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Acheivements & Milestones. Part 3. Animals Only.
6 years ago


GOOD NEWS! Eco-Toilets Help Save Hippos and Birds in Kenya
GOOD NEWS! Eco-Toilets Help Save Hippos and Birds in Kenya

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- 41 minutes ago -
The toilets collect and mix human waste with ash. After several months have passed the waste can be safely used as a fertilizer for crops, allowing the villagers to grow more crops without having to convert further wetlands. Furthermore eco-san toilets a

  Holy Crap, Batman !! LOL.. 

Zoo’s big cat is first animal to undergo pioneering technique
6 years ago

Hey Vinnie......





Ipoh was back on his feet shortly after surgery, thanks to the use of a PretzelFlex, below, to operate




AFTER months of being out of sorts, losing weight and behaving quietly, a rare big cat at Edinburgh Zoo has undergone pioneering keyhole surgery.




Vets were forced to take action when Ipoh – a two-year-old Asian Golden Cat – showed no signs of improving.

Preliminary examinations had showed small cysts in some organs, but offered no explanation as to what they were or how to treat them.

Experts earlier this week carried out a liver and kidney biopsy to investigate further, using a pretzel-shaped surgical instrument – the PretzelFlex – which has never before been used on an animal.

Romain Pizzi, a veterinary surgeon for the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland based at the zoo, said: “I am pleased to say the whole procedure was a great success and we hope to get Ipoh back to full health soon.

“Over the last few months Ipoh has lost weight, behaved more quietly and has had a dull, poorly groomed coat which led us to believe he was ill.”

The pioneering technology allowed Mr Pizzi to fully explore all Ipoh’s abdominal organs and he will now examine whether the cat – one of three housed at the zoo – has polycystic disease.

Shortly after surgery Ipoh was up, behaving normally and went on to enjoy his evening meal – something which would not have been possible if the procedure had not been carried out using keyhole techniques.

Such surgery is routine in humans, yet the standard procedure in animals is still open abdominal surgery.

Working under the direction of Simon Girling, head of the veterinary service, surgeon Romain Pizzi has performed over 500 minimally invasive surgical procedures on zoo and wildlife species ranging in size from 20 grams to almost a tonne.

Two years ago, he became the first vet to carry out life-saving keyhole surgery on a reindeer.

Asian Golden Cats are native to south Eastern Asia. About three times bigger than a domestic cat they are distinct by their golden colour and spotting.

They are classified as “near threatened” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, are solitary animals and face threats from hunting for their fur, and habitat loss due to rapid deforestation occurring over large areas of their habitat.

According to mythology in some areas of Thailand, the burning of Asian Golden Cats’ fur is supposed to drive tigers away, and they are called Seua fai, meaning “fire tiger”. Some believe that even carrying a single hair has the same effect. 

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Four Happy Tales & one Adoptee.
6 years ago
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January 6, 2012
Transported Dog
Dozens of Dogs Transported from SC to Midwest Find Homes
Last fall, the ASPCA Animal Relocation Initiative transported 41 dogs who had spent months or years in an animal shelter in South Carolina. Shelters in Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota took these pups in, and within weeks, most of the dogs had already been adopted! Read more...
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White House Puppy Mill Petition Answered!
The USDA has issued a promising response to a petition requesting action on puppy mills. Read about the agency’s plans to improve oversight of commercial dog breeders.
O.K.,that looks like it didn't Post right.
6 years ago

My story had 5, don't know. Maybe the article was too long. Iain Sweetie thanks, too bad the pictures didn't come up. Did you scroll over them? But I can see if I can find a pic of them and Post it. o.k ?

Asian Golden Cat
6 years ago

As an Adult.       golden_cat.jpg





 And  as a Baby.    





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6 years ago

vinnie,he started out so dark.

now,very beautiful.


6 years ago

 for posting these pictures Vinnie. A dinnae ken why ma pictures didnae work! The Asian Golden Cat (Adult) looks like it's scowling eh! Must have been naughty and got a telling off!...

 Baby kitty is tooo cute!

a question
6 years ago

the petsmart here,does greyhound adoptions through the aspca..
they also carry animals for sale...what a quandry.
what to do, support the greyhound problem...a large one,here
or boycott petsmart?  
already not buying any treats from china,,,just go there for dental stix,and greenies for fyre's teeth...dentistry being so important.

feel like no answer is the right one, mixed up.

