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has that been a year allready??!!Save The Frogs Day
5 years ago
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Turn Display Images On! SAVE THE FROGS!

The 5th Annual Save The Frogs Day 2013: April 27, 2013

Dear Iain,

It's that time of year again: the frogs are coming out for springtime, and SAVE THE FROGS! supporters around the world are mobilizing for Save The Frogs Day! Here's a quick update on what SAVE THE FROGS! staff is up to for Save The Frogs Day: I head to Colombia in April to speak at five different universities (in Bogota, Ibague, Cali, Medellin and Pamplona) and set up SAVE THE FROGS! Colombia. Michael Starkey will be in Ghana at the same time, giving presentations, training students and helping to create a SAVE THE FROGS! Travel Abroad program so we can get a consistent stream of university students headed to Ghana to assist with our efforts there. SAVE THE FROGS! Pacific Northwest Coordinator Breanna Binder is busy putting together the Save The Frogs Day 5K Fun Run & Walk in Seattle's beautiful Seward Park. SAVE THE FROGS! Education Coordinator Kathlyn Franco is organizing Save The Frogs Day presentations and a frogging expedition on the UC Santa Cruz campus. We hope you can get involved as well!

If you want awesome eco-friendly frog gear in time for Save The Frogs Day, please avoid postal delays and help us out by ordering as soon as possible...we get super busy in the month of April!

5 years ago

Thanks Iain for the info.I never knew there was a "Save The Frogs Day." Now I do. Neat that people all over the world are aware of the dangers of extinction. That's the only way to stop it.

5 years ago

thanks fruddy,got the memo in my email.

hugs to all, fyre and me

5 years ago

thanks Iain,like Nancy never knew there was save a frog day,learn something new everyday


To all Fruddy Buddys..
5 years ago

      Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie, 

5 years ago

So Iain, are you heading to Seattle for the 5K? This is awesome they have a day just for frogs.

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Iain.This is new. Nice to know somebody cares about these frogs.

Great Site for really Good leisure reading, Kelly.
5 years ago

Yes, that Devil Frog was kinda ugly but he was smart hiding out in a museum. ha,ha,ha, Such a Great Site to read all kinds of stuff. I took a tour thru Costa Rica. Gotta come back and read more, now Beddy time with Dottie. She sends woofs to ur poochy. xo

In Fact..Here's a Happy Story now, Fruddys...
5 years ago

 Starry frog rediscovered after thought extinct for 160 years (photos)

(03/07/2013) In 1853 Edward Frederick Kelaart, a physician and naturalist, collected a strange frog on the island of Sri Lanka then a British colony known as Ceylon. The specimen was a large shrub frog (about 2 inches or 5.5 centimeters long) with black-outlined white specks on lime-green skin. He dubbed it "starry" after its pale specks, but that was last anyone heard of it. Even the holotype—the body of the amphibian collected by Kelaart—went missing. Fast forward nearly 160 years—two world wars, Sri Lanka's independence, and a man on the moon—when a recent expedition into Sri Lanka's Peak Wilderness rediscovered a beguiling frog with pinkish specks.

5 years ago

Wow ... must have been hiding from the humans...  Love n Hugs to you and Dottie.

5 years ago

Nice post and link tae the crocodile newt Vinnie

Only one problem, a needed ma glasses oan tae read most of it!!


ssssss to all fruddies and fruddy furbabies

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