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Acheivements & Milestones ~ Part XIII...
5 years ago
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More than five years ago, Liz Raab and Tom Siesto left their dog Nitro in the care of Steve Croley at his kennel, High Caliber K-9, not knowing that would...
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5 years ago

Unbelievable, and what a heartache to lose him in such an awful way, all the ones that died. I'm so glad "Nitro's Law" is in effect and that they pushed so hard to get it. Thanks Vinnie.

Dissection Choice Signed Into Connecticut Law 7/17
5 years ago
Dissection Choice Signed Into Connecticut Law

5 years ago

it's all good'

thanks for coming to the fang party,it's getting wild'

just how I like it,,,hugs

to you and dottie from the wildfyre and I...

5 years ago

Signed Kelly, thanks.

Thx. Kelly
5 years ago

As I commented before, I refused to dissect a small Turtle. I threw him at a bitch in our gravel school yard then threw him over a fence in the bushes and told him to Run !!  Yes, I got sent to the Naughty Stool in Mother Superior's office which consisted of kneeling on your hands. No wonder I have Arthritis.  

Victory for Tigers & Elephants...
5 years ago

 Victory! Belgium Bans Wild Animals in Circuses

   Making animals jump thru fire is so un-natural for them. That's why they flee when there is a Forest fire.

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VICTORY Hell on Earth: California Breeder Exposed!
5 years ago
VICTORY Hell on Earth: California Breeder Exposed!
Kelly R.

Clever Frog Makes Leaf Umbrella 7/28
5 years ago

Clever Frog Makes Leaf Umbrella Because Getting Rained On Is Just The Worst (PHOTO
Mamabear C.

Thx. Kelly..
5 years ago

That Frog is so smart.  See God knows what He's doing. I had to save that picture to use someday in here.

5 years ago

So adorable, you wouldn't think rain would bother a frog. And he held that up for 30 minutes! Loved it, thanks Kelly.

5 years ago

Noted, tweeted, shared, tweeted, shared. Loved the photograph and the article. Nature does amazing things. Thanks for sharing, Kelly.

Good News from Scotland from Gail..
5 years ago


No on-line rant TODAY
11 hrs ago

just for my fellow Defenders of Wildlife, Wolf Pack and Fruddy Buddies, some mostly plesant news from London's free newspaper: Meat trade rescue dogs arrive in the UK21 August 2013 Last updated at 17:48 BST A Scottish woman has imported a rescue dog from Thailand. Amanda Leask from Strathglass in the Highlands is one of a small group of women from Scotland who had their new pets flown into Edinburgh this week. The dogs were saved from an illegal meat trade which would have seen them destined for human consumption in Vietnam. Jackie O'Brien spoke to Amanda Leask and another of the new owners, vet Heather Bacon. Read more Scots pet owners take in dogs stolen for illegal meat trade Love from Gail & her Animal Crew xxxxx

Good News from Scotland from Gail..
5 years ago

Darn it, my comment didn't post. Hope this goes thru. Gail I moved your Good News here and folks the Link is not working but you can Copy and Paste it into your Browser and it will work. Ta, Fruddy Buddys. btw, Dottie 's feeling a little better I think. She just has a little Diarhea but not so watery, hope she;s getting better and not just my imagination. Heading over to Paw Printsa because our Dianne Lynn as Candles and I want to light one for our Penny who is having surgery tomorrow. Fruddy hugs to all. xoxo

5 years ago

Such sad new aboot Penny eh Vinnie! Hope all goes well tomorrow!


Sorry tae hear that Dottie's been no weel! Am stugglin tae keep up wi awe ma groups!


Aye, saw that oan the news last night aboot saving dogs fi Thailand ! 

5 years ago

Hi Vinnie, long time have not been here. I just stopped receiving anything from the FrogsRus. Just today I received this on my mail. Hope all is well with you. Sorry to note that Dottie is not feeling well.

Take care and Love and Hugs to you and Dottie.( get well soon, Dottie ....  woof.. woof .)

5 years ago

Hi,was worried about you,sis

haven't heard from you in a while.

so,came to check on things, 

glad to see you active, a bummer about Penny,am keeping her in my thoughts.

