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Acheivements & Milestones..Part IX..Animals Only Plz.
5 years ago
TANZANIA: Once-Extinct Toads Reintroduced to Wild

Animals  (tags: GoodNews, goodnews, endangered, wildlife, protection, wildanimals, animals, animaladvocates )
Cal - 1 hour ago -

About 2,000 Kihansi spray toads have been reintroduced into the Kihansi Gorge in Tanzania after the animal was declared extinct in the wild.
5 years ago

Beautiful, thanks for sharing.

5 years ago

Hopefully the kihansispray toad will thrive this time eh!


Hey, love yer new avatar Vinnie, very angelic

5 years ago

I almost didn't recognize you dear sis.

Loved your other icon, feeling otherwordly are we? lol

Have a great silly season fruddies.


hugs and doggie kisses

Fyre sends a song,lol

(he does requests now,learning to sing by ear)

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here's one fur WildFyre and auld Dottie...
5 years ago

The video's fur me annaw!





Merry Christmas all xoxoxoxxois that Fyre and Dottie dancing tae the pipes eh?!?! WOW!!!!

Victory for Tigers...
5 years ago


In a small triumph, the population of tigers in India and Thailand has grown.
read more
5 years ago

 the WCS are doing a great job Vinnie. Russia are also passing laws to protect our stripey friends! 


couldnae send ye a star...

"that's why I'm here" JT
5 years ago

finally after 3 years of hoping,our tigers may make a comeback in the wild.

Not celebrating yet, waiting to see people trying to delist them, or complaining about

the plethora of wild tigers before I rejoice.

It's going to be a long road to a healthy tiger population...

I have been reading some positive stories,though

Thanks Vinnie,and Iain for caring for my favorite wild land mammal.

That leaves room for puppies(domesticated),and sea mammals like flippies and whales.

Super fruddyhugs to All fruddies, from wildfyre and Me.

I am backing off the fyresnake,sis

the image is frightening. so looking for a safer nickname.For he is enough of a 

worry,without the added one about snakes that are protected by law in arizona,more than him I'm afraid.So if it ever came to it, the snake would probably have more rights .

5 years ago
  Froglife news28 January 2013
We are the (Species) Champions!
Scottish amphibians have this week gained some powerful new allies in the fight for their conservation, as an exciting new initiative called ‘Species Champions’ made a splash in Scottish Parliament.

The initiative coordinated by Scottish Environment LINK’s wildlife forum, of which Froglife is a member, invites MSPs to choose from a list of species that are currently facing significant threats to their future – and then champion their survival. Froglife suggested 3 amphibians (Common Toad, Natterjack Toad and Great Crested Newt) and 3 reptiles (Adder, Common Lizard and Slow-worm) and then had a nervous wait to see if our species were chosen.

We need not have worried, as amphibians proved to be a very popular choice amongst MSP’s, with all 3 species finding an MSP to champion their cause within days of the list being published. Drew Smith, Scottish Labour MSP for Glasgow, is championing the Common Toad and is already looking forward to being involved in a toad patrol as part of Froglife’s ‘Toads on Roads’ project. Elaine Murray, Scottish Labour MSP for Dumfries & Galloway, is championing the Natterjack Toad, whose entire Scottish population falls within her constituency.

I hate to say it
5 years ago

But the beauty of this group is appreciated after trying to fit in , in the foxy friends group. ....a literal circus of activities of computer illiteracy. Lmao

Takes me too long to scroll thru all the "waffles".don't even know what it means.

I'll stick to my fruddies, hoofies and "splashies":my

Name for watersheds. 

Iain thank goodness for you or I would have been truly outnumbered without my comfortable friends who understand my unique sense of crazy. 

Thanks bud.

Love you all.Nice that care2 took a hint and made a success page. ...

We be trendsetters, Mon!

5 years ago

Hey Siouxz..  thought ye wid huv been glad tae say it!


Aye, there's quite a bit of wafflin going on in there eh!  ....a dinnae see me being in there long, jist muckin aboot the noo!!  


 Siouxz, we awready got red setters,.. noo we be trend setters..


Talkin of red setters, please give fyre fighter a big hug fur me,been a while..and Vinnie, if ye kin hear me, please give auld Dottie a hug fur me!


