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Very Interesting Site, worthwhile reading..
5 years ago
| Cool


4 days ago
| Misc ....

I thought I would share this with you guys.  This is not an allagator, it is a salamander


Now I can keep coming back.
5 years ago

Kelly, I thought that your Site deserved more space so people can read and enjoy and commnet, so I started this Thread just for you Hun. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie xoxo

5 years ago

Hi Kelly, nice post Hope you and Dottie ok Vinnie, sending fruddy hugs your way..

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5 years ago

thanks Vinnie + Kelly   hugs vinnie and woof to Dottie hope all is ok with you

Hey fruddies
5 years ago

came for a break from tragedy, Great posts!

Hugs to all, sis,June ,Iain...a special thanks ,thought you were on vacation

prolly are by now.

June you get around,spread thin like me.

What a trooper....Vinnie is lucky,and so am I to know you.

Sis, hope all is well,sent you some messages,haven't heard from you, Fangs misses you too.

Fyre and I send love to all fruddies and furbabies.

5 years ago

Leave on Saturday for hols Siouxz. Will miss you all fur a whole week!

5 years ago

You are right; this is very interesting reading and good news about a new species. Want to wish all of Happy Spring (if it ever happens) Happy Passover, and Happy Easter. Take care and have a good week. Thanks Vinnie, Dottie and Kelly for your info and posting.

5 years ago

Hi everyone, I'll check out the site and Iain, we will miss you

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing, very interesting. Iain, have a nice holiday. Hugs to all.

Hey Fruddy Buddys...
5 years ago

Glad you guys like it. I thought it was a great Site. Too tired to send green stars.   Iain, Joy, June, Nancy, Trinity, Kelly.  I will be posting Happy Easter and Passover pics this weekend.  Sis, still sick, with home problems and "the neighbors from Hell"  Gotta go to bed. Sis thank you for the kind words about me and Sweetie you know we will miss your "Naughty Self" Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie to Fyre, Wish dog, and Trinity's doggie. What is his/her name, btw ? xoxoxo

5 years ago

Dear all at FrogsRus:

happy easter

5 years ago

Dinnae ken whit ye mean by that Vinnie!!!! 


Sorry yer huvin problems at home, and not feeling well fruddy. Here's some lovely flowers tae cheer ye up a wee bit.. Wish a could do more!!! You and Dottie take care!

Dinnae fret Siouxz, here's a bunch fur you annaw You and Fyre behave yersell when am away!! lol


June, Nancy, Joy, Trinity  Huv a happy Easter Fruddy Buddy's

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