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Vote to help Save the Frogs
7 years ago
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Help Save the Frogs Win $100,000 for Amphibian Conservation!
Help Save the Frogs Win $100,000 for Amphibian Conservation!

Save the Frogs! is in the running for the top prize of $100,000 in the Chase Community Giving Contest, which ends November 22. The top 100 charities win $25,000 or more. You must have a Facebook account to vote. Find them at:
Thanks Lisa
7 years ago

Sorry I don't have a Facebook account and don't want one. But I do have Save the here so I've Signed other stuff there. However many poeple here have Facebook and I know they'll come thru.

me either
7 years ago

won't use facebook,or social media.

this place is the only place I post.

and intermittently,at that.

I'll just do what Vinnie(so wise) did.

7 years ago

I'm hardly ever on fb...too much on care2 for that. Voted & shared on fb tho. I do that a lot. What an adorable pic!!

Where there is a "will" there is a way
7 years ago

I do not have a FB account either, but my daughter I asked
her to sign in and vote in my honor. I will do all I can to save the Frogies.

I avoid fb
7 years ago

like the plague.
will find gullible friends, to vote.
Facebook is too intrusive. , and once you join.
It's like the mafia, you can't unjoin, or remove information.

aye,aye tae that Siouxz
7 years ago

Ma mam's oan facebook and she's been trying tae get aff it fur ages!! Care2 is enough fur me tae keep oot o mischief lol


Huv a guid Friday and rock the weekend fruddies!!

when everyone
7 years ago

realizes how bad fb is, it will own them, and be too late.

been saying it for years.

saw an interview with the ceo of google, he said"I never put,personal info on google,it's there forever."

I took that to heart,if google is afraid of google,so should we all be.

facebook,being ten times worse,because you volunteer the information,that could be used against you,should things in your life,change.

7 years ago


7 years ago

Oh oh, I guess I'm one of the gullible ones. I'm very seldom there anyway. I have an excellent spam thing & will more than likely never get a virus. That's why I got a Mac...even tho I can hardly do anything! At least my vote helped the frogs.

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