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Acheivements & Milestones-Part V. Animals Only Plz.
6 years ago
Bloodhounds Used to Sniff Out People Killing Elephants for Ivory
1 week ago

Bloodhounds Used to Sniff Out People Killing Elephants for Ivory
Offbeat  (tags: animalsenvironmentprotection,wildlifeelephantsdogspoachers ) 
 Cher - 13 minutes ago - 


Faced with a huge increase in elephants being killed for their tusks, governments and wildlife groups have been looking for new ways to stem the massacre. Africa's oldest national park on Monday said it had begun using a new tool to track down poachers
Great News
6 years ago

So Man's Best Friend comes to the rescue again. No wonder I love my Mutt sooo much. Dogs Rule    Sorry for the graphic pictures tho. Hugs to all Fruddies and Dottie says woofs to all Fur-babys.

6 years ago

Nae need tae be sorry fur the graphic pictures Vinnie. The killing of elephants jist fur their tusks has been going on fur years now! Great news that dogs can sniff out poachers and lets hope that when caught, the poachers get the penalty they deserve for such cruelty!

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

feels like I've been gone
6 years ago

a long time....2 whole weeks,lol
fyre is improving each day.....hoping to beat this thing.
I'm sitting here in extreme pain from more dental work,
have missed you all so much.
Hoping to feel better tomorrow, at least I can still chew....thanks for small favors,lol
will get back to the subject at hand when I can think straight....
good night siouxz and fyre

6 years ago
Oh Siouxz,
6 years ago

 I was just on my way to send you a comment.  Take it easy. Dottie sends woofy luv to Fyre. xoxo

6 years ago

all the love and good feelings are doing wonders for fyre...not limping anymore.

and I am feeling better,as well

strangely the bloodhound is a genetic relative to the setter, only without all the long takes a loyal,unconditional lover like a dog to get the job done..


and good fruddies are a special treat not easily found.

I feel so loved by both,that nothing will keep me down.

Thanks for all the concern....WE LOVE YOU ALL,SO MUCH.

6 years ago

thanks for all the woofy love, can't tell you how much it means to us.

Hoping she stays with you a long time...wish our fur babies lived as long as we do.

I,am on my fifth magic ring tells me there will be one more.

I have this ring that I gave my mom,with six tiny rubies in it.

Everytime I lose a dog a stone falls out...only 2 left,one being fyre.

I call it the magic ruby ring,and when the last dog died,and the stone fell out..

fyre's stone started to twinkle and I swear it was talking to me...saying I'm ready come and get me...not believing it,I went to my pc, and his picture was staring at me,from the kennel owner's site...I knew immediately that this would be my new dog,and within the day he was mine.When he got sick,the first thing I checked was his stone...still shining brightly,so I know he will be O.K.

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6 years ago

Great wee story Siouxz and I believe also that what's meant to be...will be! Like any relationship in life, ye kin sense when it's true love eh!


No lettin me send ye a star,,,, ye go 


300 Pit Bulls Rescued in Phillipines.
6 years ago

300 Dogs Rescued in World's Largest Dog Fighting Ring Bust

Hope they can be saved and re-trained. But they were bred to hate other dogs. I pray for them. 

Happy News
6 years ago

Wasn't sure if you guys had seen this wonderful stories. Altho I'm sure some dogs will be irreparable to re-train.They are the sad losers of this brutal so-called sport. I say, let them loose on Michael Vick. Yeah !!!

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