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6 years ago   


Some interesting stories and info here. Here is one of them....


Back in March I was contacted to say a mass mortality event had been seen, with hundreds of dead toads found at a loch on the Isle of Islay. The toads showed horrific injuries, their back legs turning white and beginning to break down. The symptoms were exactly the same in all the victims, with wasting always starting from the hind leg toes and working up to the midriff (see picture). What was discovered on closer inspection was that these toads were actually often still alive, even when wasting was very far progressed. Both the toads on the picture are still alive. Nothing like this had ever been observed at this loch before.

I had never heard of a disease that caused such symptoms and sent the details to a number of amphibian experts across the UK. Nobody had an idea what could be causing it. I was kindly sent a specimen, which I forwarded to disease experts at the Institute of Zoology for post mortem.

Katie Colville sent this explanation in return:
Both hind limbs had been completely ‘degloved’ – the muscle and bone of each limb had been ‘extracted’ leaving only the skin ‘shell’ of each hind limb in place. There was an associated ‘cut’ across the back of the abdomen at the level of the pelvis. It’s thought that these kind of lesions are the result of otter predation. It’s thought that otters deglove the legs in order to avoid the noxious glands in the skin.....

OMG..We think alike...
6 years ago

Sweetie, I saw this  Scottish Site in my Hotmail and wanted to Post it here and to Thistles but am still a wee bit sad and sick, so didn't do it. Can't think straight. I'm so glad you Posted it here and hope the Fruddys check it out.   See this is why I started this Group to Inprint in Mankind the importance of Amphibians. As they have porous skin like us, we must keep an eye on our waters and other chemical hazards and what they do to our environment. Miss you all. Just popped in for a minute. I seen a show on the telly where some Biologists found frogs belly up, due to a fundus which was running downstream. It was so sad.  Huggles to all my Sheddys from me and Dottie. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 

6 years ago

wrong group sis,lol
Hope you are feeling better.
Had a great sail yesterday from san diego to ensenada mexico.
Saw three schools of dolphin ,they were riding along side the boat for hours,fyre was so excited I thought he might just jump in the water, had to physically restrain him.
We also spied many whales with the use of binoculars.
Orcas,humpbacks; one almost cleared the water ,it was truly amazing.
Now have wifi; YAY!
vINNIE , please remember we are all connected ,you are in my thoughts and am smudging and meditating for your happiness to return sweet sister.
Lots of love and fruddy hugs. Iain you are the BEST! you guys.
a very tired and ill (got a bad cold) siouxz and fyre checking in...and sending mucho amore...
great spanish,lol

6 years ago

wow, if we think alike Vinnie, ye must be a crazy fruddy too!


Me thinks Siouxz is going the same way, she says the dolphins were riding along side the boat and am sure dolphin's swim!  


Trully, you sisters are great  


A ken whit yer gawn through Vinnie, a lost a brother who died in a car crash. ye niver forget buddy, ye jist learn tae cope wi it better through time! Thoughts and prayers are wi ye Vinnie!


Seriously Siouxz,... that sail sounds awesome and am really wishing a wiz there tae see the whales and dolphins


Take care Vinnie.......... and Siouxz, hope ye get rid of that nasty cold...


Sending haggis, neeps ane tatties, luv and hugs tae ye both, and pass oan a furbaby hug tae Fyre and Dottie fur me please!..

Dear Fruddys...
6 years ago

Yes Sis, I am sooo confused. But we are all Fruddys, Sheddys and Hoofys here anyway, Right ? We all hang around together all the time. At the Job center because I needed to print some papers out... Siouxz     eat some chicken soup. It really works. Am smudging you back sis. I hope you have Fyre on a leash so he doesn't go overboard. I'd be so Sea-sick, I'm sure.

Or Whatever...LOL..
6 years ago

  Iain, thanks for loving us crazy gals back. Yes, I believe  "We all go a little crazy sometime" to coin a phrase by Norman Bates in Psycho.... I know tatties are potatoes and I know what haggis is, because  Craig Ferguson on Late night Show is from Glasgow, Scotland and described it. Yuck , sorry,  but  Love Scotland anyway.   Be back again when I can. Love you yous guys. Bunches of Hugs from me and Dottie. xoxoxoxoxoxo

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6 years ago

fyre has a special harness for any sailing weather,even calm...

