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6 years ago

I hope this comment posts. My computer at home is still giving me problems and this one at the West Square Bldg. is giving me a hard time staying Logged into Care2. Geez Louise!!! Miss my Fruddy Buddys and am thinking of you all. Dottie says woof-woof. xoxo

6 years ago

the lag is back. I don't know if it ever really left.

Sorry to hear about your pc...I'm going to lose cable anyday now.

Trying to switch the phone to T-mobile  to get a mobile hotspot,but they cannot 

port the # over....can't do that..but the cable company wants like 300 dollars for the first month,and the plan was $49 a fighting but it's like yelling at a wall.

Been a really crazy week for me, when we are more settled ,I will pm you with details...Stay strong dear kola....

wounds heal all

or is it the other way around...kinda like a lose is a terrible thing to mind.


Howz ma bonnie lassies gettin on??
6 years ago

A think yer gettin a bit  there Siouxz! Yer jumbled wurds yer gettin awe up!ooooops, must be catchin...teehee!Iain.


Stay safe and well sisters        

Oh Siouxz...
6 years ago

Am at the Job ctr. to use Care2, because I can't on my own computer at home till Danny finishes fixing something on it.     You just made me crack up so load that everyone here looked at me.       And you too silly Iain.. Miss you Fruudys so much. Can't wait till I can do this from home. 20 minutes left before they throw me out. lol...Can't send you a green star Sis so to you and for Sweetie .. Hope tohis posts. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie to you all and Fyrefighter. xoxoxoxoxoxo

6 years ago

never said I was the normal type.

saw a quote I really liked yesterday

"well behaved women never make history" Laura Ullrich

I really believe it,lol

need to take the rose colred glasses off and look around once in awhile.

to put it right; a mind is a terrible thing to lose...I should know

and time heals all wounds, still working on believing that one.

Hey sis
6 years ago

must have been posting at the same time; JINX!!

loVE U, hope all is getting better

important to keep up a sense of humor in the worst of times,or at least I try.

6 years ago

hi everyone
we'll all be so happy for you, vinnie, when your computer behaves itself.
siouxz when you said 'the lag is back' in another group, i thought you were referring to me (as i'd just got back, in a manner of speaking)
i was hoping it was an affectionate term :s

i know, not everything is about me

There's a few history makers here then eh!!
6 years ago

A think you lassies are awe mental, but in a guid way!!!  Nae fun in being NORMAL is there Siouxz. Time diz help all wounds buddy, sare at the time tho eh!  

Awfy nice of ye tae give me lovely flowers Vinnie and a kin assure ye they are much appreciated. I'll pass them oan tae the wife, (fi me of course!) and she'll think...awww, whit a sweet man I have!      Then mibae she'll take me tae b   .................ok iain..       


Great tae see ye in Thubten...........  jist joking buddy


Am in a devilish mood this morning me thinks!!  ....



....that's gave me an idea... Whar's ma pail ???


Tata the noo, people tae see and things to do 



Thanks Jenny....
6 years ago

For Joining just to let Fruddys know I was still having computer problems. You guys are too silly and funny but in a guid wae as Iain would say.  At Job center, Monday Sept.24th, my computer guy who works on computers just stopped by my house on his lunch break to fix a major problem. Something kept popping up that said (Microsoft Office 2000 Premium) Insert CD-ROM....He got rid of that and all my Hotmail works, he got all my pictures back but still will not let me Sign Petitions on my own groups or send green stars or comment. Post Reply never comes up at home. So I checked with Care2 Feedback and Suggestions and it seems other people are having the same problem. So I can't do anything from home at all. Have to run and let Sarah know on our Horsey group and Lisa on Watersheds quick. from me and old Dottie. Miss all you guys. xoxoxooxxoxo

6 years ago

Good to see you here Vinnie! Love to you and old Dottie

Question to Iain... Is there ever a morning when you aren't in a devilish mood?

Hugs to everyone

6 years ago

let me think noo................

6 years ago


6 years ago


Yacht 'Sydney' in  Sydney Harbour sailing race a few days ago.
Photo not taken by me.

