NIGHT FROG- Nycyibatrachus vrijeuni

Wayanad Night Frog

6 years ago

are some of them smiling?

6 years ago
Rainbow Toad Rediscovered, Photographed for First Time "Extinct" amphibian seen for first time in 87 years.
The rainbow frog.
The rainbow toad was recently photographed for the first time.

Photograph courtesy Indraneil Das, Conservation International

Ker Than

for National Geographic News

Published July 14, 2011

A colorful, toxic toad that was last seen 87 years ago—and never photographed—has been rediscovered in the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Called the Sambas stream toad or Bornean rainbow toad, the elusive amphibian was last spotted by European explorers in 1924.

The toad has unusually long limbs and a pebbly back covered with bright red, green, yellow, and purple warts.

Like many other colorful amphibians, the toxic toad's appearance is likely a warning to potential predators, said Robin Moore, an amphibian expert with Conservation International.

"You can see the skin is rough, which usually indicates the presence of poison glands," Moore said.

"You probably don't want to put this in your mouth."

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6 years ago

Hi, everybody! Wow, Iain that toad is awesome!! You can't differentiate between the toad and the surrounding leaves because of the similar coloring. Thanks for posting that first time photograph.

Care2 is giving me grief again, so I can't post a picture. This box doesn't show any icons on the top, so I can't control the type or the size or the color. Sometimes the posts go through, sometimes they don't. (Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't. - Please put that to the appropriate music.) Anyway, if you don't hear from me it's not because I don't love you, it's because Care2 doesn't love me!

Thanks Iain, Hi Lynn.
6 years ago

 Awesome Good News. What lovely pictures Iain, well, most aren't that cute but I like that yellowish one and that colourful Poison frog. Sorry Care2, doesn't like you Lynn. We love you. xoxo

6 years ago

in the care2 system,been told by a couple of friends.

ecards,don't show as picked up.

PICK UP YER CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously, Iain,great pics....I saw a horrendous video on rhino pouching today, and started to cry, had to come here.


NEED TO GET THE IMAGE OF THAT POOR WHITE RHINO, out ,and these cute froggies ,in.

Believe me the frogs are a lot prettier than the animal that was bleeding to death through it's open hole, where it's horn used to be.

I know,happy stories.........




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