6 years ago

Dinnae think too much aboot it Siouxz, go wi yer gut instinct, it's whit you'll be comfy wi


Seems a long way tae go (china) jist tae get dental stix.. 


Hope Fyre's health is improving

thanks Iain
6 years ago

I'm no veterinarian,but I would say,he is getting better...

the moaning has all but ceased...

he is really hungry the last two days, even though still limping the slightest bit,

hope it was an injury,like a twist,and not part of the disease.

Just care that he is eating,hasn't started playing with his toys ,yet...

that's the next milestone,and I will know for sure...he used to bring one of his stuffed animals into the room,whenever he came , can't wait to see him do it again...fingers crossed.

I swear he
6 years ago

reads my posts,just brought me his moo moo,cow squeakie.

we name all his "pets".

6 years ago

great news Siouxz, not long till you see him running again pal!

6 years ago

Siouxz, so glad to hear about Fyre's improvement. That's got to be such a relief! I know he's not out of the woods yet, but still, good news. My cat Lucy is letting me know how displeased she is regarding my new cat Sitiya, by pooping in various places around the house. Grrrr that makes me very irate to say the least. I like the fact that there's some very good news here. The Asian cat is very beautiful. I'm glad the surgery worked. I'm going to check out the ASPCA blogs now so see ya!

6 years ago

fruddies,for all the well wishes.So many people loving fyre,he just has to get better.
I tell you,it was really hard to walk into the hospital on the day after xmas,when only 3 years prior, my 2 year old dog died there on new years day...
oh,the memories upon walking in,even had the same nurse...
then,when the dr.called, and said,she was having a fight with the radiologist,I almost lost it.
Thinking, it's happening all over again.
"AS I SAY IT,SO IT SHALL BE DONE" The Lakota takeback ceremony

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Siouxz, I name the dog toys too.
6 years ago

So glad he bought you moo-moo. Aren't we silly with our babies ? Posting Good news now.

Great News !!!
6 years ago
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January 27, 2012
Rescued Pups
Dog Fighter, Cat Abuser Face the Consequences in ASPCA Cruelty Cases
We’re marking two more courtroom victories in our fight against animal cruelty. In Virginia, a dog fighter got hard time, and in New York City, a man who starved and neglected his cat was sentenced nearly two years after the ASPCA seized his animal. Read more...
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Good News Post from Vinnie and Lynn.
6 years ago
3 days ago
| News

City of Santa Cruz bans American Bullfrogs!


At the request of myself and SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Chris Berry, the City of Santa Cruz voted unanimously yesterday to ban the sale, release, importation and possession of American Bullfrogs. This makes Santa Cruz the first city in the country to take such a step, and sets an important precedent for other localities to follow. The non-native bullfrogs spread chytrid fungus and prey on native wildlife, and California is currently importing several million of the bullfrogs into the state each year.

This is the first piece of legislation SAVE THE FROGS! has gotten passed. On February 28, 2012 the County of Santa Cruz will vote on similar legislation and we are currently petitioning the Governor Jerry Brown to make statewide bullfrog legislation. Our ultimate goal implement similar bans in all the western states to which they are non-native; this is one of the simplest steps legislators can take to benefit their local environments.

Click here to hear SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Chris Berry discuss the bullfrog ban.

Read our bullfrog press release here and learn more about bullfrogs here.

Thanks to SAVE THE FROGS! Advisory Committee Member Chris Berry for making this happen. Chris, Michael Starkey, Miles Young, Eric Mills and I all spoke at yesterday's hearing. We were pleasantly surprised that on top of approving the ordinance, the City Council members offered to also send a letter to Governor Jerry Brown asking him to take action on this issue as well!

Lynn, about Bullfrogs.
6 years ago

I didn't Delete your Post, Care2 did by accident. I just moved the Bullfrog story here because I thought it belonged under the Good News Thread. If you wish to and when you have time. Can you post that other stuff again. I didn't get to read it all yet. I'm sooo dizzy. Goodnight, fruddie buddie, Dottie is already knocked out, dreaming about a play-date with Mandy and Fyre. xo

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