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My Birthday Play-Date PARTY is On !!
5 years ago
| Vinnie

The party is on by Hook or by Crook my friends. Have tried different Links sent to me by Zen Whisperingtree and Pam from  F&S,  but still can't load my photos of my pets but can get them over here to Copy and Paste with 2 Windows open. Will do what I can tonight as I've been at it for 3 hours. Then tomorrow and Thursday may not be able to get on but you guys have fun, as I'll be back. I knew I'd figure out something. Hope it works.   Thanks my Loyal friends and now Mosey on over to The Feel Good Pond. xoxoxoxo

5 years ago

Happy birthday Vinnie, I hope you have a super time.

Happy Birthday dear Vinnie from Benni and Kerstin
5 years ago

5 years ago


Big, big hugs from my little village in the mountains!

Happy birthday, my dear Vinnie!

5 years ago

Happy Birthday Vinnie!! Hope all your dreams and Birthday wishes come true! If Wojo were still here he would wish the same. Guess I'd better get a frog now!

Happy Birthday Vinnie!!!
5 years ago

5 years ago

Happy (belated) birthday from all my babies and me

5 years ago

A hud a few drinks fur ye at ma birthday party last night Vinnie, It wiz over at the Thistle..cheers

5 years ago

Hey Vinnie! I'm here! I tried to paste my pic but it wouldn't go through! Any ideas?

Sun Ah,
5 years ago

Hope you got my personal message. You don't have to join F &S, group. Just click on Contact Eric, the picture of the guy with the guitar that says Care2 Support. Send him a short message. Remember 250 cgaractors only, explaining ur problem. Give him your Name and  (PID # 193491766)  and he'll look into it for you. I'd do but trying to beat these thunderstorms .

5 years ago

Take care Vinnie.....  the storms ease up soon.

as long
5 years ago

As the lightening doesn't spark wildfyres (lol)

It's only water. 

Things will dry.....imagine me at sea , I survived 2 hurricanes. 

Perspective, dearest kola. 

Hugs, from fyre and I.

We are fighting a legal battle. ...the snobs at the akc, have put his pedigree on referral because they screwed up his brothers dna test.

They say he is not from that litter.

Strange, because he's the spitting image of his father. I'm close to his breeder, and his dog mom.THEY ARE BLACKMAILING US.

I'm getting my vet to do a blood dna test, and then I'm suing them for mental torture, and California business law.

People will learn not to anger me.

I've won 5 , (every) court case I've ever been involved in.My late father tried to get me to go to law school, he said I argued like a lawyer.

5 years ago

I remember a case in which the lab somehow mixed up a DNA test on a horse and there was a huge hassle in getting his papers. He was exactly who they said he was, but apparently the samples were somehow switched or mixed. The test was re-done, and the person submitting the original was vindicated. (IAHA requires DNA for all horses they register; I had no problems but having just read this story about the time I was sending in my baby's hair sample & paperwork, it did make me a bit nervous!)

5 years ago


5 years ago

Beautiful picture Dianne!!

Hey Fruddys..
5 years ago

OMG..Sister, Kola.  We are on the same brain wave lengths.. Funny you should say Lightening. At  3:45  in the morning I got up after I turned off the television because it said Severe Thunderstorm Watch. So I told Dottie, " Let's try to get some sleep". Then Kaboom !!  The Winds picked up fast, the house was shaking, the skies were rumbling loud. I looked out the East window, and seen a  Ground to Sky Lightening Rod right in front of my eyes in the middle of the street corner. Man was it bright and loud. I thought the street was gonna brake up. I put a whimpering Dottie on my bed with me and she Pooped, so she climbed off and I cleaned everything up at 4 in the morning by now. Turned the T.V, back on and there it is. T.V. Beeping. Finaly fell asleep when it started stopping. Keep your fingers crossed still, Sweetie because we hit 88* degrees to day and more severe storms coming tonight. That's too hot for this time of year.  Out West they're gonna get Snow again. Weird weather. A Sign from God ?  God I hope they pass us up or fizzle out. Thanks for the prayers Joy. ~ Sun Ah, can't help right now dear. Just got on quick to check for any Pending Applications. Dianne my dear, Thank you for making an extreme effort to Post that White Kermode Bear from B.C.,Canada. I love so much, I know my fruddy friends here will appreciate it too. I hope you feel better soon and thank you for all the work you do. Now you too are a Fruddy-Buddy, Eh !!      Sis, ?  Hurricanes Yikes !!  Spark Wild-Fyres. ha, ha, ha.  Sarah,  Horsey DNA ?? Oh, my !! 

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