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Amazing frogs
4 years ago

Pinocchio-nose frog (no scientific name yet).


 The Pinocchio-nosed frog was discovered recently during a wildlife expedition to Indonesia’s remote Foja Mountains. This long-nosed frog, a tree frog, has a spike on its nose that points upward when the male is calling but deflates and points downward when he is less active. You can see the Pinocchio-frog and the other newly discovered species on the National Geographic site.

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4 years ago

Great name that Martina, and a lot more handsome than my "purple frog".. love the big cute eyes!


..."points downward when he's less active"    (sorry!)


Going to the N G site to have a peek! Thanks for posting Martina

4 years ago

What a cute frog! Yes, Iain, it's way cuter than your purple one. It sounds like you're familiar with the downward pointing Iain. (Insert proper icon here). Thanx for the post Martina. I too will head on over to Nat. Geo.

Gracias Martina
4 years ago

I agree Iain, He does have cute big eyes. You just can't behave, can you?  .   Et tu Wendy ?  Insert icon here. ,    Goodnight fruddy-buddys from me & Dottie.

Blue Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobatidae)
4 years ago


 Blue Poison Dart Frog is variously called as dart-poison frog, poison frog or some times even poison arrow frog. This frog is very attractive to see with its yellow bands in black. This variety of frog is very common in some regions and is a member of the family of frogs called Dendrobatidae. This variety of frogs is generally found in the South and Central American regions.

Tomato Frog (Dyscophus Antongilii)
4 years ago


 The Tomato Frog or Crapaud Rouge De Madagascar (Dyscophus antongilii) is a variety of frog mainly found in Madagascar. They live in tropical and subtropical wetlands, grasslands, rivers, marshes, plantations, freshwater bodies, ponds, canals, swamps, wetland forests, etc. They face the danger of habitat loss.

4 years ago

Their bonnie froggies Martina. The Tomato Frog is shaped like a heart...Thanks fur posting.

Hey Wendy, a dinnae ken whit yer meaning!  and Vinnie, a kin behave masell........sometimes!!! 

a frog rainbow
4 years ago

great pics, what a variety! !
sorry, I've been really busy, Fyre has complications that need constant attention.
Fruddy hugs from me and fyre.
We hope to have better news soon.

Siouxz sis
4 years ago

I just knew Fyre was the reason I didn't see you.  Dottie  is feeling under the weather too. Her paws freeze real fast and I have to run out in my slippers and robe on to help her walk, and she has some kind of hic-cups that sounds weird, but I have no money. Thank God I know my Vet will work out a payment plan with me because I paid him off before. So my credit is good with him, well with anybody in Town except stinkin Bank of America. Jerks. Grrr, don't get me started. We are all praying for you Siouxz and Fyre. Goodnight fruddy-buddys.  

BTW, Martina
4 years ago

Your right Iain sweetie, that Red Tomato Frog does look like a Heart shape. I didn't notice it till you pointed it out, altho my eyes are watery from my Allergies. Pero Martina, a mi me gusta el Rana Azul. Que curriosito. Gracias nuestros amiga. xo

4 years ago

When I saw the pic of the red frog & before I read about it, my first thought was tomato. A perfectly god name for i! Yes, it does have a heart like body! I probably wouldn't have noticed it either except for the keen eye of Iain. He's probably trying to get the attention away from his downward pointing problem!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice diversion, Iain. Damn, you're good!! Oh, Siouxz, I hope Fyre recoups. I know what it's like, so prayers still going out to you both. Vinnie, I'm glad you have a vet who'll work with you. Mine has also done some nice things for me ( but I think without the vet's knowledge). The staff is wonderful. Blessings to all. Sweet dreams my buddies!! Fruddy's rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

Maria, I forgot to thank you for the wonderful posts & pics. Gracias!!

4 years ago

Maria, I forgot to thank you for the wonderful posts & pics. Gracias!!

4 years ago

Hope Vinnie, Fyre, and Dottie feel better soon!


A dinnae huv a D.P.P  problem Wendy but am gettin really worried aboot ye!!!!!!! Why huv ye posted twice????, (did ye forget ye hud awready posted???)   Who's Maria?????  


Dinnae worry tooooo much pal, it happens tae me annaw. There called C.R.A.F.T moments!!  


aye,aye tae that...fruddy's rule!


fruddy 's  to all.

4 years ago

Thanks for the article

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