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Acheivements & Milestones~ Part XI..
5 years ago
| Cool

I found this in the LA Times

These frogs could get Federal Protection

5 years ago

Noted, tweeted, shared, tweeted. this is great news. A lot of people don't realize if the food chain is missed up in one place, it causes reactions in others. It is like a continual explosion. That is why we are having the trouble with our environment now and global warming. There is a story by Ray Bradbury that illustrates it perfectly. It's about time travel and people going back into time. They were supposed to stay on the path, but one person stepped off and stepped on a butterfly. When they returned back to their time, the world had changed completely.

5 years ago

This is great news Kelly, thanks!

5 years ago

Good for them, thanks!

5 years ago

guid news Kelly. A noted thanks

5 years ago

Thanks for sharing this good news. There is still hope for these frogs.

5 years ago

thanks Kelly...we want more!

Thx. Kelly.
5 years ago

 I was going to Post this in the Acheivements and Milestones Thread but got busy, as I just lost an entire Album of pictures. Grrr...My brain hurts.. Starting a New Thread to continue my birthday party Play-Date tomorrow, so you can post photos of your doggie Kelly and everyone else. I still have more pets to post. Too aggrevated now and sleepy. For eveyone     and from me and Dottie who is already knocked out.

5 years ago

This is great news indeed! Call me crazy,but I fear for frogs,what with the way people are polluting this planet.I can't imagine a world without them(and the sounds they make). 

5 years ago

Ancil if the frogs go,WE ARE NEXT...scientists have been saying for decades

5 years ago

I agree.WE WILL PERISH if we keep using up natural resources and destroying life on this fragile planet for the sake of "progress".

From The Kinship Circle. 400 Monkeys saved from UW Research.
5 years ago


7/5/12 - They’re wide-eyed, cute — and annually stolen by the thousands from Colombia’s Amazon jungle. Night monkeys sell for $50 a head to malaria researchers, even though a cure is nowhere in sight. Dr. Manuel Elkin Patarroyo considers the animals (also owl monkeys) prime experimentation models.

Uh-oh. The renowned malaria researcher just lost permits to snatch wild owl monkeys for research at his Institute of Immunology Foundation of Colombia (FIDIC), a jungle lab that pays poor Peruvian and Brazilian natives to illegally move monkeys over unguarded borders. Colombia’s Administrative Tribunal of Cundinamarca revoked Patarroyo’s permits to trap up to 4,000 night monkeys until 2015!

Thanks to all Kinship Circle participants who pressured authorities to clamp down on cross-border commerce that threatens primates in the Amazon. Primary credit goes to Angela Maldonado — a 15-year pioneer in the study of wild monkeys who filed charges against Patarroyo — and her organization Fundacion Entropika for exposing FIDIC workers who discard post-experiment animals without rehabilitation or environmental safeguards.

Undercover investigators with Animal Defenders International (ADI) obtained videotape of FIDIC captures on the Amazon. Trappers stalk owl monkeys by night. Forest trees are rigged with nets to snare the tiny creatures. Shoved into mesh sacks, they shriek and claw while piled on small boats that take them away from native forests, forever. Footage inside FIDIC shows distressed monkeys isolated in dingy metal cages.

The Tribunal ruled to deny permits to Patarroyo because he violated Cambodia’s pledge to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna). Patarroyo apparently infringed Colombia’s National Resources Code as far back as 1984.

Judge Elizabeth Lozzi Claudia Moreno also denounced the Colombian Ministry of Environment and the Corporation for Sustainable Development of Southern Amazonia (CORPOAMAZONIA) for failure to oversee FIDIC, stating that the oversight agencies had instead facilitated the lab.

According to Fundacion Entropika, as reported by International Primate Protection League: "The court’s decision is the first step to stop the illegal trade in night monkeys, as current permits were revoked. However once the defendants submit their appeals, the law case will be transferred to another court where bureaucracy and corruption are high. For this reason, we have to initiate the next legal actions to guarantee that the court’s ruling is implemented."

• A legal victory for night monkeys
• 4,000 wild monkeys saved from laboratory experiments
• Patarroyo revoke permission to use monkeys in malaria

This message was sent by KINSHIP CIRCLE using the system. You received this email because you signed a petition started by KINSHIP CIRCLE on "KIDNAPPED AND SOLD FOR RESEARCH: STOP TRADE IN NIGHT MONKEYS

5 years ago

Thanks, Vinnie, for sharing such good news!

5 years ago

Glad the monkeys have escaped the clutches of the "researchers"! When will humans become advanced enough to stop resorting to cruelty and greed?

5 years ago

Great news all around, thanks Vinnie!

5 years ago

thanks for sharing the good news Vinnie

Connecticut Passes Dissection-Choice Law 6/16
5 years ago
Victory! Connecticut Passes Dissection-Choice Law
Giana P.

Thx. Giana...
5 years ago

Thanks for posting this for Giana, Kelly. You're wearing me out. Either I'm really sooo tired of everything or you are a lot younger than you are letting on.

5 years ago

Noted, shared, tweeted. Great News!

5 years ago

Noted and shared the good news, thanks Giana!

5 years ago

great news ..noted

5 years ago


Was just realizing that I have been here but when I went to thundering equines, felt guilty for not getting around. 

Glad to see some recent posts from me. 

Good sharing, Hi sis, hope you'll get the justice you are seeking. .

But I sent you a message. 

Nice, to see all the fruddies, gotta teach the phone the word by repeating it fruddy hugs. From the sailing dog and his mommy.

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