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PETITION: Save the CA Red Frog No to Sharp Park Golf Course
6 years ago
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Protect Wetlands and Endangered Species


San Francisco's Mayor Ed Lee has vetoed legislation designed to protect the city's Sharp Park Wetlands and the endangered California Red-Legged Frogs and San Francisco Garter Snakes that live there.

The city currently operates a golf course on the property. The course was built on top of the wetlands, which the city pumps out to sea to improve playing conditions – at the expense of the multitude of wildlife species that depend on the site's rare wetland habitat. Over 95% of California's coastal wetlands have been destroyed or damaged.

"Golf is a game; it is not crucial to life on this planet, and there are over 10,000 golf courses in the USA. Wetlands however, are not a game; they are a matter of life or death for a large number of endangered species" said Dr. Kerry Kriger, founder of Save The Frogs, an amphibian conservation organization based in Santa Cruz, California.

6 years ago


Signed. Thank you, Lisa!

CA red frog..rhNKA
6 years ago

signed Dec 23rd..thanks Lisa and happy New Year to all

Help Save The Sharp Park Wetlands!
6 years ago

Please send this letter and urge the City of San Francisco to vote YES on legislation that would shut down the city's frog-killing Sharp Park Golf Course and turn the Sharp Park Wetlands over to the National Park Service.


Double your impact:


Please CALL Mayor Ed Lee's office at (415) 554-6141 right now and say:
"I am calling to ask Mayor Lee please RESCIND THE SHARP PARK VETO. By vetoing the legislation without ever meeting with environmental groups the Mayor has labeled himself as ANTI-ENVIRONMENT, he has damaged San Francisco's reputation as a progressive leader and he has extended the death sentence that endangered frogs face every time the City uses taxpayer money to pump the Sharp Park Wetlands out to sea. The Mayor blew a brilliant opportunity and should redeem himself by rescinding the veto immediately. Thanks."

Calling is best, but if you cannot call, please email him at:

6 years ago

Petition signed and letter sent.   Thank you Lisa.
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This post was modified from its original form on 31 Dec, 22:03
6 years ago

Thank you Lisa went to check and signed already but #'s only 441!  Distressings to say the least!

6 years ago

New Petition: Save San Francisco's red-legged frog!

Save San Francisco's red-legged frog!


San Francisco Sharp Park employees adamantly deny that they moved frog eggs and killed frogs last year in the process of pumping and draining the park's golf course. Meanwhile, multiple environmental groups complain that the evidence is clear and park workers are repeat offenders. This is the kind of war you can expect when a golf course lands on the habitat of a beautiful and threatened species. 

While the courts sort out the guilt or innocence of park employees, it's time to consider whether golf and frogs really mix well. Golf courses require dry, relatively sterile fields. Frogs require plenty of scrub and wetlands, especially for egg laying and for their tadpole young. The solution is out there: Turn Sharp Park over to the National Parks Service and and let federal managers return it to its natural state. Tell San Francisco's city leaders to transfer management of the park to the federal government!

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6 years ago

Signed and twittered.

Great post Lisa
6 years ago

signed buddie

6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Thx. Lisa
6 years ago

Signed that Red Legged Frog one. Did the other one before. What a cute red frog, and he really does look red. For everyone that Signs, this is   

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