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New Species, The Pac-Man Frog. lol
6 years ago
Pac-Man Frog, Cowboy Frog, Armored Catfish, More

Science & Tech  (tags: Pac-Man Frog, Cowboy Frog, Armored Catfish, More )

- 4 hours ago -

Scientists also saw a Suriname horned frog, or Pac-Man frog--a "voracious sit-and-wait predator," according to Conservation International. Its exceptionally wide mouth allows it to swallow prey that is nearly as large as its own body, including mice and  other smaller frogs too. 
6 years ago

Don't bother clicking on any of the other links because I only Copied this one article. The rest was news from Nat'l. Geo Mag., and was too long and would have broken the page. This is the Gist tho.

Meowing night frog
6 years ago


 A unique "catcall" inspired the name of the meowing night frog (pictured), one of 12 new species of frogs found recently in western India, a new study says.

The 1.4-inch (3.5-centimeter) frog Nyctibatrachus poocha—"poocha" meaning "domestic cat" in the local Indian language—has a "secretive lifestyle," hiding out inside rock crevices in the states of Western Ghats-Kerala and Tamil Nadu, said Biju Das, a biologist at the University of Delhi.

Between 1994 and 2010, Das and colleagues scoured forests along Indian's western coast for nocturnal, stream-dwelling frogs in the poorly studied genus Nyctibatrachus. In addition to revealing the 12 new species, the team rediscovered 3 species thought extinct, according to the study, published September 15 in the journalZootaxa.

6 years ago

Very funny the Pac-man frog!

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