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Achievements & Milestones-Part 2. All Animals Only Plz.
7 years ago

  A Victory for Mountain Lions in Colorado

Dear Vinnie,

More cats are safe today.

For the past decade, WildEarth Guardians has been the leader in work to safeguard the mountain lions of Colorado. 

Yesterday, we secured another conservation victory when the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission unanimously voted to disallow a lion hunter’s proposal to use electronic &ldquoredator calls” as a means to lure in and shoot mountain lions.

Predator calls come in many forms, but the most common simulate deer fawn, elk calves, or other prey species in distress in order to lure in a native carnivore in the range of a human hunter.

Hunters using predator calls cannot tell the sex of a mountain lion before they shoot.  As a result of our victory, many more mountain lions, and especially females with kittens, will now survive.

Protecting breeding female mountain lions and their dependent kittens from hunting represents a paramount concern to WildEarth Guardians. Over the last decade, we brought three mountain lion hunter education program to fruition. The first such program enacted any where occurred in 2005 in Colorado  because of our sustained campaign. Since then, we also secured mandatory hunter education programs in the States of New Mexico and Montana.

We also argued before the Commission that the use of predator calls is unsporting and unethical. 

We applaud the Parks and Wildlife Commission for unanimously  shutting down this bad proposal. It follows on the heels of other victories we have obtained for Colorado’s mountain lions: 

  • A biologically-defensible mountain lion management plan for Colorado.
  • The employment of Ken Logan, PhD, a highly credited lion biologist, who is conducting a 10-year study of lions on the Uncompaghre Plateau.
  • And a substantial reduction in the lion-hunting quota.
  • Mandatory hunter education to protect breeding females and kittens.

Not only beautiful, lions represent a vital piece of Colorado’s natural heritage. Modulating deer populations in Colorado so they don’t overbrowse the environment, mountain lions on the landscape increase biological diversity and functional, vibrant ecosystems.

WildEarth Guardians remains vigilant in our quest to protect and conserve Colorado’s biggest cat, the mountain lion via our Carnivore Protection Campaign.

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful victory for mountain lions!

For the Wild,

Wendy Keefover
Carnivore Protection Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

photo credit: Richard Badger

Mountain lion kittens often stay with their mothers until they are 10 months and even up to 24 months.

7 years ago

Wonderful and informative article, Vinnie. Thanks so much for posting it.

7 years ago





7 years ago

Great post Vinnie

7 years ago

SAVE THE FROGS! featured in today's LA Times

Dear Lynn,

SAVE THE FROGS' campaign to stop the importation of several million non-native American Bullfrogs into the state of California each year is getting worldwide attention today thanks to Louis Sahagun's article that appears in today's LA Times. As you may recall, on May 19, 2010 I testified at the California Fish & Game Commission's hearing on this issue, where they voted for the second time to stop issuing permits for the importation of non-native frogs and turtles into the state for use as food. Unfortunately, the California Department of Fish & Game has gone against the Commission's orders, and the Commission has done nothing to correct the problem. SAVE THE FROGS! is working hard to get California Governor Jerry Brown to ban the importation, sale, release and possession of American Bullfrogs in the state, and this article will go a long way toward bringing much-needed recognition to the issue -- and ensuring our success.

Read the LA Times article here, and please leave a comment.
Thanks Lynn
7 years ago

That is good news about the Worldwide exposure this will generate. Thanks for posting.  Also hello Iain and Janet from the Fell Good Pond. Everyone I started a Chapter 2, To Be Continued as that other Thread was getting too long. O.k? Goodnight Fruddy Buddys. Huggles..

7 years ago

Siouxz and Wendy I couldn't send you green stars so I'm sending Hugs.    So glad you liked it and I like that Rainbow Smiley.

so,you understand
7 years ago

dear fruddies,

I have sent out happy evacuation day cards.

they might confuse you.

evuacuation day.11/25

is when the British left n.y, in 1783 after the revolutionary war.

seven  years of torturing prisoners of war,on large prison ships.

They finally left for good, a real ending to war.A rare sight,indeed.

since,I don't celebrate thanksgiving....self explanatory.

fruddy hugs

enjoy the days of thanks,though.

as john wayne would have said"happy thanksgiving,pilgrims"peter

From the Chinese grp. I belong to
7 years ago
Hong Kong Customs Seizes Rhino Horns, Ivory Worth Millions
1 week ago

HONG KONG, China, November 16, 2011 ENS - Hong Kong Customs officials Monday smashed a smuggling case and seized 33 rhino horns, 758 ivory chopsticks and 127 ivory bracelets with a total value of about US$17.4 million.


Full news:

7 years ago

My mac is working again. I was down for 3 days. I'm reading some very good news here. I like reading good news. I also just read where Save the Frogs won $25,000 from the Chase charity site. I'm happy to say I voted for them. Siouxz, I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving either. Mainly because I don't celebrate the the killing of animals for consumption which is what it's all about it seems. I fully understand your reasoning also. I love Hugs Vinnie! Lynn, good to see you again.