Sydney's weather today: (not that anyone wants to know)

Temperature is 29 C (note 29 degree Celsius = 84.2 degree Fahrenheit)
Becoming cloudy. Patchy rain developing this afternoon. The chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Winds north to northwesterly 25 to 35 km/h (i.e. approx 15 to 22 miles per hour)

DEAR IAIN............... I'm sure you are devilish in a lovable way!
DEAR SIOUXZ.... I hope you don't get seasick!

6 years ago

...Dear Thubten........ aye, ye got me buddie!  

Braw lookin ship that!


Weather's a lot better than we have here! We've had 4 seasons in one week!


Is that sailor cheatin oan that poor wee lassie  He needs sorted oot!! 


Huv a great weekend fruddy's  Iain.

6 years ago

Aye, Jenny gotcha buddy. I seen on BBC America News that you guys were getting all kinds of flooding. I hope you and the wifey stay safe. Poor wee lassie is a cryn' cause of that Cad. Glad you gave him that black eye, lol...40 minutes left to go let Eric know I still can't LOGIN to Care2 from home. Some kinda bug trying to infiltrate. Randy says they're working on it. So probably won't see ya all weekend my beloved friends. Have a great weekend and look out for each other. Love ya, me and Dottie sends woofy smooches. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

6 years ago


The weather was wiiiiild last night! I haven't caught up with the local news today.
What does it say about me that first stop (after feeding my cats and making a cup of tea) is to head here to see what you guys are up to!?
I hope Eric and Randy can get Care2 sorted out so you can stop haunting that job centre, Vinnie!


6 years ago

Woofy smooches back to Dottie from my Dotty, Missy and Peppy
(i.e. my dogs, not the cats)

6 years ago

G'day from Sydney
Circular Quay, Sydney, taken during 'Vivid Sydney' May 2012.
Sunday 30's my daughter-in-law's birthday...have a good one Kristie!
Sydney's weather today: temperature= Max 20C (68F) Sunny. Winds west to southwesterly 15 to 25 km/h shifting east to southeasterly and becoming light in the late afternoon

Sending Love to all here as September comes to a close for another year,

6 years ago

lovely pic Thubten, or dae ye prefer a call ye Jenny, orrrrrrr Heather.....


Here's Heather wi the Weather  


Wiznae long wi that woos of a sailor Vinnie, a wiz so fast, he thought he wiz surrounded ..... and he's noo in hospital...... wards 8,9 & 10!!!!

6 years ago

LOL Iain!

Wishing us all happiness and peace of mind throughout October!

6 years ago

Above, Sculpture-by-the-Sea, late afternoon.
Below is a scene of one of Sydney's bays, twilight.
Can't write much.
Feeling really poorly today. Had migraine which is slightly easing, having spent hours in a darkened room doing my yoga breathing. All of my bones feel painful and have inner cold like ice so I'm rugged up in winter gear. I can see the funny side... able to laugh at how ridiculous I must look.
Hope to be back in a day or two. Meanwhile, I'm sending my love to all of my friends

6 years ago



Is that ye feelin a bit under the WEATHER noo pal!...      

Me an the wife hope ye get well soon Thubten!  That nice picture of us above, wiz taken when we were oan honeymoon at the Pond da lisa! ........ Only the best fur ma fruddy eh!...


Gee whiz, they fricken bugs are causing havoc eh! If it iznae a computer bug,'s a "make me no well" bug!


tae awe fruddy buddy's and furbabies   




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6 years ago

Lovely Get Well message from you and the wife. Thank you Iain!
I thought I'd be over this bug by now. Another day of echinacea should do it
I was so intrigued by your Alytes obstetricans post and went looking for pictures... but got sidetracked. By Kermit. I have the attention span of a butterfly these days. If someone changes the screen I'm looking at I totally forget what I was doing, hehe.

I'm glad to read (elsewhere) that Siouxz has sailed out of the smelly port now. I haven't been to many ports to compare, but Port Suva in Fiji was the smelliest I've experienced... Peeeyeww! That was 25 years ago. Hopefully it has improved. But maybe it got worse?

6 years ago

6 years ago

Thanks for the beautiful picture and the wonderful message. Take care and have a good week.

