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Frog Becomes Horrifying “Live Sushi”
5 years ago
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5 years ago

Already signed the petition...can't look at the pic. This is so insane. I really hope that meet the same damn  fate....

5 years ago

Signed the petition and made a comment. I know I shouldn't be judgmental, but it is difficult to understand the culture. I am sure that we do somethings just as unpalatable as this to the Japanese, but I can't imagine what it would be. It reminds me of the old side shows in circuses where someone would bite the head off of a chicken. Never saw it; don't want to see it, but I read about it much like I read this article, and I don't want to see the live frog being eaten either. This just reenforces humanity's lack of humanity.

5 years ago

signed; how horrible, I can't get this out of my mind

5 years ago

Signed, how can they do this??

Thx, I guess Dianne..
5 years ago

I wish I hadn't looked at the video. Now I feel un-well. Going to bed. This is for everyone.   and from me and Dottie 

5 years ago

Well, I guess I should have put a Warning attached, but I never looked at the video because I knew I wouldn't be able to handle it just by being aware of it's subject matter. That article did say, re the video: If you have the stomach for it, you can see it happen in this video shot at the Asadachi restaurant in Toyko in 2012:  I considered that comment "If you have the stomach for it"  a big hint as to the video's graphic content  and knew I would not have the stomach for it.  Vimmie, why on earth did you feel that you did?    Here's a sadhug for it causing you distress

  I noticed this petition is the HOTTEST petition on Care 2 today with over 51,000 signatures! 
5 years ago

Signed this yesterday.

How disgusted, to see a live frog on a dinner plate...and I have always thought that dissecting frogs in biology was cruelty. 

Either practice is reprehensible.

5 years ago

I agree, Tasunka, re frog dissections in biology. I seem to remember having this discussion on this group a few yrs. ago, but there's lots of websites and programs re virutal dissection of frogs on the internet, including at  (WARNING - many of you won't even want to try a virtual dissection: I'm just discussing the advocating of this and the availablity of it on the internet:  Google "substitue for dissecting frogs", for example).  This, below,  is what www.savethefrogs offers, but there's other virtual dissection programs available though I've no idea as to the success of  their acceptance or use in biology classes around the world:

Frog dissections are unethical and unnecessary. Furthermore, they are contributing to the depletion of wild frog populations and the spread of harmful invasive species and infectious diseases. As excellent alternatives exist, SAVE THE FROGS! highly recommends that schools switch to virtual dissection software such as the Digital Frog 2.5. We invite all students and teachers to assist worldwide amphibian conservation efforts by participating in our Race To Stop Dissections Contest.

Our goal is to have frog dissections out of every public school in the USA by 2014. That is not a lot of time, considering the huge number of schools that currently dissect. With your help though, we can achieve our goal! 

*********************************************************************************************************** also has an annual art and  poetry contest  (

This is the 2012 Grand prize winner that I really liked - have a look and pick out your own favourite: (I did notice the number of entries increases each year!)

by Caitlin Lambert, Age 14

There once was something called a pond
Where amphibians lived that shared a bond
With humans in a secret way
Before the Machine took their homes away
Always thirsting for something greater
Never thinking of what happens later
Now the ponds are parched and dry
And skyscrapers have filled the sky
Forests and meadows no longer green
Not a single tree to break the scene
All at the hands of that human Machine

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Thx. Dianne...
5 years ago

I don't know. I haven't watched one for a few years since those PUNKS in Mexico beat that poor doggie to death and posted it to You-tube, and we all raised Cain with the help of Gabriela in Mexico City. She had to leave due to the violence over there... But I seen a chef named Zimmern in Asia eating a half live creature and just had to make sure, that yes the freshest food is still alive, they say. But  I prefer mine not looking at me. I won't watch any more videos my friends, I promise. I can't imagine the pain some animals endure all over the world, everyday. At Job center, gotta go. Will be back when I can, thunderstorms again. I agree Sis, we do have some of the worst weather here. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie to yous guys and Fyre, the Water dog.

5 years ago

I just now saw this. 

Thanks,between both of our eight or nine groups, it's hard to keep up, or even remember what we post. .

Hugs back. ..

5 years ago

Hello Dianne..somehow missed this thread, as Tasunka says it is hard to keep up with groups


have signed now


signatures: 90,425
signature goal: 100,000

5 years ago

Horrible. I think I had signed before.

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