You can fall over anytime,the girlfriend of the painter of the ship's totem learned it the hard distracted taking pictures of all the dophin ,she lost her iphone overboard in 500 feet or more of water; GONE!!!

first lesson aboard a boat tie everything down or put a float on it...

Thanks for the soup it really does work,lol

still in bed,but with WIFI,YAY

I guess you're right,be it fruddy ,sheddy or hoofy,I'm gonna be there.

Haggis doesn't suit me either,I tried it once in a scottish pub in greenwich village, double yuck,sorry Iain,although I think many would say the same....besides almost vegan now.

I love the way we all get along so well,I can almost feel and not "imagine" the good vibes being sent....we need each other and what better friend than a friend in need?

A: a friend in deed!


will be spending thursday here,and then I am trying to make the dental appt. that I missed on today,because yesterday was some holiday here and we couldn't clear the boat in thru customs....hopefully will be back in az for a few days after the dentist.

It's going to be a strange winter with the boat moving around the mexican resorts,and us coming and going.Hard to believe I've been living on the sailing vessel feather for almost six months already and we are first starting to travel.

I don't think you would have been seasick ,sis,there wasn't a puff of air,so we motored here at a good clip. The sea was like a bathtub,all the better to watch the "flippers".

Much love fruddies,and fyre is lying here grunting in agreement.

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Vinnie & Siouxz..........
6 years ago

A dinnae blame ye fur yuk yuk at haggis.  it's thinking whit's in it, puts most people off


aye, we are whit we are Vinnie eh!


A wid love tae dae whit your doing Siouxz. A jist aboot joined the Merchant Navy when a left school but dad said a should get a trade! Hope yer feeling better Amphitrite!


Hey, look whit a found........ froggies roond a pond.........


The ancient Greeks had a large number of sea deities. The philosopher Plato once remarked[1] that the Greek people were like frogs sitting around a pond—their many cities hugging close to the Mediterranean coastline from the Hellenic homeland to Asia Minor, Libya, Sicily and Southern Italy. It was natural[according to whom?], therefore, to venerate a rich variety of aquatic divinities. The range of Greek sea gods of the classical era range from primordial powers and an Olympian on the one hand, to heroized mortals, chthonic nymphs, trickster-figures, and monsters on the other.


tata the noo fruddies

Hey Fruddys..
6 years ago

Siouxz, you're so bi-lingual. You said  (muchoanmore)  Wow!! Spanish and Italian.   Iain, sorry to hear you lost your brother too in a car accident. I will light a candle for you at our Dianne Lynn's group "Daily Scriptures' or here, Jenny has posted a big white Candle with a link to light one. And Sis I'll light one for you to feel better. Love  and Hugs, Vinnie and old Dottie. xoxoxo

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6 years ago

Awwww, thanks Vinnie. You & Siouxz have such a caring nature.....It happened in 1986 when he was 23 years old. It would have been his 50th next year! Sure disnae feel like 26 years ago!


Sending love and hugs with some Scottish spirit, to help you through your loss buddie!


Great that you have your own favourite days Siouxz, happy sailing buddie


Say hi tae Dottie and Fyre fur me! Cheers........


6 years ago

23? that was too young.You have my condolences.

6 years ago

Thanks Ancil, nice of ye tae pop in.

6 years ago

Your welcome.I'm afraid I've been so busy with other things,I forget to come here sometimes.My 'ole brain 'aint what it used to be!

Am sitting
6 years ago

here in the desert giggling about my nautical posts.

Dentist on the third.

Will probably go back to the boat for the winter solstice,and the mayan destruction that cometh!!!!!! 

Maybe we can sail the boat to tahiti if the continents disappear,maybe not.

Anyway JUST KIDDING. safe and sound in arizona for a bit.

The six months on the boat have their toll on my skin and hair,but that's why I love AZ.

The dry climate is so flattering for hair as long as mine and fyre's .

Fruddy Hugs Iain, and of course sis and sweet dottie...

Way too young Sweetie..
6 years ago

Hiya Ancil,  I  don't know if I'm a commin or a goinnin sometimes either. Actually a lot laely, due my brother's death recently. How kind of you to give your condolences to Iaian. We are a little family here. Siouxz, what are you doing back in Arizona? I thought you said, " it sucked"?  You're spinning my head girlfriend.    BTW..Ancil many of us here  "Ain't what we used to be" xoxoxo  now from me and old Dottie 

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