What???Dot is ill?

omd, I will add her to my daily meditations...

Fyre will be so upset to hear this!!

Hoping it's not serious, so many of my care2 friends are suffering right now,I almost don't feel like going out tomorrow,but I have commitments to some other people



Yippie for Blind Salamanders..
5 years ago


2 Texas Salamanders, 4,400 Acres Win Protection

Austin blind salamanderGood news for two fascinating critters from Texas (including one without eyes): The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Monday finally gave Endangered Species Act protection to Jollyville Plateau and Austin blind salamanders. The salamanders are also getting 4,400 acres of protected "critical habitat" in central Texas, where they cling to life in the state's few remaining clean, well-oxygenated springs.

The protections follow the Center for Biological Diversity's historic 2011 agreement with the Service to speed Endangered Species Act decisions for 757 species.

Austin blind salamanders lack image-forming eyes and have feathery external gills and long snouts, while Jollyville Plateau salamanders have big eyes and blunt, rounded snouts. But both creatures are fully aquatic and depend on clean water from Texas's Edwards aquifer -- water that's becoming scarcer and dirtier as the state's population grows.

Read more in the Austin American-Statesman.

5 years ago

for sharing Vinnie

Good News with quick Petition....
5 years ago


TAKE ACTION NOW! Celebrate Largest Dam Removal in California History

Environment  (tags: environment, destruction, conservation, ecosystems, GoodNews, politics, government, green, water )
Cal - 1 hour ago -
Commend this extensive river restoration project for its leadership in eco-engineering innovation and sustainable resource management.
California Red-Legged Frog~Largest in N.America
5 years ago

5 years ago

Your signature has been recorded.

5 years ago

Oh Vinnie thank you so much for lighting a candle for me, it worked, I don't have cancer! Was in the hospital a week, and have been home a week still healing but starting to post some. I missed you all and have a lot of catching up to do! I hope Dottie is doing better now, will keep her in my prayers. Big Big Hugs.

5 years ago

Hey Vinnie, hope auld Dottie has fully recovered kin a take her a wee walk?


Nice tae see ye pop in Penny and feeling better.



5 years ago

Hi Vinnie, Iain, Tasunka and Penny( happy to note the good news, welcome back)

Woof woof to Dottie, hope she has recovered.

Have a Blessed Day everyone...

5 years ago

Great news Penny, dodged a bullet there!

I think Dot is on the mend, from the last new flash i got.

Did you all see my frogs in space pic?

I cannot believe it looks so Big !!!!!

5 years ago

So happy for you Penny. Hello to all my Fruddy-Buddys, Iain, Joy, Sis, Nancy and Junee.  A friend came over and plugged some holes behind my stove and found dog food in the pots and pans. I'm thinking it was stealing Dottie's food from her bowl and storing it, then Dottie would go eat out of her bowl and I think that's what made her sick. I washed the hell out of her bowls and she is all better, except for her old age accidents. I think they are all out of my house now but are in the walls. I hope they freeze or just die. Slept for 2 days, sick, but will try to do some work later, almost 2 a.m., gotta hit the sack.   from me and Dottie says woofy thanks for all your prayers Fruddys. xoxoxo

5 years ago

that's funny sis,when I had the cabin cleaned before coming there,they found mounds of quinoa grains that the mice had stored for the winter,when I was packing up the place I found a lot more..

A few years back came home to there one night,and a dog biscuit was moving across the floor,

there obviously was a small field mouse under it.

I hate killing them,won't use poison, so they occupy the place while we weren't there.

the stacks of grain were meticulously piled, what interesting little rodents,lol

Glad you are getting Dottie well, age is irreversable ,but glad she's feeling better.

Fyre sends greetings,and wants to know how Dot liked the sea lions?

(in the watersheds group)

5 years ago

Sis, haven't made it to Watersheds yet today. Will try later or in between thunderstorms over the next three days. I'm sure she'll like it, and thanks for posting it. Dottie sends Fruddy woofy smooches to you and Fyre. xoxo

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