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Ribbit, Ribbit, ur 1st, Froggy of 2012..Enjoy & Relax.
6 years ago

         Yellow-spotted bell frog The Yellow bellied Frog, which you can't see. LOL

and the magical pond
6 years ago


to put it in,for the innocence of this little girl evokes fairies and purity

6 years ago

We'll go one further and have the water move for the frog to jump right in and swim away while the little girl watches it.

6 years ago

magic is this, Lynn?
amazing! !!!!!!
you are the coolest chickie in Florida, lol

6 years ago

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Siouxz (said she, blushing). lol  I love making animations and "tags". I made the one that I sent with Mickey and Minnie cruisin' in the car. When I'm doing those things it relaxes me like nothing else can. One of my latest....I think you'll like the horsie. lol

6 years ago

Very cool Lynn. Next to my daughter, you ARE the coolest chickie in Fla. I thought I had made a comment regarding this beautiful yellow bellied frog earlier today. Hmmm...wonder what happened? I hope I'm not losing my only computer skill !!!

Wow, what a Responce.
6 years ago

Thanks Siouxz for the Pond and Lynn for making the water wavy. I haven't had time to study, as I'm so behind I still have 3 Halloween cards to pick up. Either power out from strong winds or my allergies. Wendy dear, it's called Senior Moment". LOL.. You can kinda sorta see the yellow bumps under his belly, kinda yucky. lol. Lynn when you have time can you Share that Horse Graphic under New Topic at our Horse group "Thundering Hoofs".? Wait, I'll try first before I go to bed. Not even gonna check my E-mails as there are hundreds, really.   all from me and Dottie.

Chickie ?? Lynn ??
6 years ago

Would that be a Spring Chicken you mean Siouxz and Wendy ?And she's just eating it all up too, "Ain't you, Lynn"?  LOL..I love how we have so much fun together.  And now The Fairies to go with our froggie in the pond...              

6 years ago

Yer awe spring chickens in ma eyes fruddy buddies..


Great magical pond Siouxz and Lynn. A kin always go there when am stressed oot,tryin tae cope being the only male froggie here! Ribbit,Ribbit  



poor Iain
6 years ago

has to put up with all of us crazy ladies.
feel so sorry for you....
lol, just kidding.
fruddy hugs from me and fyre.
We love you very much.

6 years ago

Thanks fur understanding Siouxz, and thanks fur yer kind wurds pal.. 


Thinking of, and keeping ma fingers that Fyre gets well soon!     big Scottish hug fur the two of ye, look out..

6 years ago

you got,flying smooches...

thanks,sending doggie licks,(don't worry it's not contagious)

and big wet kisses,from the western u.s.I think I got my emoticons reversed,lol

Awww, Iain how sweet.
6 years ago

We're all Spring Chickies. Wow, I never been called a Lassie before.  You know Lassie was a Dog ? LOL..I know it's a term of endearment tho. I have been called Crazy and a Hippie. LOL.. And now our Froggy can go to the Pond with the Fairies.  Darn Raccoon ate threw wires in attic , he's up there now, I can hear him. Electrician finally made it over last night and set me up with some lights for now and Snow storm coming. Hope Animal can get him before he does more damage. Gotta call Insurance, get to store for food. If you don't see me, I'm really so busy. But I love ya all dearly. Siouxz, Dottie sends Fyre Wolfy Hugs.   xoxoxo

hey fruddy buddies!
6 years ago

             nut, cannae find ye Vinnie!!  Am covered in dug slavers noo fi Dottie and Fyre


Am off tae that pond up there fur a swim and some R & R!

Fruddy hugs to all..

6 years ago

Well, I finally finished A Dance With Dragons so I have time now to visit the magical pond & maybe dance with the fairies. It's good to be back. I hope you get your raccoon problem fixed Vinnie, but hope they don't kill it. I have mice & who knows what in mine, but at least they're small. Hope all you fruddies are doin' ok. Thanx for the hugs & right back at ya!

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