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The Feel Good Pond ~ Play-Date ~ Part 5...
5 years ago
| Cool

    Meerkats  Time for a Big Group Hugs my friends. I seen a Series called Meerkat Manor a few years back led by Flower for The Whiskers Clan and her poor daughter Mozart who had a tough life. Fighting nasty Comandos Clan led by one-eyed Hannibal, for territory and food in The Kalihari Desert where life is harsh. It was a 10 year study done by Cambridge University. Many died, but I cried the hardest for loyal poor Mozart when a Jackel killed her after Carlos her hubby died from wounds. Enough sadness, on with the party !!  Again if you don't see me it's because darn storms coming all week some severe. God I hate this. Let's Party,  Fruddys, Hoofys, Sheddys and Foxys. xoxoxxoxoxo

Arriba, arriba, Gozar...
5 years ago

                Hamster con Sombrero.   Aye, aye, ya, ya, conta y no llores, porque cantando me allegras, y felizes mis amigos... Old Mexican song..     btw.. Gozar means Party..

A very Baby Dottie ~~
5 years ago

    Dottie at 4 months

Here she is about 5 months old. Rompering in her new little  "Wimmin pool"  see hot dark chocolate she is ?  And gigantic ears she finally grew into.

from Sun Ah, to me & me to you...
5 years ago

            Blk. & Wh. cats

5 years ago

Oh so cute Vinnie and even has her own "Wimmin pool" what a good Mom she has! She looks so tiny.

Yes Penny...
5 years ago

Penny, she was even tinyer than that when I bought her home from the Shelter, much to the dislike and Harumffss from Daisy Mae. As she was already about 8 years old and probably didn't feel like raising a baby but she did. While I was at work she taught her how to go on the paper and how to go in the garbage bags.

5 years ago

Daisy mae taught Dottie well Vinnie Awfy cute pictures, and ye ken me buddie, am always up fur a Gozar wi ma pals, arriba arriba!! 

A used tae watch Meerkat Manor annaw, great insight intae the Meerkat world it was.

Did I do this right ?
5 years ago
Who let the dogs out - Baha Men

put those dogs back in.

I did it. I did it !!
5 years ago

O.k.. So I sorta-kinda did it right.  Just Click where it says  "Who let the dogs out - Baha Men" and it will play a different version of the one Sweetie posted for me in Part 1, which I messed up Iain trying to Copy it.  Duh.. Can you go back and fix that one for me when you have time Hun?  Of course you will, because you're a good friend. A few more photos then have to Unplug everything cause thunderstorms coming in again. xoxo

Dottie and Gigi ....
5 years ago

     Dottie and Gigi.     Dottie's little buddy. Gigi visiting us, but she doesn't know how to play with a ball or runs with Dottie because she was a Puppy mill dog, who was adopted by my friend Sally. Gigi has  "special tags"  in case Sally ever wanted to return her to a shelter which she never would. But I'll keep trying. Last Fall, she walked toward a little ball I rolled on the ground in our backyard. That was a big stride for her and Sally had a huge smile on her face. Nice play-date for Gigi and Dottie.

Got this from a friend in my comments & saved it.
5 years ago

            for Play-Date      

Minnie Mouse ~
5 years ago

   Disguised     Oh,  Yes, I am Minnie Mouse, I tell ya.

5 years ago

%#&!*%, no working, al come back when time buddie..jist delete that if ye want..sorry

June's Kitty..
5 years ago

                  Junee     I figured I'd Post your cute  "Winkin Kitten"  for you as I know you're busy with your new group. This precious baby is just to cute not to Share with your friends. xo

Daisy Mae & Baby Dottie ~~
5 years ago

      Baby Dottie's First Snowfall and Christmas. Daisy Mae is showing her how much Fun snow can be., Yes, Daisy Big Brown Eyes in the daylight shined Gold at night. And Dottie Gold/Green Eyes shine "Devil Red' at night. Eerie sometimes. Daisy Mae & Dottie

some cuties fur ye Vinnie...a hope!
5 years ago



Big hugs tae Group and furbabies.. Hiya Auld Dottie buddie  and Fyre to

5 years ago

ooopppsss forgot, love the pics Vinnie

5 years ago

Cute Vinnie! What a nice place to come to, to relax! Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Let's go kick animal abusers butts!

Booby Bird ?? LOL..
5 years ago

          Booby Bird with Blue Feet..      Sweetie thank you so much for posting those videos for me. That 3rd one is new. It really put a smile on my face and had me laughing and omgoshing.. To all I couldn't send stars to   Yes, Sun Ah, Animal Avenger, let's go kick some butt !! I di about 10 petitions last night. I knew this Party was gonna need a least a month because of weather. Storms tomorrow then a few nice days then more stronger storms again. So glad ya'll like it for a nice relaxing stop. Do you recognize the photos you sent me Sun ?  I 'll get some Instructions to you soon, got other stuff I gotta take of. But you know how to Copy and Paste, no?  You can do that here as long as the picture isn't real big. Doctor appointment tomorrow.  Goodnight Fruddy-Buddys from me and old Dottie. xoxo   

5 years ago

Hi Vinnie hope you + Dottie are ok? Loving all the pics   Watched all Meerkat Manor loved it.



5 years ago

Yes, I recorded it from the beginning. Then they had a one hour Special about the Matriarch Flower, which made me cry. The Comandos Leader, one-eyed Hannibal was just evil and they were Bullies. But I felt sorriest for Mozart from The Whiskers Clan, because she had such a hard life before that Jackel killed her, just when it looked like she found true love with a Comando, of all guys.

5 years ago

Hi fruddies, yay, my stupid phone remembered the word. 

Just popping by, I had TO track down bugs bunny, he escaped my page. 

Found him in a bar in downtown San Diego. 

That wascally wabbit. he's on probation, lol

Fruddy hugs, Dottie looks sooooo cute. 

Hey Sis.. and Fruddys..
5 years ago

Ha, ha, ha. Found him in a Bar in San Diego? Waskilly Wabbit is wight. Now he has to go to the Naughty Stool in June's Foxy group. Oh, he was already on a stool. Darn it, I knew these high Dew Points were gonna act up. Just got on and gotta get off. We just went under Sever Thunderstorm Warnings, just a County away, coming in fast. Fruddy Hugs to all from me and old Dottie to Fyre and all Fur-Babys. xoxoxo

5 years ago

When does nice weather come to you?

It's either freezing or storming. 

Maybe you should let us assume the weather stinks, and inform us when you have a nice day, lol?

So sorry the weather rules your life, it's like some crazy girl who lives on a boat crazy! 

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