7 years ago

So good to see everybody again. Had a looong holiday weekend. Went to my daughter's house Wednesday night, Thursday morning we left for my granddaughter's house (a 2 hour drive) for Thanksgiving dinner. Saw, held, kissed, hugged and cuddled my great-grandbaby. He's so adorable. That night we went home and I slept over my daughter's house cause she was cooking her own turkey on Friday. Came home at night and then on Saturday my granddaughter came down our way to surprise my daughter on her birthday. We further surprised her by taking her to a female impersonator night club. We had a blast. I know I didn't say anything about froggies, but next time I will. Sending big hugs and kisses to everyone.

benefits of being
7 years ago

a grandmother,you can always hand a crying baby back to it's mom, no worries,lol

Woo-hoo for our Grizzley Bears..
7 years ago Yellowstone Coalition

Dear Vinnienopetitio,

We have great news to share with you!

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has just announced that it is upholding the Greater Yellowstone Coalition's 2009 court victory which restored Endangered Species Act protections for this region's isolated population of grizzly bears.

grizzly sow and cubs photoPhoto courtesy of Cindy Goeddel.

Celebrate this important victory with us!
Supporters like you have helped ensure the last remaining grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone have a chance for long-term survival. Thank you!

The judges agreed with us that the grizzly remains vulnerable in Greater Yellowstone due to the dramatic decline of the whitebark pine, a critical food source that has a direct impact on the bear's ability to reproduce. Two of the three judges criticized the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for a “damn-the-torpedoes approach” to removing protections.

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition was created nearly 30 years ago to protect habitat for grizzly bears and other wildlife that, like the bear, needs large, wild landscapes. 

This decision speaks to our core work: making sure that grizzly bears have the land and food they need to thrive for generations to come. We are pleased that the remaining 600 grizzly bears are still protected until a viable, long-term management plan is in place.

Climate change, habitat fragmentation and loss of an important food source pose great threats to this unique population of grizzlies, which have suffered record mortality in two of the past three years. The court's ruling sends an important message to the Fish & Wildlife Service: Greater Yellowstone's grizzlies need protections until the agency can show their recovery is sustainable.

The Greater Yellowstone Coalition will now work to ensure that the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service creates a plan that responds to the bear’s current threats.

Since you are one of our most valued supporters, we wanted you to be the first to know.

Thanks again for all you do for the wildlife in this precious ecosystem.

For grizzlies,

mike clark photo_web

Mike Clark, Executive Director

Mike Clark
Executive Director

go grizzlies
7 years ago

what a wonderful way to meet the day.
I see successful endeavors, encouraging.
What we do MATTERS.
thanks vinnie.
will keep on keeping on.

7 years ago






If they
7 years ago

leave their gallbladders,alone.
don't even understand the market for bear gallbladders....
the gall,of people.
reminds me of what the buffalo went through being hunted for just skin and tongue,then left to rot.
where do these poor excuses for human beings,come from?I wish I could say,aliens or mutants....just plain old sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good News from Iain, our Sweetie.
7 years ago
Bit OLD NEWS but still good news eh!
20 hrs ago
Bony-headed toads to breed in Scotland

Colony of rare toads have arrived at Deep Sea World to start breeding and help save the species from climate change.

23 March 2011 12:49 GMT

Bony-headed toads to breed in Scotland

Toads: The amphibians are being brought to Scotland to breed. Pic: © Gerardo Garcia Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

A colony of unusual amphibians has arrived in Scotland as part of an international effort to save the species.


The bony-headed toads have been sent to Deep Sea World in North Queensferry as part of a new captive breeding programme.

They were born at the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust on Jersey in the Channel Islands and it is hoped that by creating another breeding group in the UK they will be protect the species.


Deep Sea World aquarist, Paul Strachan, said: “Very little is known about the population status of this species in the wild but there is a concern that numbers are decreasing.

“Our colony will assist with the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s work to study the toads’ breeding strategies and, hopefully, not only help to protect this species but also other amphibians worldwide which are also under increasing threat.”


The toads live around streams in China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Although the species is not currently endangered, they are being affected by climate change and disease.

7 years ago

Glad everyone is enjoying the Good news. Don't forget to check my friend, Paola G.'s Story up above from her Chinese group, altho she is in Italy. Still good news. .....Iain I re-Posted your story over here because it was in the wrong Thread at the Feel Good Pond. o.k ? Really goodnight this time. I'm beat.. xoxoxo

7 years ago

great story.

the bone looks like it's protruding from his back,not his head.

lol,naming's of species.

darwin must have had a sense of humor.

7 years ago
Yang Guang settles in to his new enclosure. Photo by Rob McDougallYang Guang settles into his new enclosure at Edinburgh Zoo
Continue reading the main story Related Stories

Two giant pandas are settling in "very well" in their new home at Edinburgh Zoo but are "jet lagged", officials have confirmed.

