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"Urgent & Worthy Causes Only,Thread" ~~ NEW !!
5 years ago
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I know this has nothing to do with frogs.  It is a way to recycle  though and help The Big Cat Rescue all in one.  I hope you allow me to post this.  Thanx, if you do
This is to recycle and help the Big Cat Rescue.  It tells you which toners, ink jet and cell phones they will get money for when you send it to them. 

Actually Kelly, dear ~~
5 years ago

I'm sending you a Personal Message, after this. You're right. It doesn't have anything to do with Frogs or Amphibians. But in this case I'll make an exception because we all use ink jets and cell-phones,  all for Recycling for our Planet and help God's creatures with which we are entrusted. Another friend asked me to Sign a Petition to Donate our Butterfly credits  for surgery for a puppy who had his face burnt off by EVIL Teenagers in India. BTW. .I do belong to "Big Cat Rescue' group too. You have given me an Idea, that since there are so few Petitons for our Frogs, perhaps I could start a   "Urgent & Worthy Causes Only" Thread.  Waddya tink bout dat, Fruddy  Buddy ?  Oh Heck, I'll tell you now what I was going to send you a message about. I'll leave this new Thread here, But am Deleting off my Horse group. I prefer to keep it to Horses, Burros, Mules, Donkeys, please if you don't mind, my friend. I hope you don't Unfriend me over this. I do so appreciate all your contributions.   And  see, you gave me a new Idea.   Also Fruddys who read this, give me Feedback, on this New Thread. 

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5 years ago

Good idea for recycling; it serves two purposes helping Big Cats and environment.

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