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1 year ago
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I thought you guys would like to see this story.  Here is the url:  enjoy

1 year ago

Wow, thanks for sharing.

1 year ago

Really enjoyed the article. Lots of irony and hope along with danger.

1 year ago

thanks for sharing

thanks sis
1 year ago

4/2 was also my anniversary.

Thanks , at least not an April fool by one day, muahahaha

Thanks Kelly~~
1 year ago

   And here is the  "Lil' Trouble maker. But imagine how his poisonous skin can cure cancer.. See everyone I keep saying Amphibians are so Vital to Humans. Proof again..

1 year ago

He is a beauty! Happy Anniversary, Tasunka, and many more. I am working on number 48.

Hey Sis ~~~
1 year ago

  Happy Anniversary Siouxz. And to Nancy on 48 years. If my hubby had lived we would have celebrated our 45 th, Anniversary last August. And yes I still miss my 1st love. My 2nd, ex- I married on my birthday. Duh. Cheapo family members would send one card saying Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary..ha,ha,  Just heard from our Jenny  aka Thubten. She's been sick with family problems too and stressed out like me. I wish her to get well and make it to my Play-Date starting in a week. Sis, might as well let you and my friends know why I've been sooo busy and sick too. I spend a lot of time cleaning up after Dottie who has incontinence and poops everywhere. Plus nobody has yet to help me with that basin in the bathroom which is still dripping so I spend time dumping sewer water into the toilet all day and night which really stinks up the house, so I'm exhausted. The State says I owe over  $2,300.00 which I can't pay and they say they can take my tax returns which sucks, and the Town wants to turn my water off for a measley $70.00. But the Party is still on. I'm a Warrior. I'll figure something out.Fruddy Hugs to all my dear friends from me and old Dottie. xoxoxoxo

1 year ago

Aye, congrats Siouxz and Nancy.


Really wish a hud a magic wand tae ease awe yer problems Vinnie, and whit a shame fur auld Dottie to. You sure are a true warrior my friend!  Meantime, hope this helps


fur the rest of the fruddies who are going through a hard time the noo!


Av got a huggin family, aye,... even man hugs!!  sometimes that's awe ye want tae feel (a hug) eh!.......It let's ye know that yer not alone and am here/there for ye!


1 year ago

Dear Vinnie, this is for you and others who are going through a rough time. God Bless..

Love and Hugs.

1 year ago

I came across these pictures of frogs, thought I will share them

Green frog pic

Frog in borneo

This little one is from Borneo.

Costa rican frog

Costa Rican Frog.

Blue poison dart frog

Blue poison dart frog.

Black and yellow frog

Beautiful frog

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