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5 years ago
Asian frogs becoming extinct before they can be identified, biologists warn

Scientists fear amphibian destruction will be disastrous, with many species disappearing uncatalogued

Smith's litter frog, identified in 1999, one of five new frogs discovered in the Indian state of Assam. Photograph: Milivoje Krvavac/WWF Nepal

Frogs and other amphibians are being wiped out at such a rapid rate across Asia that many are going extinct before scientists even have a chance to identify them as new species, biologists warned at an international conservation meeting in South Korea this week.

The scale of the destruction – caused by habitat loss, disease, pollution and other factors – is hard to quantify, but scientists fear the result will be disastrous. Amphibians have been suffering a wave of devastation all around the world, in part because of the spread of the fungal disease Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, known as BD or chytrid fungus,


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5 years ago

How sad, how quick we can destroy a species that has existed forever, and then man becomes involves. We killed Puff the Magic Dragon, and we will continue until we lose too many of our soecies and upset even more the balance of nature.

5 years ago

UGH just sick about all of this.  TY

5 years ago

They were better off undiscovered.

Everything we touch is tainted by the human curse.

5 years ago

Too sad!

5 years ago

Does anyone else get the feeling that the future of man, woman and beast is very bleak indeed!


Sorry in advance if a offend anyone, but we are destroying our own planet..........


The weather patterns world wide are crazy, record temperatures (heat and freezing), record rainfall-(floods), storms, tornado's, earthquakes are all on the increase! Loads of animal species will be wiped out because of this..geesus.....diznae bear thinking about!!

Sea levels are also rising quicker every year (global warming)


It won't be in our lifetime but~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The greed of man and woman is suffocating the life out of  this once beautiful earth,it is eventually only a matter of when, not if anymore because...... too little, too late!


These are only ma views my friends,  and if you know me, am usually the fun guy who likes a bit of banter,..... but I'm passionate aboot Scotland's beauty and wildlife, and also a Mother Earth fan!...........

5 years ago

Iain, I think you are a prophet, but I don't think it is merely greed that causes man to destroy our planet; I think the fact that we are a species who demands instant gratification without any inconvenience or work causes us to destroy without thinking. We keep our head in the sand, and we willing destroy the planet of our children and grandchildren because we won't be here to suffer the consequences.

5 years ago

I am hopeful it is not to late.   Does not look good though.

Here in WI (USA) we are in the upper 40's and rain.  This time of year we should be at least in the low teens (use to be below zero)..  9" of snow only for winter so far this year and last year wasn't any better.  My parents live an hour away and you can see the grass (no snow for them).

Our politicians, corporations are to blame along with parents that do not take their children out to experience  all that Mother Nature has to offer.   Until we stand up and vote out these garbage politicians I am afraid this is the new normal.  People need to grab their pitch forks and torches.

Very Bleak for Frogs and Weather...
5 years ago

 First of all, you're right Sis Siouxz, we haven't had a chance to identify these species because it seems like everything Mankind touches taints it. Second Nancy, not us here is not "we', because we're here to make a differance including you. So we're the Good guys and the Knights and Knightys in Shining Armour coming to the Rescue. LOL...I didn't mean Nighties Gals....Third Ellen you're right. I believe Mother Earth is going through some growing pains, but we're not helping. We're hot over here in my area of Wisconsin too which is why I took Dottie out today. All the dogs in Town were out it seems at the Square. Most of the two feet of snow has melted off my roof. Yea!!  My roof was creaking at night. Scary. Lastly,  Sweetie you are yourself. By getting up on your     you've nearly started a Riot. Ellen is ready to lynch all polititions.   And since I can't send greenstars here you go for all of yous guys    from me and Dottie to Fyre, Nala, Mollie who is June's dog. She just started a group called "Foxy Friends"  if you wanna follow her there. So cute baby fox pictures.

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5 years ago

 sorry Vinnie, didnae mean tae cause a RIOT!     


Usually a dinnae like tae feel so negative aboot Mother Earth, but reading up on ma first post above, wiz making ma blood boil!!  A wid like tae think we HAVE HOPE  fur oor future generations,and there is  still time  to reverse Global Warming, but my instincts are telling me that mankind has already went  too far!!  We are still getting floods here in the UK and Australia is burning up right now!  Oche!!!!.. Iain.......


Thanks fruddie buddies fur adding yer views oan ma  rant  It show's we all care fur this planet of ours eh!

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snagged this from Naomi C.'s page
5 years ago

Try to keep the momentum and spirits going,if we go negative the hole will

be so deep we will never climb out,Better to thinkof all the achievements and Milestones,

thanks Sis for the new ones!

I see so many things we have accomplished just by petitioning ,I am truly amazed sometimes.Then there are the uncomfortable truths,but we must remain strong and vigilant,and especially never lose sight of the big picture,and the friends we've made along the way.

Luv my Fruddy-Buddys...
5 years ago

That's o.k. Iain, because I love protesting and sit-ins and smoke-outs, Ahem ? I meant ciggs. Of course,      Siouxz, that's a so cool picture. Reminded me of The Three Stooges which I watched on T.V.  today, when they were peeking out from behind a door piled up one head above the other singing, "Hello, hello, hello,".  

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