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Noted - Treasure Trove of Wildlife Found in Peru Park
6 years ago
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ScienceDaily (Feb. 2, 2012) The Wildlife Conservation Society's (WCS ) Peru program recently announced the discovery of 365 species previously undocumented in Bahuaja Sonene National Park (BSNP) in southeastern Peru.


Fifteen researchers participated in the inventory focusing on plant life, insects, birds, mammals, and reptiles. The discovery included: thirty undocumented bird species, including the black-and-white hawk eagle, Wilson's phalarope, and ash colored cuckoo; two undocumented mammals -- Niceforo's big-eared bat and the Tricolored Bat; as well as 233 undocumented species of butterflies and moths. This expedition was especially important because it was the first time that research of this scale has been carried out in Bahuaja Sonene National Park since it was created in 1996.


"The discovery of even more species in this park underscores the importance of ongoing conservation work in this region," said Dr. Julie Kunen, WCS Director of Latin America and Caribbean Programs. "This park is truly one of the crown jewels of Latin America's impressive network of protected areas."

BSNP contains more than 600 bird species including seven different types of macaw, more than 180 mammal species, more than 50 reptiles and amphibian species, 180 fish varieties, and 1,300 types of butterfly.


Since the 1990s, the Wildlife Conservation Society has been working in Tambopata and Bahuaja Sonene Parks in Peru, and Madidi, Pilon Lajas, and Apolobamba Parks in neighboring Bolivia. The tranboundary region, known as the Greater Madidi Landscape, spans more than 15,000 square miles of the tropical Andes and is considered to be the most biodiverse region on earth.


WCS has helped form more than 20 community-based enterprises in the area that promote the sustainable use of natural resources, such as native honey, subsistence hunting and fishing, ornamental fish cultivation, cacao, handicrafts, and timber. More than 3,000 local people benefit from these community initiatives.


The expedition was supported by BSNP, the Tambopata National Reserve, and local Peruvian NGOs: the Association for Integral Research and Development and Fauna Forever.


Wonderful news
6 years ago

Thanks Teresa, this is always good news when there are so many animals going Extinct everyday. I'll try stopping in on your group soon. I had to get a Co-host for my Horse group so I could catch up on myself. And if you sent me a card in the last two months I intend to open each and everyone sooner or later.

6 years ago

Aye, great news Teresa. Guid tae see so many conservation groups working together for the good of oor planet!

6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

6 years ago

what's up with you and ecards? will find a mountain of them from me...

ty Teresa,great news..I guess there still are surprises left to nature.

Iain,that's why we're here....Here,Here,or is it Hear,Hear,,,,????????

keep letting us know your devotion Danuta,it must suck to not be able to make a fool out of yourself,once in a while...............

many hugs,all fruddies.

A Mountain indeed..
6 years ago

 That's why I needed help with my other group. I haven't seen Terry in our Frog group. Has anyone?   Doctor appt. later and it's 1:30 A.M...And still haven't made over to check e-mails. Can't now. Too sleepy but I have about 2,000 Junk Mail and 1,500 E-mails. First I wasn't getting any, now I'm inundated. Also with all the problems at my home and on Care2, but most of all I lose alot of hours I could be on because of my Severe Allergies. Just bed bound with Dottie. I'll get to yours too.  "Fer sure, Ya Betcha", my dearest friend. And yours Iain and Danuta and Teresa and everybody. to all my fruddies. xoxo

6 years ago

Awe right,,,so that's why am here Siouxz,.. C.R.A.F.T. 

Nae rush wi the ecards Vinnie,  take yer time!!!!!!!  Sorry tae hear ye wern't getting any ,....   noo yer inundated !!  

Valentine fruddy hugs tae awe the Group and also Fyre, Mandy, Dottie, etc

Fi yer Scottish froggie..


6 years ago

Thank you Teresa

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