Ok! Ok! Ok! ..dinnae feel left oot...av always got a hugs left fur Siouxz and Vinnie!





Thx. Iain..
5 years ago

I don't know what  "Wafflin" means either, but will continue in Foxy group as Junee is a good friend of ours. She's always been there for me in all my groups I host. As for yous guys, Sis and Iain, I couldn't send you green stars but  Hoofy Huggles from me and old Dottie says woofs to Fyre. Yes, Sweetie I ken hear ye. So glad Bonnie Scotland recognized the importance of their Froggys. Couldn't get on last night or earlier due to Thunder and Lightening, now major Snowstorm coming in with about two feet of snow. Might be stuck at home tomorrow, shovelling of course. xoxoxo

5 years ago

Hiya Vinnie' hope the weather has eased fur ye buddie. A hud tae shovell the snow this morning at work. The path leading up tae the school, the ramps and all walkways! Took me 2 hours because a then hud tae spread salt! The rest of the day wiz sunny, so aw the snow has disappeared noo!!


A love watching nature programs and a wiz watching Life on Earth (David Attenborough) and it wiz froggies yesterday! Al post this link...loads of info and video's of his programs! 

5 years ago

Thanks for your recommendation, Iain.

5 years ago

Fyre has had a blood titer test for valley feverr, IT WAS NEGATIVE. ...NOT JUST NORMAL. COMPLETELY GONE.the vet said taking him out of the state for over 6 months did the trick. Plus the pro tip about the vitamin C...keeping his body acidic keeps the fungal spores from spreading.I'M LITERALLY DANCING FOR JOY.

Warm hugs for being there for us this time last year.  

you did it again Sis
5 years ago

You gave hoofy hugs in the Fruddy group. 

"A senior moment? "

5 years ago

That's fandabidozi news aboot Fyre buddie. woohoo..kin a dance wi ye??


c'mon Vinnie and Nancy, join in... here ye go Fyre  fur auld Dottie  and fur us aw here in the group

Endangered Species Act for Wolverines!!
5 years ago


Endangered Species Act Protection Proposed for Wolverines

American wolverineOne of the West's rarest predators is finally on its way to federal protection. Under the Center for Biological Diversity's 757 species agreement, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service just proposed Endangered Species Act protection for American wolverines -- feisty, solitary hunters that once roamed a large swath of the mountainous West but are now severely threatened by climate change. There are only 250 to 300 left in the lower 48 states.
The Center has been working to protect wolverines, whose population has shrunk drastically, since 1995. Federal listing for the animals will likely put an end to Montana's plans to allow wolverine trapping and could bring reintroduction of the rare creatures to Colorado. But frustratingly, the Fish and Wildlife Service says the listing can't be used to address the biggest threat to wolverines: the global climate crisis.
"The wolverine has a reputation for killing prey many times its size, but it's no match for global climate change, which is shrinking spring snowpack across the West," said Noah Greenwald, the Center's endangered species director. "If we're going to save the wolverine and countless other wildlife species, as well as the world we all depend on, we need to take immediate steps to substantially and quickly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions."  
Read more in the Los Angeles Times.

Hi Fruddy-Buddys
5 years ago

Yes, Sis I'm exhausted from shoveling wet snow. Just cleared my truck off but it's all loaded with wet snow again. My allergies are killing me and I can hardly see thru my wet eyes, so just stopped in a minute before I go lay  down and die, lol..  Yes, Dottie and I will join you Sweetie and Fyre with a wee dance. Not wee-wee!! I know that's what you were thinking. LOL.. Just wanted to Post this good nerws and will be starting a new thread as this one is getting long.  To be Con't,,,,,,Btw, Fruddy Hugs . xoxoxo

Fyre says thanks, I am so relieved
5 years ago

the vet just called,cease all medication..he may even have an immunity.

5 years ago

lets hope action instead of talking aboot it, happens sooner rather than later Vinnie!



I really think there is a global crisis ye jist huv tae look at the weather patterns recently! Climate change is happening NOW and rapidly. Sad that the wolverine population has been depleated so drastically


Another great pic there Siouxz and VERY guid news for Fyre..



To Be Continued...
5 years ago

On  A & M,  Part X.. I re-posted the Wolverines story to give people room to respond and also had to come Post just  for you Sis, from Sarah on Hoofy grp.

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