6 years ago

Thank you for dropping by Nancy! I hope you and all of the froggy team are having a happy weekend!

my,I've missed so much
6 years ago


For you Iain, 

wow Thubten you get around.Vinnie,we same to both be on allotted computer time.

on my time on the to all.

siouxz and fyre from the west coast going out around the globe.

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6 years ago

awwwww shucks, Siouxz. That's me in ma Sunday best wi ma smart tartan troosers and ma lovely cardi oan!   Hey fruddy, dae ye happen tae be passin Scotland oan yer travels???A could invite ye tae ma swamp!


A like Eva Cassidy Thubten, fruddy buddy

Hiya Fruddy Buddys...
6 years ago

I'm glad to be back too Sis and have missed a lot. I think you look quite smart in your Tartar Kilt Iain. lol..As I met Jenny by that name first that is how I will always remember her and I'm bad with names. Jenny I love that colourful flower scene. Wanted to send it to my Favorites but it won't let me. I guess it's copyrighted.Thx. for the card Nancy Still having some glitches on here but not like before. Exhausted. Fruddy Huggles to everyone and fur-babies. Love ya, now

6 years ago

I hope you're feeling better dearest Jenny   and one for my sister and Sweetie   and one for whoever else stops by, . That should cover everybody. xoxoxoxoxo

It's Fyre's Birthday
6 years ago

I was hoping to post a pic,but the editor won't let me. He is four years old today,and almost completely better from the valley fever. Will be taking him out to dinner with friends,unfortunately their German Shepherd and he hate each other (jealousy methinks). He saw his double last week. A dog that looked exactly like him. They had a staring contest for the longest time,and then slowly made friends. Looked like book ends. Not many purple mahogany setters at 90 pounds in the world. Interestingly, the guy is also looking to breed. He gave me his card,has also had four setters,addicting breed,lol Since they hate having their nails done, he invented something called Oliver's paw pal. Oliver being his setter..It is also know as the Universal Nail Grinder,there is a youtube featuring,ya you guessed it,Oliver ( he's ten but doesn't look it. Have a great weekend fruddies. Lots of love from me and the Birthday boy.

6 years ago

from this at 3 months.

to four years old now.

6 years ago

to this at 3, will have to take some more pics. I swear He poses,never had a bad pic yet,lol

Friday,while I was getting the big mouth award,should have been uploading pictures.

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Haya Gang.
6 years ago

Oh Siouxz, Fyre looks like Dottie, always wrapped up in our blankies and sleeping. LOL.. Do you groom him yourself or professionally ? I've never been able to afford that. So I bathe her and she looks shiny but not the most perfect coat. I brush her myself..So cute Dottie says woofs.   to all Fruddys and fur babys. xoxoxo

6 years ago

Tasunka, Beautiful, beautiful dog. Fyre is awesome, and I love her color.

6 years ago

Though he hates it.Baths and brushing by you guessed it.

After four setters who loved to be brushed all the time.

He allows me to groom him once in awhile.

Luckily the hair is long and strong.

Sheds so much hair I could build another dog with each floor cleaning.My tether is gone.No pics.Only phone typing.

Fruddy hugs to some of my favorite people.

Jenny is awol for a bit again unfortunately.

About Thubten...
6 years ago

I was going to let everyone know Jenny's computer went kaputz. Her son came to visit her and somehow got something on it. I'm sure he'll fix it for her soon. So she said she'd be back in a least a week. I'm grateful she helped out while I was sick to my stomach with home problems. I hope Maria is o.k., haven't seen her. Thx. to evryone that Signed her Petition for her Tazzies, which I love too. I know it has nothing to do with Amphibians but it's her Home and she was so helpful when I needed it, now it's my turn. Already told Art Gallery and here, now Horse group and others. Siouxz so sorry you're having so many  Sea-to-Land connection problems. Fruddy Hugs to all for now. xoxo

Dottie comfy on Mommy's bed..
6 years ago

Dottie resting

6 years ago

Love Dottie; she seems peaceful and happy.

6 years ago

awwwwwwwwwww, sorry a missed fyre's birthday Siouxz   The photo's of her are gorgeous, and she looks so contented. sending belated birthday hugs Fyre..


Also a great pic of auld Dottie, so, where do you sleep  Vinnie??


Thanks again fur the braw pics fruddy buddy's...


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