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URGENT ACTION: Save Frogs from Atazine
7 years ago


Help save endangered frogs! Ask the EPA to ban the weed killer atrazine.

Mt Yellow Legged frogTake Action

We have a chance to finally put an end to the use of a chemical responsible for suffering in both wildlife and people.


Take action! Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to ban the use and production of the deadly herbicide atrazine.

Atrazine causes cancer in mammals, developmental problems in fish and chemically castrates male frogs. It was banned by the European Union in 2004 but it continues to be used almost unchecked in the United States. Its widespread use is pushing entire populations of endangered frogs closer to extinction.


Now is our chance to stop it. Tell the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to ban atrazine for good.


Despite an abundance of research linking it to severe health problems in wildlife and people, 80 million pounds of atrazine are applied annually in the United States making it the most commonly detected pesticide in our waters. Finally ending its use would begin to allow frogs and other impacted species to get on the road to recovery.


The EPA needs to hear from you but there's not much time--the deadline to submit comments is next week. Please take action for endangered frogs and tell the EPA to ban atrazine today!


Tell EPA to Ban Atrazine
7 years ago

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is allowing public input on a petition to ban the endocrine (hormone) disrupting herbicide atrazine. Tell EPA that because atrazine poses unacceptable risks to humans and wildlife, the agency should remove this hazardous pesticide from the market immediately. Submit comments directly to EPA’s atrazine petition docket or sign your organization or business onto Beyond Pesticides’ comments by signing the petition below.


2 parts to this action


1.  Sign Beyond Pesticides Petition by Nov 11th:


2.  Submit a comment to EPA by Nov 14th:!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OPP-2011-0586-0001


Must know your representitive.  You can find them here enter your zip code:


Comments you can make:

The following is an excerpt from Beyond Pesticides' comments to EPA, see the full comments here.


Atrazine is a widely used herbicide whose use over the decades has led to widespread environmental contamination that threatens wildlife as well as public health. About 73-78 million pounds of atrazine are used in the U.S. annually, primarily on corn. The U.S. Geological Survey (USG has routinely found atrazine in rivers and other water bodies at constant levels near or above EPA’s levels of concern. USGS researchers have also found atrazine to adversely affect aquatic organisms. 

Atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor with strong associations with birth defects, cancer, sex reversal and hermaphroditism in animals whose risk to environmental and human health is exacerbated by pervasive surface, ground and drinking water contamination. The European Union and other countries across the globe have banned atrazine, however the agency continues to put U.S. citizens and the environment in harm’s way with the continued use of atrazine. 

In the past, Beyond Pesticides has commented to the agency that atrazine use in the U.S. should be halted. Beyond Pesticides still believes that atrazine poses unreasonable risks to humans and the environment and that risk mitigation measures proposed by EPA and the registrants fail to protect atrazine users and the general public. We hope the agency will take a look again at [studies cited in the comments] and reconsider the current registration on atrazine. 
Atarzine is found in many waterways and is harmful to humans and wildlife. 

7 years ago

nasty stuff.

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thanks Lisa, and my NEW, buddy,Janet
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Signed twice
7 years ago

Thx. Dear Lisa. I also signed on my Hotmail address. Thank you to Siouxz dear and my new friend too Janet. I'll try to make it over to Thistle this weekend. I'm so behind due to weather. Goodnight Fruddy friends.

Hi Everyone! :-)
7 years ago

Signed, thank you Lisa!  Nice weekend to all!

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Thanks you, sadly and sorry I am not here as much as I should be!  DONE!!!  Mm

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Signed. Thanks, Lisa.

Thanks friends
7 years ago

So good to see you again Lynn, Karina and Marilynn. Don't worry about it. You are always welcomed when you can make it in. I'm so behind myself on everything too. Siouxz thanks for that funnt comment you left about Dottie's photo. Mush, Dottie mush. LOL...Well, it seems I'm always saying Goodnight Fruddy friends. hahaha. Dottie says woof-woof to Mandy, Fyre and your cutie Marilynn. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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so good to hearing  from you,have been trying to reach you,

cards,messages,unfortunately ,only one star..

a week, can be such a long time.

loved the pics of dottie.Put some new ones,on my page. THE PETITION;


fruddy hugs,to all


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Save frogs from Atazine
7 years ago

signed Nov 15th..thanks Lisa

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