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The Feel Good Pond~Play-Date~Part 4, con't.
5 years ago
| Cool

   Angel Fountain.My friend Johnny took this Angel Fountain photo while in Manhattan visiting his sister. I thought it was appropriate as we have beloved departed Fur-Babys here.

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5 years ago

lovely photo Vinnie thanks for sharing

Oh, Baby !!
5 years ago

         Black Lab Pup   Is this too cute or what ?     I hardly ever put those pacifiers in my human kids mouths.

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Dottie & Axel Rose...
5 years ago

  Baby sitting   My friend Matthew asked me to Babysit his Coonhound Axel Rose while he went to a concert. He got smashed and I ended up with him all night, much to Dottie's dislike of sharing Mommy. Here they are looking at me waiting for more treats.

Fyre on the water, da,da,da, da
5 years ago


great time playing,give dottie a hug...on land,will be back on the water by the beginning of June,even though the weather is better her,for the first 2 weeks anyway, we have to move to california...

5 years ago

Love these dog pics!

Big Sister...
5 years ago

You cracked me up. We all know that song is from Jaws..  Fyre looks so pretty there. Will you stay put ? I'm getting Sea-sick. Really..What a wild night. Trying to beat Severe Thunderstorms again, so no time to post more pics now. Junee, it is a beautiful Fountain. Ain't ? Couldn't send you a greenstar so here you go.   Sarah, more pics of my dogs coming soon. Also may I take this time to ask all my friends to join me for a Moment of Silence in Prayer for Oklahoma, who got hit hard by an F4 Tornado ?  Thank you Fruddy Buddys. Goodnight I hope from me and Dottie to Fyre and Kelly's Chow chow and kitty. xoxo

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5 years ago

so cute pics thanks Vinnie + Tasunka

5 years ago

Love the pictures

Plummie ~~ RIP ~~
5 years ago

    Plummie   This is our friend Rosemary Rannes' cat, who just passed away a week ago. She is very distraught but said I could post their photos for her. Hugs,  Plummie to you and your Mommy from me and Dottie.

Kizzy ~~ RIP ~~
5 years ago

        Kizzy   And this is her other cat Kizmet, who just died in Dec., 2012... Gorgeous babies both my friend. Hope you are resting. We're here for you. xo

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5 years ago

So sorry for the loss of these beauties. 

To Be Continued...
5 years ago

The Play-Date has been moved on to Part a New Thread.. Glad everyone is enjouing Sharing our Fur-Babys. xoxoxo

Thank you Vinnie for posting my fur babies photo's
5 years ago

Dear Vinnie thank you for your kindness, your huge loving heart that brings healing to mine.

I truly appreciate you posting Kismet ( Kizzy) & Plummie's photo's. And i truly appreciate the  sentiments of sympathy.

Kizzy knew i was feeding Plummie at the park before he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and Plummie knew i've been feeding the homeless cats behind our building before she crossed the Rainbow Bridge too. There are five hungry abandoned cats who are slowly recognizing me, or i guess it would be the 'food bag' ! It's been painful to go out and see them but they need someone to care for them, and i can't pretend they are not there because they are.

To everyone here, i know your fur baby is special to you, Vinnie's Dottie who i can see in the picture above is a sweetie. So i hope that you all enjoy your special moments together. Make your memories ... and laugh at all the fun silly things ... because after all they mean everything.

Love, Light & Peace Always, Hugs rosemary


p.s. Kismet's photo album


Kizzy under the Christmas Tree      i want that shoelace    Kizzy cozy in his basket



& Plummie's photo album



Happy 1st Christmas Plummie     my little girl - my fur Angel  who's sitting in my chair

So glad you made it Rosemary ~~
5 years ago

Thank God at least you are feeding the poor cats.  "If Not Us, Then Who?"  I was glad to post your fur-babys for you as I did for Shelly as she is not feeling well and has a lot of tests to take so she asked if I'd post her doggie Mystic.  Dottie says thanks for calling her a Sweetie.   In some of the earlier Play-dates, Part 3, there are photos of her as a tiny puppy. Thanks for posting a Link to see Plummie and Kizzy when people have time. Sending huge Hugs from me and Dottie. xoxo

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