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Acheivements & Milestones-Part VII..Animals Only Plz.
6 years ago
1,000 doctors in China sign pledge against bear bile
3 days ago

Over a thousand doctors in China have signed a pledge not to prescribe bear bile to their patients. The doctors were attending the 8th Shanghai International Forum of Infection Control (SIFIC) which took place in Shandong province.

6 years ago

I hope they can stop this Vinnie.

Read the link and found it very sad that human beings can be so cruel....


In some Asian countries, moon bears are kept in small cages for up to 30 years, and have their bile extracted through catheters, needles and open wounds. Starved, dehydrated and riddled with ailments, this is a living hell for the bears. The bile is used as a form of medicine.

6 years ago

Wow, this is a big step forward. Hopefully people will realize that bear bile isn't the way to go. Good post Vinnie.

Brave Doctors
6 years ago

I know Sweetie, I've Signed for years agaist this STUPID practice as it really doean't do any good for some ailments. I've also seen it on the telly and it makes me cry. I'd like to do that to those sub-humans and see if it hurts them. These Doctors are Brave because China is a Communist Country and these guys could disappear to a jail without notice so they are taking a big risk. I'm ashamed my Country does business with them.

6 years ago

Couldn't send you a green star so to you from me and Dottie.

INTERPOL Crackdown from Care for Chinese Animal Grp.
6 years ago
About INTERPOL and IFAW...
6 years ago

Altho this is Good News at the same time it's so sad. A rather long article so read when you can. Well worth it.

really horrible practice
6 years ago

has gone on wayyyyy too long.

finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

thanks fruddies,this has so grossed me out.


Bear bile as medicine
6 years ago

It is high time for the medical profession worldwide,to ridicule this type of bullshit! In some countries animal products are sold to provide "MEN" with a fat erection, so they can achieve intercourse! Much better for chemical Co,s to sell reasonable price viagra or ciallis,to actually have this desired effect! Give it a name that sounds NOTHING LIKE any animal,so the customers will get what they want but animals should be safe.

From Center for Biological Diversity
6 years ago


Center for Biological Diversity

Dear Vinnie,

Blandings turtleGet the full story
on these amazing creatures.

This morning, we took a giant, lifesaving step forward in the protection of imperiled frogs, turtles, toads, lizards and salamanders.

The Center for Biological Diversity just filed the largest-ever Endangered Species Act petition focusing solely on saving America's reptiles and amphibians. It will provide badly needed protection for some of our nation's most vulnerable wildlife in 45 states -- from Florida and the Northeast to California and the Midwest.

I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you and share this great news. You can also read more on our Web page.

Though rarely in the news, reptiles and amphibians are in the midst of a profound, human-driven extinction crisis unlike any other they've ever faced. The Center is the only conservation group in the country tackling this crisis at such a large scale.

We teamed up on the petition with renowned scientists like E.O. Wilson and Thomas Lovejoy who understand the incredible value of herpetofauna, also known as "herps," and the unbelievable strain frogs, turtles, salamanders and lizards are under from habitat loss, disease, climate change and pollution.

Scientists estimate that one in four of the nation's amphibians and reptiles are at risk of extinction. And yet just 58 of the 1,400 U.S. species protected under the Endangered Species Act are herpetofauna.

That's why we worked with wildlife experts on an exhaustive investigation to find the country's most vulnerable but least protected herps. Our 450-page petition filed today to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service highlights 53 species that most urgently need protection under the Endangered Species Act.

They include:

  • Prehistoric-looking alligator snapping turtles, which have declined by up to 95 percent in parts of their historic range in the Southeast;
  • Illinois chorus frogs, whose distinctive, high-pitch songs are heard less frequently because of urban development in their habitat;
  • California's Kern Canyon slender salamanders, which are struggling to survive against grazing, logging, mining and highway construction.

Today's petition is the culmination of months of work and an important step in securing protection for America's most vulnerable reptiles and amphibians. We're proud of the work we're doing on this -- and thankful for your generous backing in making it happen.

Thank you especially to all our members whose donations last month made this life-saving petition possible. Your support helped make this ambitious petition a reality.

Kieran SucklingKierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. These 53 species are all integral parts of the wild places where they live, and it's crucial they get protections before it's too late. The Center has the nation's only full-time attorney focused on saving herpetofauna and a tireless team of expert scientists who are making it happen. Find out more about this exciting campaign on our website.

Great News
6 years ago

53 more Amphibians and Reptiles Saved from Extinction. Yippie

6 years ago

 always great tae hear guid news aboot oor fruddies and buddies


Great post Vinnie..

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