Tian Tian and Yang Guang, who arrived from China on Sunday by specially-chartered jet, are the first giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years.

They have been sleeping and eating in a two-hour sequence in a bid to recover from their long journey.

They go on public display from Friday 16 December.

First Minister Alex Salmond has met Chinese vice-premier Li Keqiang in China to discuss further business links, and has personally thanked him for sending the pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

Gary Wilson, Edinburgh Zoo's director of business operations, said: "They are getting on very well. We were really surprised how well they settled into their enclosure.

"They are obviously quite jet lagged.

"They are in a strange sequence of sleeping for two hours and eating for two hours, a bit like most humans when they fly half way around the world.

"They are very active within the internal area, they are walking around, they are doing a lot of eating of bamboo, scenting the area and getting familiarised, just like when you have a new home yourself."

Tian Tian the panda is unloaded from a plane at Edinburgh AirportTian Tian was first to be taken off the plane

A panda cam is set to start beaming live pictures from their enclosure in the next few days.

the kind
7 years ago

of pandemic that brings joy,not sorrow

thanks shrek for sharing

you,the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope they have pandamonium.........,no bears

so I give fruddy hugs....

7 years ago

saw an article about the 12 new species of frogs,found in the amazon....

definitely worth checking out...

wish I could remember where I saw it.....DUH ....

Here it is Siouxz...
7 years ago


12 New Species of Frogs Discovered in The Amazon
12 New Species of Frogs Discovered in The Amazon

Animals  (tags: animals, animaladvocates, animalwelfare, protection, humans, wildanimals, wildlife, GoodNews, environment )

- 2 hours ago -
Colorado State University biologist discovers new and wider varieties of frog species in Amazon basin than previously recorded
Frogs and Toads and Bears, Oh my !!
7 years ago

Great Scotland is trying to help in saving these precious Pandas. They are sooo cute. BTW...Again I ask that you check out the story from Paola, a few lines up under The Chinese group. Very good news. Hugs to all Fruddies. xoxo

Good news from Tibet.
7 years ago
Tibetans Attack Chinese Slaughterhouse
3 days ago


Tibetans Attack Slaughterhouse

Tibetan herders angered at the theft of their livestock attacked a Chinese-owned slaughterhouse in Sichuan this week, demolishing the building and scattering meat along the road, a Tibetan source said.

Full article:



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12 new species!
7 years ago

great news about the Amazon frogies Siouxz and Vinnie


Looks tae me that the Yak's are being stolen Vinnie eh!


The reasons for the Panda's coming tae Scotland....


Hey Vinnie, their names mean Sunshine and Sweetie!!

Why Are We Bringing Giant Pandas to Scotland?

One of the key roles of zoos is to contribute to international breeding programmes to help conserve endangered species. Prior to the recent earthquake in Sichuan province it was estimated only 1,500 to 2,000 giant pandas remained in the wild and they are therefore classified as ‘endangered’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). It is not known how many survived this natural disaster but the need for a worldwide captive breeding programme is now justified more than ever before.

The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group for giant pandas at the IUCN states that, in order to ensure the survival of giant pandas, there should be a captive population of 300 – there are currently only around 200.

By participating in the breeding programme for giant pandas we would be contributing to this goal and making a tangible difference to the future of this amazing species.

Why Edinburgh Zoo?

Edinburgh Zoo would be only the eighth zoo in the western hemisphere and the only zoo in the UK to care for giant pandas. To be considered by the Chinese Government, we had to demonstrate that we had the commitment and expertise to care for this species. Edinburgh Zoo has an excellent record for breeding endangered species and a world-renowned reputation for providing expert, specialist care for exotic animals.   

why not china?
7 years ago

I've been to " the best little commune,oops,neighborhood," in rural china.

ANYWHERE,would be an

the streets have open sewers, and pigs run through town on the loose,if they are lucky to be saved from the open bbq pits,where they always have one roasting.

Got the runs from brushing my teeth with their water, we may think that china is on the cutting edge;maybe in the higher echelons in shanghai. But, for the rest , china is still backwards and upside down.Any animals we can save from their appetites, and negligence,will be an improvement for that species....

wish we could get the puppies, and kittens ,they use for phoenix dragon soup(an anti aging concoction).

Iain, and Siouxz.
6 years ago

Siouxz, my gosh, you've been around.. Wish I could travel, anywhere. Iain, I went to Edinburgh Zoo and loved it except for the hike, but they had trams. I was nose to nose thru glass with a Snow Leopard. She was Gorgeous. But felt sorry for her being there instead out in the wild. Anyhoo, Time for a New Chapter. This Thread is getting too long. To be Continued...

6 years ago

Aye Vinnie, a agree pal that it's a shame that we huv tae sometimes cage animals, purely so that their species survives from human slaughter!!


A better no say that Siouxz's "been around" ... Here in Scotland that wid be me callin Siouxz a slapper

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